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WELLS FARGO PREPARING FOR COLLAPSE / CRISIS – Insider Says Bank Is Preparing For Emergency Scenario

from Elite NWO Agenda:

A Wells Fargo bank insider, who claims to be a teller, has said that the bank are training their staff to deal with an imminent “emergency scenario”. The insider reports: I am a teller at Wells Fargo here in the US this is also my first time using this proxy. They started training us today for a bank holiday. They didn’t mention the word bank holiday, but they did train us for an “emergency scenario”. They told us it’s just a drill. I’ve been working here for 3 years, and we never had a drill before..

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5 comments to WELLS FARGO PREPARING FOR COLLAPSE / CRISIS – Insider Says Bank Is Preparing For Emergency Scenario

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    The Fly on the Wall report. Noted.

    I also have noted (haven’t we all), that the frequency and intensity of all the WARNINGS and warning signs have increased to a fever pitch.

    I’d say (and perhaps all of you agree) that we are at “Condition RED”. Brace for Impact.

    RAMMING SPEED, to be followed by LUDICROUS SPEED.

    The Bank Turds are circling in the bowl and will go WHOOSH at any moment. Everything will be gone.

    I don’t see how they can hold it together to make it all the way to the election cycle.

    Deutsche Bank (as of today) seems like it’s going to be the 1st turd down the drain.
    Gold and Silver rising like fresh bread dough. Slow & steady.

    They’ve got me worried enough to wonder if they can hold it together thru the winter months until spring time. At least that would be BEST for the common population to have the right time to PLANT a garden.

    But if they held it together, until the summer was finished, then NOBODY would have a chance to become a last minute gardener. So, for the sake of all the idiots who NEVER SAW IT COMING, I do hope it comes in about 45 days from now.

    That would be perfect to wake up the most sheeple at the best time of year, and perhaps some of them could save themselves from starvation?

    I know it’s coming, so let’s hope it comes at the best time for planting season to be on the proper schedule for all the Darwin idiots to get off their asses and start planting and do some last minute preps.

  • matt

    Thanks Sean..That is why SGT Report is the one stop website to get important info

  • a guy from Ukraine

    The smell of rat if getting stronger and stronger…
    TPTB must keep the game going until the elections to keep the whole “recovery” story alive unless there is a black swan event. They still retain control over this rotten and rapidly collapsing system, although loosing the grip every day. However, it looks increasingly more like we will be living in a different world by next Christmas as Pope who is the Establishment creature has put it. PREPARE or better still leave the US. Something tells me it will be one of the least lovely places to live in by the end of this year… At least make sure to have a rural getaway far away from large cities with plenty of supplies to run for months on your own.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      @Ukraine guy,
      I agree that anybody who tries to stay in any city, will be in terrible trouble and getting to the rural areas with lots of food in your possession is best.

      I also agree that USA (because most people live in cities & towns and very few people have gardens) will be worse than Europe or areas where people grow gardens to help feed themselves.

      I’ve seen a few places in Europe (was on a long ride BUS TOUR, Baltic states, Poland, Czech, Hungary, etc) that almost everybody who has any land, they are growing gardens.

      I never went to WESTERN Europe, but I imagine the western Europeans don’t grow as many gardens as the Easterners.

      I am lucky that I got my rural place, about 2007, and starting to grow a nice garden, and have enough extra food, to live at home thru winter, spring planting time, summer growing, and I’ll be OK all the way until the garden gives me the food.

      I saw that it is coming, and I push myself to be ready for it. Good Luck to all of us.

      Those people who do nothing to be ready? They may not survive the next 24 months.


  • a guy from Ukraine

    The system is set to explode by Fall 2016 (shortly before the elections)

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