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When The Economy Collapses The Government Will Implode : “The Support Mechanisms On Which We Depend Will Break Down”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

For twenty years Micheal Rivero of What Really Happened has been exposing the lies and corruption emanating from the Federal government, Wall street bankers, and big business.

In his latest interview with Crush The Street he sounds one of his most dire warnings yet:

“When the economy implodes here in the United States it’s probably going to take the Federal government with it.”

The implications, as Rivero notes in the following must-see video, are such that the entire system upon which we depend for essential services will completely fall apart. That means access to food, basic supplies and even your bank account will become next to impossible:

(Watch at Youtube)

The Federal government has become trapped by its own web of mendacity. They have been lying to the American people so long they have to go on lying.

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5 comments to When The Economy Collapses The Government Will Implode : “The Support Mechanisms On Which We Depend Will Break Down”

  • fonestar

    I was thinking about it and I believe that a “grid down” situation might actually be the best case scenario. If the grid goes down, they lose the media (their primary control mechanism), they lose the banking system, they potentially lose inter-agency comms, they lose the chain of command.

    I know it’s still a bad thing and that many people will die. But either way, people are going to die and if they keep the grid up there will be no opportunity to rebuild/renew. They will only become more controlling and tyrannical if the grid stays up.

  • Christine

    But if the grid goes down, whatever commerce people can engage in will be… bartering or some form of “on hand” money. My questions remain the same: at that point, unless people have some things and services to trade or a generally approved means of paying for same. Recognizing that I am dense on the subject (it’s generational and I know it but there are millions of people my age out there), what good would Bitcoin be then?

    • Rdawg

      To be fair, fonestar didn’t actually say grid down would be good for Bitcoin.
      Easy to infer that though, since he or she is relentlessly plugging it.

      • Christine

        And I am trying to be fair but we need to be clear on the concept.

        Are we going down with the grid? Then what about Bitcoin? Are we “off the grid” by choice? What good is Bitcoin? Is there a “kill-switch” whenever Bitcoin starts being a problem for whomever? And what is Bicoin value based on.

        Rdawg, listen to this: Starts at 20 mn. Move the cursor. Bitcoin for simple-minded:

        I’m a tad dense but… I’ll blame my parents until the cows come home for having instilled in me common sense but By Golly! I’ll love them even more if it prevented me from getting screwed.

  • Rdawg

    I can’t speak for fonestar of course, but I think the idea is that without electricity the ability of TPTB to ride roughshod on the populace is greatly diminished.

    I listened to your proffered recording; I must confess that although I am younger than yourself, I don’t really get Bitcoin either. I understand that there is scarcity baked into the cake, so to speak, in the manner in which they are “mined”. But I can’t get past the fact that they are virtual, even though proponents will argue otherwise. I also can’t convince myself that TPTB don’t have access to the best hackers fiat can buy. So I doubt the security of BTC. I personally have no more confidence in BTC than I do the money in my checking account. There’s a heavy reliance on other people’s servers, electricity, and so on. I view BTC like investing in a stock. If you have a little mad money, sure go ahead and see if the fiat value goes up. But don’t bank on it being available to you any more than your stocks. It seems to me the government could simply ban it as an illegal currency and be done with it.

    My folks have been collecting gold and silver ever since I can remember. When I was a kid, we had a special piggy bank that was full of 90% silver coins that would occasionally show up in pocket change. I think that 90% silver has a decent chance of becoming money again if SHTF. Question is whether folks younger than 45-50 will accept it, since that demographic has almost no experience with metals as money. The state in which I live has made gold and silver legal tender, so maybe there’s a chance here.

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