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“The Whole System Can Blow!” BIG Moves Ahead For Gold & Silver?

by AGXIIK, Silver Doctors:

The Whole System Can Blow!” 
In This Week’s Metals and Markets, Doc & Dubin Break Down the Golden Sombrero, & The Mechanics of a Major Gold and Silver Price Raid- 
Is the Trading Action Signalling a Small Correction Followed By Another BIG MOVE Higher, Or Are We Witnessing the Early Stages of a MASSIVE Raid That is Just Getting Underway?

There’s never a dull moment in the precious metals market.  After last week’s show, we saw a flash raid on Monday, with silver taking the brunt of the assault, by design.

But the snap-back that followed was truly impressive, and a continuation of this same, ongoing pattern of both paper and physical buyers remaining in an accumulation mode, buying the dips.  Meanwhile, take a look at what oil and the S&P 500 were doing over the course of this past trading week:



The cartel loves to play with silver:





While it’s not wise to draw too fine a point here based on just a single week of trading data, it is nevertheless interesting to point out that when silver led precious metals down on Monday with help from our friends, oil and the S&P 500, US benchmark for large capitalization equities, were both pushed higher in an attempt to recapture their respective 50 day moving averages and stem the previous week’s blood letting.  By Tuesday, it was back to the bleeding, and precious metals responded accordingly.

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9 comments to “The Whole System Can Blow!” BIG Moves Ahead For Gold & Silver?

  • jskauai

    Does the allocation actions that the US mint are performing, which can be interpreted as strong physical silver demand, explain the weakness silver is exhibiting in the paper markets? Are there forces trying to quell demand by trying to keep the “snowball of physical silver demand” from rolling down the hill?

  • AgShaman

    I see this as a “DFB” (Double False Bottom)….mainly because the price discovery is not free to find itself and is “fixed” (read: rigged by the cadre of criminals within the Bullion Banks). The first false bottom was at the end of January, when silver was fixed at $13.58, and IMO…was more than a signal by the parties conducting the manipulation. The second “DFB” is happening now…which is why I went on a ‘runner’ Friday afternoon to score some shiny. The GSR jumped 2 points north…and almost reached it’s 10 year high.

    The GSR charts are the only ones I follow. Since it’s currently at a 5 year high, I think it speaks to the desperation of the price fixers. The ‘GSR’ 10 year high was at the end of February and beginning of March in 2008. That was the signal of market meltdown and 3 year melt-up in precious metals.

    This time around…I don’t believe it will take 2-3 years to see new highs in PM’s. I think it will happen faster…due to the amount of soylents that have recognized the machinations of manipulation being employed by the bullion bank cartel of criminals.

    Monday should be interesting. Whether the 10 year ‘GSR’ is broken…or not…the stench of the manipulation is too difficult for the “price riggers” to conceal. They are trying to bring down and elephant with an ‘air-soft gun’

    • KRELL427

      Ag I also ran out Friday to pick up more,options expiring and a price slam down worked in our favor. The GS ratio makes it hard to buy gold. Picked up 109oz of silver and at current ratio would equate to 1.313 oz of gold,that’s hard to swallow.I will stick to removing silver from the system. Also G20 meeting happening now we will see what Monday brings.

      • AgShaman


        Yeah, I’m guessing a bunch of stackers took advantage of the pullback. I picked up mostly generics, but did get an excellent deal on a couple rolls of 2014 Somali 100 shilling Elephants(which I found to be very ‘cool’).

        As for the gold…I agree, it’s rather painful, but there’s hardly any premium at my LCS…and the ‘Dude’ running it has given me great deals on Mexican Centenarios and Austrian Phils. I see gold and food preps as some of the few ways to protect the silver stack.

        I really think the GSR is a serious tell-tale sign of meltdown/ups. While my memory is not as good as I perceive it to be (I think the 10 year high was actually April 2008)….the current ratio seems to be like a “soft kryptonite” for the bank-stars…and pushing it up much farther towards 100:1 could result in across the board pundits calling ‘BS’, which could generate a stampede effect IMO. If the ratio becomes completely ridiculous….something big and out of control will result.

        People better hurry up and become their own bank…with weapons of stack construction

        • KRELL427

          I got a 1kilo elephant last month and a few loose oz yesterday,they are cool.Also a roll of the 2016 Canadian cougar which looks real good. My dealer was surprised how much he sold yesterday.I’m starting to feel like time is running out with every purchase.

          • AgShaman

            Very nice indeed!

            I think yesterday was my final purchase…unless there is some epic beatdown

            From here on out, it will be trades and swaps for me…or possibly selling into the hands of soylents that missed the train leaving the station…but if paper is not an option, barter for sure.

      • AgShaman

        Sorry…2016 Somali Elephants

  • Millicent

    Silver will go to the sky… someday. You are deluded metalheads, there is much more to life than stacking & prepping.

    • KRELL427

      Have many hobbies thats just one of them,while my buddies are playing stocks and buying RRSP and keeping their money in the system I’m removing mine if you see a problem with that what can I say. We all have different economic situations.

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