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WEB BOT UPDATE: The Speed Of The Erosion of Our Economic Underpinnings Will Be Breathtaking; There Will Be PANIC To Own Gold & Silver

[Ed. Note: If you are familiar with the web bot project, fast forward to 11:40 in order to bypass the methodology explanation and hear the meat of Clif’s incredible update.]

from clif high:

clif’s wujo 2.11.2016: ‘my fellow americans’ = discussing method, gold, silver, hyperinflation, bitcoin, gardening when it counts, weather, geoengineering, political scum.

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15 comments to WEB BOT UPDATE: The Speed Of The Erosion of Our Economic Underpinnings Will Be Breathtaking; There Will Be PANIC To Own Gold & Silver

  • Christine



    Think about this: 80% of the American people speak no foreign language whatsoever and those who do don’t master them at the same level since, as soon as kids go to school, their academic education will primarily be in the English language. Depending on the source, between 40 and 60% of the world population speaks more than one language fluently (meaning that they are able to switch back and forth naturally, without having to think in what language they are expressing themselves).

    Clif High refers to language and all the vocabulary that is likely to appear after an event to describe it and the data that will be used to collect all the language information, in order to analyse it and regurgitate some conclusion allowing us to make decisions and create events … based on language used.

    Do you see where America is missing MOST of the data? Clif High is spelling out exactly what America needs to do to wake up. He forgot to put the proper perspective on what he states, which still is valuable but… so much more limited than he envisions: language is all but… whose?

    Why are we so far behind Russia and China and even Europe, which will thrive the minute Rothschild banks are gone from the face of the Earth (and Germany will break away soon, followed by France and the rest of Europe)? In ALL those countries, most of the populations are bi- or tri-lingual.

    As I said, fascinating. One-sided, self-centered and missing the boat of the future. America decided to pay taxes to pay for its wars. The rest of the world is moving on on communication.

    • Eric

      America definitely has the furthest to fall. The rest of the world will adjust much easier than most Americans will.

    • SGT

      some of the most dire predictions I have heard to date. And on a logical basis I know that what Clif is predicting here is likely to come to pass. Yet, normalcy bias leaves me hoping that to some degree at least it won’t get that bad. But with 100+ million people in this country dependent on the state as a primary source of their sustenance (food stamps, social security, disability, medicare, gov’t subsidized housing), what’s coming cannot be stopped. As I’ve said many times in the past, the smart money has left the building. They’ll watch this fiat empire burn from off shore.

    • glitter 1

      Christine,(Means:Follower Of Christ)A beautiful name:

      The Rothchild’s Banks are/is the Vatican’s Bank and they are not going to fail or go away.When you own/control 90% of the Earth’s Wealth the outward facade can be changed,remodeled,renamed,but the ownership is underground/behind the scenes,unbeknownst to the masses,in this case the inhabitants of the globe.As far as thinking being bilingual some how makes one a step up/leg up culturally/intellectually is a misnomer.You are actually espousing the NWO/Global Community/Multiculturalism Mantra.
      Most think the UN is headquartered in NY City,the real UN Headquarters is located in Geneva;
      with the BIS also in Basel;
      and the political seat is located in Brussels;
      where the NWO/UN, One World Government hails from,i.e. The World Bank,World Health Organization,The World Court,etc,etc.Yes,being bilingual would be a benefit to one’s resume to function there.
      I had French and Spanish in High School and found them to be nice,but uninteresting/useless.I was very glad they dropped the requirement for Latin before I had to take it.Now,I guess I’ll could be accused of not being “culturally correct”,but that’s ok for me since one doesn’t need to be bilingual to be truthfull,viruous,ethical,honest,which are universal traits regardless of what language is spoken.
      Yes,actually the seat of World Government/NWO is in Europe,the Old/New Roman Empire and when their “Creative Destruction Event”sweeps across the Globe,taking everything down/away with it,the Phoenix will rise from the global ashes with a One World Government,One World Currency and a One Wold Religion(under the auspices of the Vatican).As I’ve told you before,you aren’t as smart/knowledgeable as you think you are,but keeping running to and fro thinking the truth is over there,no over here,no over there.Eventually you may figure it out/understand what is really going on.
      In the mean time,if one were to listen to this expose’ with Svali,you can understand some great clues.
      Listen for the Twelve Fathers/Lords,which represent the various Houses(countries),look at the European Union Flag:

      Notice how many stars are on the flag (12),coincidence?And where do all initiates go to receive their Blood Oath Rite Of Passage,that’s right,under the Vatican,where the Head Of The Snake/Spiritual Seat Of Power Is Located.In the Occult(Hermeticism/Mysteries),The Spiritual(Power) always trumps the Physical.If one were to research,all (world)leaders,i.e.presidents,prime ministers,dictators,state leaders, monarchs,etc,past and present have a/their spiritual advisers/handlers,every one of them without exception.There is a reason for it.
      Keep searching,you have a few of the the puzzle pieces.

  • Vitalia

    I didn’t know that this website supported witchcraft. Do you know what witchcraft is? Witchcraft is seeking the help or guidance from any spiritual source other than God.

    Using logic to make predictions about the future is one thing. But turning to psychics is a whole other level! Psychics are evil, satanic and I would not be surprised if this guy was consulting with the devil!

    • Gnostic

      praying to yahweh & his son is not only witchcraft it’s BS.

      You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it John 14:14 (Several other verses as well)

      If you get your wish….praise Jesus if not you didn’t have faith

      I get the same results praying to a telephone pole, Hallelujah!!

  • Dissolution

    As per McAlvany’s co-host on this weeks commentary, ‘I feel like I’m watching an old friend wake up out of a coma’. Except I’m not talking directly about gold, but the renewed “breathtaking-to-the-moon” predictions. Good times.

    PS Sean, Captcha is on meth. What’s up?

  • chuck

    I’ve been listening to Clif for many years. A smart and insightful man with a great idea in the web bot thing. However, his lack of understanding of real money is disturbing. Good grief. Silver and gold are metals, not rocks, not minerals. They have physical and economic value far beyond being shiny. I certainly don’t need to present the argument for the precious metals here at SGT. Even though I agree with much of what he says and have taken precautions to protect myself from the coming collapse, with such a misunderstanding of the basics, I must take the rest of what he says in balance. Economics and finance are two different things. The human race makes an economy just by rising in the morning and going to work. Finance is the system of trading paper money. The “economy” is not collapsing, the criminal finance system is. Yes, we humans may be hurt by the financial collapse depending on how tied to it we are, but we will survive. OUR economy will continue but the speed of our recovery from the financial collapse will depend on our actions and knowledge.

    • Kevin

      This interview was rich and informative. But after listening to it, I felt like I had been punched in the gut. It hurts to hear this info but even more to know that it’s coming. If there is such a thing as white hats, may good people in positions of power and influence be empowered to rise up and put a stop to this insanity for the sake of humanity. May they receive divine support and guidance. So may it be.

      • Gnostic

        @Kevin, Of course there is hope, are you doing your part? When we reach critical mass of consciousness, The Renaissance begins. Let the Creator sort it out (Not the impostor in the Bible) look where he has got us, Hell on Earth.

        • Eric

          Apparently Yahweh banks with Goldman Sachs.

          After all, Lloyd Blankfein is doing “God’s work.”

          “God of Christianity is the God of freedom, of individual liberty, of choice and of consequence.”

          If the Christian god is the foundation of our country, and the “God of Christianity is the God of freedom,” then WHY are we being TAXED TO DEATH???

          Ted Cruz and his wife are wackonutjobs!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

        • Kevin

          Yes I’m doing my last being awake and aware and removing myself from the corrupt stock market and TBTF bank mafia. But beyond that what more can an average person do except hope and pray? It’s the people behind the scenes in upper levels of power who can make a difference in such a big way that it could be like the shot heard round the world. That’s why I consider Putin an asset as he is taking on TPTB on their level and winning.

  • Kevin

    Damn autocorrect. Meant doing my part. Not doing my last.

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