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Turkey Accuses U.S. of ARMING TERRORISTS (again)

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

I confess to being continually amazed at two of the Strangest Bedfellows amongst all of the lackey-nations under the thumb of the One Bank.

For decades; the PKK (Kurdish terrorists) has been identified as an official “terrorist organization”. For decades; it has been public knowledge that the U.S. has been arming/funding these terrorists, because the U.S. has bragged about doing so — because sometimes the terrorists attacked “enemies” of the U.S. (like Saddam Hussein).

However, most of the time the PKK attacks Turkish targets, and murders innocent Turkish civilians. Under “the Bush Doctrine” any nation which “facilitates terrorism” is deemed to be a Terrorist Regime. Yet we have seen Turkey acting as a willing pawn for the U.S., in attempting to start a (global) war with Russia?

What could possibly have forced/persuaded Turkey to be a NATO stooge-nation, even as (U.S.) led NATO finances a multi-decade terrorist campaign against it??? And if it is willing to be a subservient Stooge, how/why are we seeing it point (again) to the U.S.’s open support of terrorists.

For that matter, how/why is Turkey whining about “acts of terrorism” when it is a known PARTNER of “ISIS”…???


P.S. Note the linguistic contortions in which Reuters engages to avoid using the phrase “the U.S. is arming terrorists”. Kurish terrorists are called “militia”. Apparently “militia” is the word that is used for U.S.-backed terrorists — when they’re not being called “freedom fighters”.

Turkey’s Erdogan says Syrian Kurdish militia used U.S. weapons on civilians…ey-usa-idUSKCN0VS0Q7

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said U.S.-supplied weapons had been used against civilians by a Syrian Kurdish militia group that Ankara blames for a deadly suicide bombing, and said he would talk to President Barack Obama about it later on Friday.

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  • Rainmaker

    Jeff is a pretty good analyst in regards to Ag and Au, but when it comes to geopolitics, he is a giant boob. What else would you expect from someone indoctrinated in Canadian Socialism?

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