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UNPRECEDENTED: Trump Calls Out RNC, GOP Establishment, Special Interest Donors DURING DEBATE!

from tpmtv:

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8 comments to UNPRECEDENTED: Trump Calls Out RNC, GOP Establishment, Special Interest Donors DURING DEBATE!

  • Brian

    The Trojan horse is setting us up for a third party candidate that will make Clinton the chosen Puppet. Do not participate in this puppet show.

  • Tyler

    While I agree that he is quite possibly a Trojan horse the longer this fiasco continues the more I question that assumption. The orchestrated demonization of trump by all the corporate talking heads leads me to believe he may be his own man. While I may disagree with his warmongering and such at least he says what he means and means what he says. Or at least I hope he does. The thing is I don’t see another option with all other candidates being puppets of the bankers and elite without question.

    • SGT

      well put Tyler, very well summarized. It seems there is something bigger at play with Trump. Not to get too romantic, but a white knight scenario comes to mind though Brother Nathanael would disagree with that sentiment. Jeff Rense on the other hand, who has made it his life’s work to expose the Zionist leeches, would agree with you.

  • Tyler

    He seems like a man that can be influenced by rational thoughts and arguments so maybe he could be educated about the for profit war machine of the west.

  • Tyler

    One more thought on weather trump will be a third party ringer for Clinton. All other republican candidates are just as bad as Hillary if not worse. The reason I say worse is because with a republican in office a lot of people will go back to sleep and quit fighting the Washington machine due to there misguided assumption the everything will be alright. They will become complacent again. I don’t like trump but o just don’t see another option at the same time. A establishment president is a establishment president regardless of what team they play for.

  • d

    The DC cesspool may finally be flushed out …by the statements of one man….could he rid this country of the cancer that is killing it…the FED and the banksters that it funds…at the ntions expense…I would only hope…..imho

  • Oblivion

    I was convinced that Trump’s candidacy was a yet another attempt get over on Americans. But, this treatment of a candidate is unprecedented. Having paid audience members boo every time he speaks is horrendous and speaks volumes about the GOP establishment (Communist Jews). I had no intentions to note in this farce of an election, but they are pushing me to vote for Trump with their overt hatred of the man.

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