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World Bank Whistle-blower Karen Hudes On Proof That World’s Gold Reserves belong To Us All!

from The Richie Allen Show:

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45 comments to World Bank Whistle-blower Karen Hudes On Proof That World’s Gold Reserves belong To Us All!

  • Ron

    This lady is a windbag.

  • Kakistocracy


    Dude we are VERY late into the game now.
    There are DEEP STATE AGENTS everywhere that it will bewilder your mind.
    True that we cannot trust anything at face value anymore.

    How then to judge truth ?


    6 % Dividend given to the Private Owners/Shareholders of the FEDERAL RESERVE.

    $23 TRILLION in Zero Percent Interest Rate Loans given to the Private Owners/Shareholders of the FEDERAL RESERVE.

    6 % Dividend given to the Private Owners/Shareholders of the FEDERAL RESERVE.

    $23 TRILLION in Zero Percent Interest Rate Loans given to the Private Owners/Shareholders of the FEDERAL RESERVE.

    Seriously people, AND SGTREPORT.COM


    WHY ?
    WHY ?
    WHY ?
    WHY ?

    • windrunner56

      Don’t need to. You mention it in every post you do Kaki.

      • Christine

        You’ve noticed too huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Kakistocracy

          Are you people in HIGH SCHOOL ?

          Seriously ?

          Do not see when someone is trying to point out to you something of which you were ENTIRELY IGNORANT ?

          It takes COURAGE to say “I didn’t know that”.

          All of you have chosen a different path.

          • Christine


            With all due respect, you seem to believe that the federal reserve is the crux of all of humanity’s problems. That is your belief and I will respect your right to hold it and hold on to it if it gives you the perspective you need. It just happens that other people (not anonymous, and in fact very visible, with a name and a face) have an other take on it than yours. For example: Rob Kirby. He doesn’t harp so much on the Federal Reserve as he does on the Exchange Stabilization Fund which, incidentally, he connects with proof in hand to… drug trafficking as a means to gather money and wage wars and to the past 70 years of endless US wars and today’s situation. Guess whom I’m going to listen to? You or Kirby?

            The Federal Reserve is not the problem. It is only on symptom of something terribly faulty going back far, far beyond and before. You can decide to focus on symptoms. Other people want to go to the root of the problem and the Federal Reserve… ain’t it! The Federal Reserve is one aspect of endemic financial and political corruption much, much older than 1913.

            And besides, your diatribes, as emotional as they may be, lack the rational, mature component many of us need to understand what you’re trying to state. Remember: numbers can be used to support anything. They cannot demonstrate anything on their own. There needs to be some reasoning behind them. And Caps don’t help in that regard…

            • Kakistocracy

              What you have stated above is a clear indication of YOUR lack of understanding of RealPolitik.

              I am saddened that you actually think you know what is going on.
              You want to focus on the FX Fund that Mr.Kirby speaks about.
              Sure, but to ignore that , the very fact that almost all of the World’s Central Banks are an IOU to the Rothschild Family tells me :
              you Don’t know the whole story.

              Why you have chosen to argue with me I surmise is mainly the nonsense of your female human emotion.

              It is clear you do not understand how MONEY is created within our Western Society system.
              I have worked for many decades in the International Finance Field and I have seen firsthand that the FEDERAL RESERVE is a Corrupt Institution created for the benefit of a very select few.
              If you cannot see that, you are living in a fantasy reality.

              Address the 6 % Satanic Dividend
              Address the $23 TRILLION in Zero Percent Interest Rate Loans.

              Can’t do that can you ?
              Why ?
              Because you didn’t know.
              I had to tell you.

              • AgShaman

                I agree with you, in principal…but do not forget about the “One Bank” that rules over the global private central banking structure.

                The problem is the global collusion of govt officials “selling out” their countries, including the decimation of its peoples, to the private central banking cartel.

                This Cartel receives the good fortune of operating under a “protection racket”. This “protection racket” is more than government protection, by way of force. It is also protected under the 147 Transnational Corporations that the world’s govts have sold out to and been captured by (read John Perkins).

                So yes, the private FED is a problem here, but it is still a global problem. Those same shareholders you speak of are tethered to a global banking cartel. These bankers share no allegiance with anyone. Their endgame is a hostile takeover on a global scale.

                • Kakistocracy


                  The REAL enemy is the Bank of International Settlements.

                  But most of the idiotic repeat posters here have no idea of the REAL ENEMY.

                  It makes me very sad.

                  Even on this website, we are inundated with idiots.
                  Sad state of affairs.

                • Eric

                  So now that you know who your enemy is, what are you going to do about it Kakistocracy?

                  Do you know yourself too?

          • Kakistocracy

            Seriously ?

            Are you also in HIGH SCHOOL ?

            Why do you focus on the Messenger and not the MESSAGE ?

            That is a hallmark of a Child.

            I am shocked that none of you recognize this.

            America truly has become AmeriKa where HIGH SCHOOL Mentality prevails.

          • Rob C

            So what are you going to do ?\Mr Kaki

            • Kakistocracy

              Can you even hear yourself ?

              All of you have reverted to the mentality of Children in your unconscious efforts to remain “COMFORTABLE” and within your SGT clique.

              Seriously, WAKE THE FRACK UP !

              The Rabbit Hole NEVER Ends.
              Wake up and do some real research.

              Admit you know NOTHING about the :
              6 % Dividend
              $23 TRILLION in Zero Percent Interest Rate Loans

              That is a GOOD BEGINNING.

              That, Rob C is where YOU START.

        • Windrunner56

          Sumbuddy is rather sensitive ๐Ÿ™‚

          I still do not know what to think about Karen Hudes. I am miffed.

          • Rob C

            Me either Wind

            Jury here is still out on both of them

            • Eric


              Just don’t look at the most secretive organization, the Exchange Stabilization Fund under the US Treasury that reports to NOBODY!

              Talk about a DEEP STATE AGENT. He’s right. They’re everywhere.

              Buy Gold. A little leprechaun told me it will probably pull back a little and test the 1225 area.

              Especially now that Grandma Yellen’s freak show is now over with.

              • Kakistocracy

                Seriously dude don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.
                Check yourself in the mirror.
                You already know what I say is right.

                Come on guys.
                Think for yourself !
                Think about a greater more positive FUTURE !

                Do you really think that the Exchange Stabilization Fund is the ANSWER ?

                Dude, seriously think calmly and slowly and carefully.

                Why is there a 6 % Dividend given to the Criminal FEDERAL RESERVE shareholders ? ( Yes I know you didn’t know. Narcissist)

                Why in the ONLY AUDIT EVER of the FEDERAL RESERVE reveal that $ 23 TRILLION in ZERO percent Interest Rate Loans was given to the owners of the FEDERAL RESERVE. ( Yes I know you didn’t know. Narcissist)

                These are independently verifiably facts.
                But you idiot AmeriKans won’t check.
                Plus even if you do, you idiots will use Google
                Have you ever heard about PRIVACY ?

                You AmeriKans have lost all Self-Respect.
                You are doomed because of your own Destructive Naivete.

                • Eric

                  No. I think Gold and Silver is the Answer.

                  You’re talking about things we were discussing 8 years ago. Get up to speed already.

                  Either name the names of the private shareholders of the Federal Reserve you keep yakking about and provide direct evidence or SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

                  Stupid troll.

          • Christine

            Same problem here. I cannot disregard Hudes, as unpleasant as she can be in e-mail correspondence (Yeah… I’m one of those. Either the person is approachable and it gives me an incline on whether to listen further or the person isn’t and he/she helps me make up my mind, however valuable the info he/she wants to convey. You know… the human connection thing).

            I have no doubt that she worked for WB. I have no doubt she was fired for blowing the whistle on Wolfowitz’ shenanigans (I was fired once from AIG for speaking up on some not too honest things. That’s how corporate operates). I have no doubt that she uses WB letterhead in all legality and that, somewhere, somehow, she has a place there. What I keep doubting is the claim about Marcos’ gold set aside for humanity’s good and trustees having power to distribute it.

            Remember the NESARA thing? The Leo Wanta thing? It there is so much wealth lying around, I want to start seeing it to believe it. ‘Cuz my bills ain’t getting cheaper and my job is getting harder and paying less and less.

            Something tells me Hudes is sincere. My guts are not telling me yet that she is… effective.

            • Eric


              I won’t be holding out for the $400,000 Fulford says each US citizen is going to receive either. I wonder what the Gold price will be in such a situation.

              It smacks of a desperate attempt to keep people from buying Gold and Silver, keeping them dependent on the state, taking back their own power, and focused solely on equality and socialism.

              There is NO free lunch!

              • Christine


                It always goes back to… “Trust in Gawd. But prepare!” I like to hear things that give me hope (you know, the thing getting up in the morning is made of) but I sure as hell won’t sit and wait for anyone to do for me what I can do for myself. That would be setting myself up for failure, wouldn’t it?

                • Windrunner56

                  Kaki gives me a headache. Yes Hudes is full of stuff that you say “she can’t make this shit up”, I believe a lot of it. But whom does she speak for? There is more than meets the eye here. She has waaaaaaaay too much info that she is “willing and able” to share with us.

                  Fulford and the $400K? I have been waiting at my front door…no ones comes. WTF!!!

                  Have you heard of Neil Keenan? Go to GEOPOLITICS.CO (towards emancipation), he talks similar to KH about Global Settlements. Again, he looks like a dude I would have a scotch with, but deal on freedom for humanity???

                • Eric

                  Yeah I gave up on both him and Jean a few years ago after their whole fiasco.

                  He might be for real who knows. I haven’t been listening. But I’m not waiting for any white horse to ride up and save the day.

                  I’d rather stack metal.

  • Kakistocracy

    Do you hear what you just wrote ?

    You don’t even care about the message, rather you focus on the messenger.

    This is a Definitive Sign of a Fearful, Apathic, Passive AmeriKan.

    Seriously, think about what you wrote within the context of the Economy that has been stolen from YOU and YOURS !

    Idiot !
    This is YOUR COUNTRY !
    You have already given up.

    Pathetic, sometimes I think you AmeriKans deserve your fate because of your apathy, lazinness, passivity, ignorance and idiocracy as the movie stated.

    Fracking Pathetic.
    Such a Great Country on paper, but in real life, AmeriKa is a disgusting Arch Zionist Anti-Human Satanic Parasitic nation.

    Disgusting to fall so far.
    I loved America, not anymore.

  • AgShaman

    That gold was gone more than 30 years ago.

    The Vulcans got it…and Barrick melted it down for them and re-introduced elsewhere

  • Eric

    Gold is honest money.

    Get rid of your “NOTES” and “US TREASURIES!” Buy “EAGLES” and “DOLLARS or UNITS.”

    A little coinage history for this evening…

  • KRELL427

    Karen is a fraud.Its funny how all these distractions appear every time there is a supply crunch in progress. How come SRSRocco’s price wasn’t put up that debunnks the gold myth, I have also personally heard Jim Sinclair call “boulderdash” when asked about the secret gold stash. I do believe that we have all been used for collateral in this debt slave ponzi scheme financial system run by the Khazarian mafia.

    • AgShaman

      MK Ultra….It works!

    • Windrunner56

      Krell you are 100% correct. I am not sure what to think about KH but one thing for certain is….IF there is a secret Gold Stash, she is not that well connected to come onto a website and broadcast it. We would never be able to know about it.

      I do find her entertaining though.

  • glitter 1

    One thing I remember Karen say a while back that I now believe to be true,that most/a large % of the Federal taxes collected go to the Vatican.The rest I believe was The Bank Of England. Remember last fall when the Landlord came to DC to inspect his investments,gave an address to Congress,and a private session with his Chosen One in the White House!John Boehner wept.

  • Christine

    “John Boehner wept.”

    John Boehner always wept. About everything and anything, many, many times. I wouldn’t put too much stock on Boehner’s tears without him speaking up. He hasn’t. The man can cry. The man cannot speak up. The good Boehner’s tears do! Boehner cried and resigned. And…? What do we know?

  • Kakistocracy

    February 12, 2016 at 9:02 pm
    No. I think Gold and Silver is the Answer.
    Youโ€™re talking about things we were discussing 8 years ago. Get up to speed already.
    Either name the names of the private shareholders of the Federal Reserve you keep yakking about and provide direct evidence or SHUT THE HELL UP!!!
    Stupid troll.

    The above is exactly why America is going down to the toilet.
    YES GOLD AND SILVER (Aurum, Argentum) is the answer.

    Listen to this person’s message:

    Either name the names of the private shareholders of the Federal Reserve you keep yakking about and provide direct evidence or SHUT THE HELL UP!!!
    Stupid troll.

    If you cannot recognize this as HIGH SCHOOL mentality thinking, then I am afraid you wil get what is coming…

    • Windrunner56

      Kaki, please come upstairs from the basement. It is beautiful outside. Sunny during the day, bright stars at night (provided chemtrails are not forecasted). Tell your parents you need to get out, meet new friends, discover the world.

      We can re-convene on your return from adventure.

      that is all.

    • Eric

      I noticed he didn’t name any names.

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