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Suddenly Perfect Super Bowl Weather to Arrive “In Time” … As Geoengineering Crimes Roll On

by Bernie Suarez, Activist Post:

Forget El Niño storm-like weather that has been hitting the state of California this entire winter unloading much needed rain for weeks. And forget the fact that cities all over California are being sprayed every single day with chemicals by mostly unmarked planes in an ongoing crime against humanity that you cannot offer any politician any amount of money, argument or reason to address. The 50th annual NFL Super Bowl is here and even though it’s being played in Northern California which has seen its fair share of rain thanks to “El Niño” all winter, we can all relax and enjoy the coincidental perfect weather that we will see on Sunday February 7, 2016 for the Super Bowl.

Coincidence theorist football fans all around the country can smile this weekend and know that nature somehow seems to know when to stop the rain and wet weather when important events come into town. On this Super Bowl Sunday it’s a perfect time to be one of those coincidence theorists that attributes the sudden change in weather to good luck and spontaneous good fortune.

Such is the world we now live in where the general public is dumbed down to mind-boggling levels of ignorance and stupidity while the masses drink whatever Kool-Aid the government, its military and its mouthpiece media will offer them to remain blissfully happy.

onclick=”‘’); return false;” href=”” rel=”nofollow”>To make matters worse, the Pentagon and the U.S. Air Force who are the primary enemies and perpetrators behind the criminal spraying of the sky will play their psyop commercials and hypnotically steal the minds of our children; and, like little hypnotized slaves, convince them to join the military during commercial breaks and paid-for game ceremonies.

Some may be reading this thinking, who can predict the weather? Yes, the weather is unpredictable isn’t it? Or at least it’s supposed to be, right? When it’s not being manipulated for numerous agendas that is.

The fact of the matter is that while all of this is happening, back in reality, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Air Force and all their corporate co-conspirators are leading the way systematically spraying the skies above we-the-people how and when they wish to do so, all according to their agenda. Their hundreds of patents to profit from the spraying continues to be widely available to anyone willing to research this issue. An issue that is sadly completely non-existent to the idiot football fans who are ready to join the U.S. military and who live in blissful ignorance about everything going on. Nevertheless, the U.S. military sky terrorists march right along with their deceit, their lies and the global agenda for “owning the weather in 2025” as is clearly outlined in the U.S. Air Force paper drafted in 1996. And it is easy to envision the power of owning the weather being used to “clear” things up for the big game, even in the middle of a rainstorm season.

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