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War and Economic Depression Molding Modern Times – Are You Prepared?

from The Daily Bell:

Private military and security companies (PMSCs) have been exploiting conflict and instability in war-torn regions whilst making gargantuan profits for the least 15 years – and they’ve only increased in numbers … Hundreds of new companies have been established in the last few years alone … “The UK is an important hub for the PMSC industry. At the height of the occupation, around 60 British companies operated in Iraq. Now there are hundreds of British PMSCs operating in areas of conflict around the globe, working to secure government and corporate presence against a range of ‘threats’ …” – SputnikNews

According to various reports, London is becoming the center of private militia activity. Mercenaries and weapons are flooding into a city that increasingly offers private military employment as well as involvement with black-market activities.

The implication is that the West’s most powerful city is being put on a war footing by the private interests. The US is on a similar war footing, as sociopolitical messaging continues to emphasize the US wars abroad and the dangers of “terrorism” at home.

A recent article in Global Research, “The Super Bowl Promotes War. NFL to Publicly Display Love for Soldiers and Weaponry,” reported the nation’s most prominent events are used to showcase militarism and create public support for the nation’s serial, unconstitutional wars.

Here, from the article:

And why shouldn’t the military pay the football league to hype its heroism? It pays damn near everybody else. At $2.8 billion a year on recruiting some 240,000 “volunteers,” that’s roughly $11,600 per recruit.

The story of famous college quarterback Pat Tillman, as the article reminds us, is still posted on the NFL website … “as the one NFL player who gave up a giant football contract to join the military.”

In fact, Tillman had changed his mind about US foreign wars after serving abroad and made it clear he intended to speak out against the Afghan war when he returned to the States.

Tillman never returned home, however, as he was killed by friendly fire – three bullets to the forehead at short range.

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