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The Bankers’ War Against Humanity Accelerates — Jason Burack


Jason Burack, co-founder of from joins me to discuss the Bankers’ war against humanity which is now accelerating with calls to ban cash in both the EU and the United Sates. Jason explains how the middle class is systematically being destroyed by the bankster class and ruling elite. And with no end in sight, Jason warns that it will all get a lot worse in the near future. Please take a minute and subscribe to Jason (and Mo’s) great You Tube channel HERE.

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58 comments to The Bankers’ War Against Humanity Accelerates — Jason Burack

  • Steve_D

    Great stuff Sean, you’re on fire lately buddy.

      • Eric

        Yeah sure. We’re going to hand over our Gold. Right after we hand over our guns and our families, and bend over for the US Federal Proctology Examiner.

        The U.S. Corporation is an unlawful and immoral corporation under Vatican and Rothschild controlled Zionist occupation posing as the daddy of it’s slaves.

        We are not slaves.

        • fonestar

          If you think it is *your* cash, yes.. you are a slave. And you are still a slave if you are talking in “dollar” terms.

          • Eric

            Who said anything about “cash?”

            • fonestar

              In the interview. Who cares if it is digital money in a bank or cash in your pockets. They are all still DOLLARS. And they are not your dollars.

              • Eric

                Federal Reserve Notes are “cash” or “currency.”

                The Coinage Act of 1792 specified that the U.S. dollar would contain 371 4⁄16 grain (24.1 g) pure or 416 grain (27.0 g) standard silver. This specification was based on the average weight of a random selection of worn Spanish dollars which Hamilton caused to be weighed at the Treasury.

                Sometimes people mistakenly refer to a “Dollar” as paper currency.

                If it’s in your pocket, it’s yours. Possession is 90% of ownership. There really is no such thing as digital money, only digital currency.

                Next time please post comments specific to the interview separately from replies so there is no confusion.

  • wauhoo

    Sean, make Jason a regular. Very bright young man.

  • glitter 1

    Yes, Aaron Russo’s “America: Freedom To Facsism”

    and his follow up interview with Alex Jones:

    His Elite friend,Jay Rockefeller,who is obviously much higher up on the Elite Food Chain than Lindsey Williams or Rob Kirby’s Elite Friends.explains how they practically boast how they carry out what is now/future history.They have a generational plan(s)with time table(s)/milestones and are working it.

    Another rich source of understanding is William Cooper’s Series “Hour Of The Time” Mystery Babylon 1-40 1hr sessions.

    What they have planned is a One World Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship – William Cooper
    You can not gain understanding by osmosis,it take time,energy,diligence and perseverance.

    Good interview!

    • glitter 1

      Forgot to insert the link for William Cooper:

    • Ed_B

      Apparently, these elites missed Sunday school on the day when they discussed, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his immortal soul?”. They are playing a fool’s game because they will lose either way.

      • glitter 1

        They have been misled/deceived.Their philosophy/religion is that through initiation and management of Karma they reincarnate and eventually are becoming a god.It’s called Theosophy.It is the philosophy/religion of Helena Blavatsky,Alice and Foster Bailey brought to Lucifer Publishing,which became Lucis Trust,which incidentally is connected with The UN and is officially their sanctioned/approved global philosophy/religion.
        It’s the same lie from The Garden.It is also the same drivel the pope has been putting out lately,universalism,all the world’s religions worship the same god,many paths to the same god.I guess the pope’s Bible left out the verse:

        Joh 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

        1Ti 2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

        Not a Pope,no Priest.

        • Ed_B

          Yes, they have, and now they seem dedicated to deceiving others as they have been deceived.

          I believe that ALL sentient beings in the universe are developing spiritually and will one day achieve the wisdom that we now attribute to God. While that will not make us gods, it will be the highest spiritual level we can achieve. When we arrive at that point, we will be vastly different than we are today. We will be MUCH more into love, kindness, consideration, and genuinely caring of our fellow spirits.

          As to Jesus, yes, those are what has been reported as being his words. But I also think that it is wise to not always take the words from the past as the one and only interpretation of what IS. IMO, it is the teachings of Jesus that bring us closer to God, and not our dedication to any particular religion no matter the cost to ourselves or others, that truly matters. That said, I also think that there are many paths that lead to God and that every sentient being does what they think is best in regards to which path they choose to follow. As long as they are not seeking to harm others, their choice of path is up to them and is of no concern to anyone else. Those who do seek to harm others must be opposed and prevented from doing that harm.

  • Greg

    Hey Sean,

    Just thought I’d inform you of something interesting. The new Monopoly game is cashless. They are setting up the next generation up for a cashless society.

  • AgShaman

    I had a funny feeling I was not supposed to listen to this interview

    • Ed_B

      Well, they can just roll it right back where it came from. ZERO interest in such nonsense here. Not that I would EVER do ANY business with HSBC, JPMC, MS, Citi, GS, or Douche Bank. I’ve had it with those douche-nozzles and hope that MANY others have as well.

  • On the topic of the “cashless society,” Andy Hoffman takes “large position in Bitcoin,” says “people are going to flood into Bitcoin like nothing ever before!” w/TFMR earlier today:

    Definitely a change from his earlier position. Got Bitcoin? 😉

    • Windrunner56

      I heard Andy say that too, Rusticus. I thought…WUT!!!! Wow, that is indeed an endorsement. Andy has been very anti-Bitcoin until that interview. What does it all mean Basil???

      Sean, time to get Rob Kirby back. Also, have you tried to reach out to Jim Willie? You post his interviews all the time, but it would be a bonus to all if you were to interview him soon….

      • Eric

        The flood into Bitcoin (assuming it happens) will be in response to the Federal Reserve losing control as the dollar collapses. As long as the metal is still available, I see no reason to convert centralized currency into decentralized currency. Neither has intrinsic value. I would rather hold Silver and Gold and no more currency than what I need. But to each their own. If it gives them comfort or peace of mind to have some Bitcoins, so be it. Croikey! This coffee tastes like shit!

        • AgShaman

          I agree Eric. The rent is too damn high. Unless it goes below 100 “death chits”….most of the soylents will be too strapped to take a position in bitcoin.

          They will opt for silver instead.

          Bitcoin will price itself out and become range-bound in nowhereville …then, only elite types will play in that casino. It’s hard for people to forget the dread pirate Roberts and Mt. Gox

          • Why is this an either-or scenario? I’ll take the “risk” of a 5-10% position in the only asset class immune to borders and capital controls, regardless of my nagging suspicions about the direction of the underlying blockchain technology and traditional banking interfaces like Coinbase.

            I’ve got “real friends, real skills, and real assets,” as we all likely do. But those things are most useful in a “band together and rebuild” scenario. Betting a small amount that the mouth-breathing, fluoride-addled, GMO-infested masses surrounding us won’t be able to get their shit together as we descend into the unknown? I don’t consider that a gamble. Folks like us have been producing media and trying desperately to start a dialogue for years in hopes of warning our fellow (Wo)Man; I’d rather not have my “alea iacta est” moment with the mindless herd who’ve called us all “crazy” for years now. We owe them nothing more than the Gnosis we’ve already tried to bestow upon them.

            I’m not sure how many water filters, #10 cans, and ounces of silver I’m physically capable of lugging around. A small percentage of what I’ve got, probably. Less will make it through after the border guards take their cut. Being prepared for every contingency is always better than being prepared for 90% of them. None of us know exactly how this all plays out, it’s a simple matter of playing the odds.

          • Eric

            Oh they will forget. The masses will cling to whatever the easiest perceived solution to their problems is. Problem, Reaction, Solution. They always have the solution. Kind of like the Chinese running to the dollar instead of doing their due diligence and run to Gold. But I do agree Bitcoin will price itself out eventually like you said.

            Been listening to Eckhart again. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a spook to convince the masses not to think at all. I see a lot of people who listen to this or read his books and then they say “I try not to think.” But you have to think things through. You just have to remember that your thoughts are not who you are. Nothing in this world is this way or that way. It’s about balance! The people suffering are the ones that are out of balance.

          • I’m confused, AgShaman… are you in support of the State-enforced prohibition on commerce, from which they gain tremendous amounts of power over native and foreign populations?

            The original Silk Road and the dozens of other markets have grown up in its place are a perfect example of why Bitcoin is such a powerful tool. I don’t use these markets, but I’m glad they exist – or would you rather the CIA take their cut instead? And while my moral scruples make me opposed to “assassination markets,” not only is there no proof that any such activity took place on Silk Road, PMs also make for a wonderful medium of exchange in such unsavory dealings. Does that dissuade you from owning them?

            As for “getting GOX’d,” at the time, the exchange was far and away the largest on the planet. Looking back, GOX is puny in volume terms when compared to Circle, Coinbase, OKCoin, etc. – the market is infinitely more robust and decentralized in 2016. GOX wasn’t Bitcoin, it was a fiat to BTC interface that held your coins for you. In other words: A Bitcoin bank. So do you blame gold for the Panic of 1907, because a bunch of private banks defaulted and didn’t have the physical metal on hand? Is gold’s reputation now eternally tarnished?

            Bitcoin is divisible down to eight decimal places… how small is .00000001 ounces of silver? Of gold? People will absolutely “opt for silver (and gold)” before they do Bitcoin… but as we all know, there’s only so much available. Given the paltry above-ground supply, a derivatives/paper debt meltdown triggering a move into all the world’s silver and gold would take, what, a month at most? Where do the masses of Americans put their money when there’s no longer gold or silver available? Where will the hordes of Chinese, who already value Bitcoin, go when the gold’s dried up? Will they pull out their scales and start shaving grams off coins, or move towards a more fungible asset?


            • AgShaman

              Anybody that is in favor of original/lawful money would not support state sponsored prohibition of commerce. I am not sure where you are going with your questioning? I was simply stating that bitcoin has a lot of “black eye’s” in it’s past, which is why people view it as having a reliability problem, as well as being overvalued (which is my personal opinion).

              People are still close minded about gold and silver. They should probably look further into its monetary history and realize it has the same abilities as bitcoin….meaning it can be kept outside of the private banking cartel’s monopoly. All that remains is for humanity to network and plan ways to keep it from funneling back to the bank-stars.

              If people feel there will be a need to run for other borders they should already be searching out those places now and moving a portion of their stack to relieve the need of transporting PM’s. I am currently working on that ‘MTV’ every day. I think it is an option with endless tributaries and is only limited by the close-mindedness of the soylents that cannot think outside the box.

              I am not part of the bitcoin bashing community. I have stated all along that it still has problems and is overvalued. Amerikwans are a fickle sort. They develop “buyer’s remorse” before they ever make a purchase. Silver and gold, when held in hand, reduces that dynamic…probably because it is a higher form of “sweat equity” and doesn’t suffer from a handful of “frontrunners” like bitcoin.

              • Thank you for the clarifications, AG. I agree with much of what you say, but I’d proffer two (minor) counterpoints in that bitcoin and PMs share many traits – and being controlled by a handful of “frontrunners” is one of them. One has counterparty (price) risk in bitcoin from Chinese miners and whales as much as one does sitting on ounces with credit line-dependent metals miners or bullion banks swimming in the same pool.

                Even in the “purest” of bimetallic standards of the 1800s throughout all the Western world, London set the price. It’s a rare market that’s immune to such phenomena.

                I wish I were in the position to be able to afford the upwards of $15,000 for a second passport, offshore vaulting, (potentially) property in another country, and private transportation to chopper my ass out of the rubble 😛 But I can’t, and I suspect there are more than a few in the same position. A tip of the hat to you if you can! But offshoring PMs has significant counterparty risk, especially in an environment where you can’t get to them (or vice versa).

                Now if you’re sitting on the border, that’s another story…

                • AgShaman

                  That’s true Rusticus…so I guess you got me there. The Pilgrims have been “setting” the PM prices for a long time. Perhaps they will lose control and shiny will break free and find its value thru true price discovery. My gut tells me the Chinese and Russians have a deal worked out to support their accumulation of the metals. I still think people should consider building alternative commerce systems that keep PM’s from flowing back to govts/private parties that wish for soylents to not have it at all.

                  Bitcoin has ‘techies’….and no offense to techies out there, but like bank-stars, I cannot bring myself to trust them. I guess I just naturally assume there is less work(or perhaps equal) involved with conjuring up ways to steal OPB than actually mining them. A question best left for a true techie I guess, hahaha.

                  I agree with your offshore opinion. It better be well thought out and you need to do a test run for a time to see if you want to live in the location you’ve selected. If you make a poor choice, then moving your stack, or a portion of it, has turned into a liability. I’ll keep tinkering until I find solutions or I find the need to scrap the idea.

      • wauhoo

        A Jim Willie interview would be great, but does Sean have an hour and forty-five minutes? Maybe he could edit it down to 20 min, that is another hour. Sean has a day job and a family. Probably not going to happen.

        • killbille

          Sean has a day job?? How? Mike Rivero’s career was practically destroyed before he went full steam against TPTB waking up everyone.

          Would be interesting to interview Sean to see if his life has been targeted by the elites.

    • Ed_B

      My reply would be WTF??? I always liked Andy’s writing and positions on many things but this is absurd. Like many others on this site, I have ZERO interest in bit(ch)coin.

      • Eric

        I didn’t listen to the interview about it. Andy’s a smart guy. Bitcoin may be around for a while longer, but it won’t last. Gold will. Sooner or later a reset will occur and precious metals will be revalued much higher and the Gold Standard will return in some form or another. Once it does, there will be no reason to hold Bitcoin any longer.

        I do not expect a windfall profits tax on Gold either. Why would anyone sell it and pay 90% tax to the government? It’s more likely to have the opposite effect and go into deeper hiding. Will they outlaw it? Doubtful. The elite have to hold some money that works in a hyperinflation scenario too. I don’t really care what they do. They’re not getting mine.

        • wauhoo

          The corrupt Wall Street banks will gladly take your $50,000 gold coins to pay off your mortgage, car loan, boat loan, other notes…no questions asked.

        • Ed_B


          “Sooner or later a reset will occur and precious metals will be revalued much higher and the Gold Standard will return in some form or another. Once it does, there will be no reason to hold Bitcoin any longer.”

          Agreed. But let us all be mindful that this “reset” will be nothing more than the DEVALUATION of all fiat currencies. These currencies attract inflation like poop attracts flies.

          There will likely be multiple stages of the reset. During the early stages, cash will have value and we will be able to buy gasoline, food, and other useful things with it. We can also pay any loans we have, satisfy the utility company, pay taxes, etc. But, at some point, cash will become of rapidly decreasing value. It will do so because people will, at long last, become aware of the fact that its value is derived from government and central bank command and not from any inherent value. Once they decide to reduce the value of the currency and ALL of the investments denominated in that currency, it will be game over for the paper shufflers… and all those who believed their lies about such currencies and the value (?) they have… er, had.

          Gold (and silver) have been monetary standards for thousands of years. Inflation was never a problem under such hard money standards. Some say that these were not good because they could not increase the amount of “currency” at any rate that was faster than their mining rate. While this is true, so what? What REALLY matters is that their value does not depend as much on the rate at which they are mined, unlike the fiat currencies VERY heavy dependence upon the rate at which paper money is printed. If no one ever printed more paper money than the economy needs for the efficient transfer of good and services from producers to buyers, paper money would be fine. But therein lies the rub. People ALWAYS print more currency than is needed and thereby devalue the currency via diluting its value. So, while paper currency can be a useful and successful form of money, it never is because, well, people are people and they will always print more than is needed. Gold and silver, however, cannot be printed at whim, so MUST be mined via the use of sweat, muscle, fuel, and time. All of these things have intrinsic value so the products that result from them will as well; while easily and cheaply printed paper does not.

          IMO, Bitcoin is a fad. It has some appeal but, like paper currency, its problems are more likely to be in the execution and not in the theory of its creation or existence. Like all fads, it will end at some point and when it does those who are invested in it will, at long last, see the lie they have been promoting. It seems to anger them that we stackers can see these problems coming long before they do. Oh, well. It won’t be our money that goes POOF! when Bitcoin assumes financial room temp. Before then, however, they can have great fun with it and with us over it. They should enjoy this while they can because there WILL be a bill attached to it and they WILL be paying it in full. Shrug.

          • Eric


            “These (fiat) currencies attract inflation (price) like poop attracts flies.”

            Yes they do. Bitcoin is a fad just as you said. It serves a purpose but it’s not real tangible wealth.

  • Jack

    So is this guy saying that countries with sovereign wealth funds are going to be dumping their stocks to raise money so they can defend, i.e. strengthen their currencies?

    OK, sounds like the dollar demand to buy stocks is gonna collapse. And it they’re going to start defending their currencies, then there goes that element of dollar demand too.

    Look out below for the dollar?

    Thing is, if you read Jim Rickards books you’ll see he asserts that this is what the US WANTS.

    According to him, all this horseshit from the Fed is really about weakening the dollar – it’s all just a big currency war to try to get some demand out of export growth, cause we sure ain’t getting any organically from domestic sources with everybody buried under a mountain of debt, investment dead, and the banks treading water and looking like they’re ready to roll over.

    This may not be quite the degree of dollar weakness they had in mind, but the Fed probably figures they can control it. Or at least keep the dollar from collapsing if need be?

  • Millicent

    How about: The stupidity and greed of mankind is destroying civilization as we have known it?

  • anon

    Look, folks, ALL of the following MSM (Main-Stream Media) “memes” are sponsored by the same “elites” we (Sean, Gnostic, Eric, anon, etc.) have been attempting to EDUCATE everyone about, here on SGT Report: “Gun control”, “Global Warming” – oops! “Climate Change”, “War on Drugs”, “War on Terror”, “War on Poverty”, it turns out the WAR IS ON YOU! AND ME! AND EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET!

    They (the “elites”) want two things, primarily: 1) GLOBAL DEBT-SLAVERY, and 2) GLOBAL DEPOPULATION. They’ve even stated as much themselves, in their own documents. Anyone who has actually done their homework, KNOWS THIS IS THE TRUTH.

    • Gnostic


      Thanks for the kudos. Keep up the great work!

      I have seen many waking up & we will take it back, mainly through Truth, knowledge & education which you keenly bring forth.

      PS- I listened to a great interview on RBN, Al Whitney interviewed a Judge who claims moves are being made behind the scenes to bring back common law courts & take back our sovereign status, a man defeated the courts & received $68 Million & as a result single handily put 6 BAR Law firms out of business & many dozens Lawyers dis-barred. He was forced to sign a gag order but the process is now known & being implemented throughout the country, This is why they are getting desperate.

      Here is Saturday’s show…..(Would be a great interview if SGT interviewed this brave Judge).

  • anon

    Example: AGW (“man-made ‘global warming'”) is a complete FRAUD, put forth by people like Maurice Strong (now DEAD!), and the Club of Rome, partner of the CINI Foundation, and Siena Group (all Globalist, Venetian “elite” constructs). The Club of Rome put out a document in 1991/1992 called THE FIRST GLOBAL REVOLUTION. In that document, the “elites” who published it state that humanity itself, is the real enemy in all their concocted environmental issues, most important of which, is AGW, which they now call “climate change” since it has rather well been proven that AGW is not based on anything even approximating REAL SCIENCE. Think about this: Question: Who, or what, exactly, has poured TONS of CO2 into the atmosphere, and poured tons of waste, toxins, chemicals, and radiation into the ocean? Did you or anyone you know, personally, do that? Didn’t think so. It was INDUSTRY that did it. Profit over people, their health, and the environment. But, for the “elites” to avoid any personal financial accountability or responsibility, they also need to remove blame from their corporations, which generate their personal fortunes. So, they blame humanity. “Too many people” they say. They also want global depopulation, in addition to making everyone on the planet their DEBT-SLAVES.

    Anyone may read more about the Club of Rome, and it’s document THE FIRST GLOBAL REVOLUTION, here:

    • glitter 1

      Anon,all so true indeed,but you don’t go far enough,unless you aren’t saying.You give the players/organizations,you give/expose their plans/intentions,but there is a much bigger/broader plan at work here,which will culminate towards/into what?Unfortunately you and those you name either fail to see/decline to acknowledge the reality of what the facts portend.A climax in a war that has been raging on for millenia and is now moving into it’s final phases.All just machinations,a means to an end.

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