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U.S. Border agents told to STAND DOWN: Allow illegal migrants into the United States

from Off Grid Survival:

The Obama administration has ordered U.S. Border Patrol agents to stand down and allow illegal immigrants crossing the Southern Border to be released without tracking. According to Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are being told to release illegal immigrants and no longer order them to appear at deportation hearings.

“We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether,” suggested agent Judd.

In testimony before the immigration subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee, Judd said:

“The willful failure to show up for court appearances by persons that were arrested and released by the Border Patrol has become an extreme embarrassment for the Department of Homeland Security. It has been so embarrassing that DHS and the U.S. attorney’s office has come up with a new policy.”

Judd Said the new policy, “makes mandatory the release, without an NTA, of any person arrested by the Border Patrol for being in the country illegally, as long as they do not have a previous felony arrest conviction and as long as they claim to have been continuously in the United States since January of 2014. The operative word in this policy is ‘claim.’ The policy does not require the person to prove they have been here which is the same burden placed on them during deportation proceedings. Instead, it simply requires them to claim to have been here since January of 2014.”

They don’t have to show any proof of actually living here, and and according to Judd agents who attempt to follow the law and enforce the laws that are on the books will “be terminated.”

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  • d

    The border States Governors MUST protect their State citizens and ..put State law enforcement on the border and stop all from entering….When will the States realize that THEY are in charge, and NOT the federal per the CONSTITUTION…period…Get’er done…NOW….imho

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