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Your Savings Are Their Profits

from Outsider Club:

The corporate beatings will continue until revenue improves.

Unfortunately, we won’t merely go along for the ride.

Giving back gains from the last several years is painful, but we need to watch far more than the percentage gain/loss column in our portfolios.

We also have to watch the middlemen with more vigilance than ever.

The S&P 500 gave up a little over 2% in 2015. Year-to-date, almost another 10% has been lopped off. Bond yields are flat, or outright negative in some cases.

For the brokers, fund managers, and other profiteers that depend on inserting themselves between small investors and the market to make a profit, that leaves only one consistent way to make a buck. Us.

From Every Angle

With net losses coming from trading desks, the fees you pay are becoming even more important for the bottom line of brokers and institutional investors.

Another increasingly lucrative way to dig into your pockets is to straight-up bilk you out of your savings. It may not be entirely legal, but is not being prosecuted.

As a result, a whole slew of skeevy and immoral business practices will be increasingly brought to bear upon us.

The breadth and width of these efforts is depressing and horrendous, and the fact that these retirement account skimming methods arose while the stock market had a nearly unprecedented bull run can only make what is coming at us that much worse.

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