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Story about Coral Reef Destruction Totally Censored by Mainstream Media

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

Few hyperventilate as much about the environment, global warming, climate change and how Mankind is destroying the planet than the Left-wing Old Media. In fact, when there is a dearth of news on the overall subject of “the environment,” the Old Media will simply rehash and repurpose earlier stories, just to keep the issue front and center in the minds of the people.

There is an exception to this unwritten rule of Old Media environmental reporting: when it harms interests that are friendly to Left-wing political ideologies in general.

As noted by Breitbart News and virtually no one else in the mainstream media, the billionaire owner of the Seattle Seahawks NFL team and the Portland Trailblazers NBA team just recently destroyed thousands of square feet of precious coral reef with his mega-yacht, but you’ve probably not heard about it because, again, he’s a Democrat, supposed “environmentalist” and is simpatico with the Old Media’s Marxist agenda.

The yacht, owned by Paul Allen, chewed up some 14,000 square feet of Cayman Islands reef when its anchor chain dragged across the Cayman’s West Bay replenishment zone.

Gas guzzlers

As noted by the Cayman News Service, local Department of Environment officials confirmed the damage, noting that some 80 percent of the zone had been destroyed. CNS further reported:

Early findings already indicate extensive damage and investigations into the circumstances of the incident are ongoing, with the assistance of staff aboard the Microsoft billionaire’s superyacht, which was anchored close to the Doc Poulson wreck and The Knife dive site, officials said.

(Say, Paul – how much fossil fuel does your yacht burn?)

Environmental officials said anyone who damages the reef zones can be fined, but no one who has done so in recent years has actually been levied. Still, this incident would have been a “big deal” if, say, a Donald Trump or other billionaire or public figure with different political views of, say, environmental issues, had committed this sin against the earth.

For his part, Allen has regularly supported projects that seek to protect coral reefs, but he has yet to step up and take blame for his Caymans incident, Breitbart News reported. He may yet, we’ll see, but the larger issue is the fact that the old mainstream media ignored the story.

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