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Totalitarian Collectivism: NOVO ORDO SECLORUM – NeoCon Hell on Earth

from BATR:

The 20th Century was the most destructive era in history. Deaths from all the wars and the genocides estimated at 160 million may seem small if the planet descends into the approaching holocaust. Globalization is the catchword of the ruling class. Sovereign nations are obsolete to the corporatists. Militarization for suppressing conflicts is the mission, since warfare among nations are passé. The old alliances based upon ethnic composition or ideology has vanished. Only dissenters against the New World Order pose a threat to the Novo Ordo Seclorum.

This New Order of the Ages has been in the works for over a millennium. Lest you forget the horrors of man’s inhumanity to man, a short vignette looks back at some of the worst practices of Totalitarian Collectivism.

Caution some of the images in this NOVO ORDO SECLORUM video are ghastly, but the chronological documentation deserves your viewing.

Statism is the common thread that links all totalitarian regimes. Most living souls do not believe that the Soviet, Lenin and Stalin gulag, is possible today. A diluted revulsion level of atrocities is characteristic of the media script of current events. Disconnect between what really happens and what is reported is so dramatic that reality is unknown to most people.

The term NeoCon, commonly used as a synonym for neoconservative begs the real issue. There is nothing conservative about a top down authoritarian central government. Originally, refugees from the liberal Marxist strain, the former Bush NeoCon cronies applied their perverted viewpoint to discredit the meaning of real conservatism. Now you have the Obama LibCons outdoing their statist cousins to advance the War Party outreach intervention, well beyond Iraq and Afghanistan.

Playing the political party label game never alters the fundamental foreign policy designed to use American youth as cannon fodder for the actual masters of the global hegemony. Under Obama and slated with designed regime change, were the countries of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Pakistan and Syria are next. Even the stern warning from China not to intervene or violate the sovereignty of Pakistan goes unheard. The march toward a Middle East conflagration rests upon a predictable attack on Iran. This is the obvious war plan. However, the evil empire has limits that superior targeting technology cannot predict a final outcome.


The NeoCons and their Obama administration protagonists share the same bloodline. They all foster a hell on earth for the general population. The unity of purpose is seen in their enduring determination to destroy an independent middle class and silence any dissenter that resists the coordinated enslavement of humanity. Imprisonment of the unruly on a massive scale, already planned by FEMA under Homeland Security provisions, is reminiscent of the sentiments of the ghost of Ezra Pound. John Kaminski provides an invaluable analysis.

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