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Stocks Cut in Half & Gold Doubles in 2016-Bo Polny

from USAWatchdog:

Market cycle analyst Bo Polny says stocks are going to take a beating, and gold is going to shine in 2016.

Polny contends, “What we’ve seen happen so far in gold is just a warm up. We are not even close to see movements in gold, this is just the start. . . . What’s coming is a transfer of wealth. When you are looking at a transfer of wealth, it means a huge financial shift in the landscape. . . . You are going to have the stock market crash this year of a minimum of 50% . . . and gold will double. A $5,000 stock investment, after it is cut in half, will only buy you one ounce of gold that will be $2,500, and that will happen this year.”

Polny says the timeline is “between now and October of this year.” The crash will happen long before October, and Polny goes on to explain, “When you have a falling or crashing stock market, it is really a loss of faith, and the crash will complete the cycle. These cycles go back hundreds of years. . . .

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22 comments to Stocks Cut in Half & Gold Doubles in 2016-Bo Polny

  • Jeff

    I am following this guy Polny closely. He seems to be already backing off his call of “triple digit silver in 2016” in this interview. As the days and weeks pass, this call will get more and more difficult to defend. He thumps his chest an awful lot in this interview but fails to mention his missed call in 2014 on the metals. Proceed with caution.

  • Gnostic

    It appears the metals manipulation marches on…………

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Poor “Bo”. Even though he may be right on where this is going, etc, I still just don’t like him and the way he’s stuck on all those technical charts and bible numerology formulas.

    Yes, the jewish elites have their own agenda and often seems to involve numbers, cycles and charts, etc, I think the elites adjust their plans as much as possible to suit the changing situations.

    Trying to insist that it’s a God-enforced time table that puts God into a “chart-formula box” does not sit all that well with me. In that case, God is a “long term, slow speed ALGORITHM”.

    Gee, I guess Bo Polny has discovered that God is really just a COMPUTER PROGRAM.

    I prefer Jim Willie (and his “team”), Andy Hoffman, Bill Holter, Max Keiser, Mike Maloney, David Morgan, Gerald Celente, etc etc.

    I put Bo Polny right in there with Tammy Fae Baker, Kenneth Copeland (worth about 1/4 of a BILLION dollars, private jet, etc), Kreflo Dollar, Pat Robertson, etc.

    And HOW many times did the Jehovah’s Witness team predict the end of the world and never get it right? I think the full count is somewhere between 4 to 7 times?

  • The Truth

    And down goes gold and silver! The referee called for a break and the CB’s gave them a left hook sending them down 2%, in a time of no crowds. Welcome to the punch!

  • Rob C

    I have no problems with Bo.
    Knew nothing about him until about September last year.So far he has admitted his mistake
    and since then, He has been correct.

    Along with that,no one should want to see a moonshot,you want more of a stair step pattern to allow for some consolidation of the price that way you do not get a major bust move down taking momentum with it to the downside.As he and others have said do not worry about the daily bullshit the trend is your friend and it is starting to swing the other way.Yes there will be smackdowns but for how long?

    I give Bo credit for having the balls to come out and make a call closer than any other that i have seen.I have not seen any commenters here making videos or podcast to the world.People just bash and bash and bash.

    No wonder the world cannot get along.The man is on our side not the evil side.
    So I will stand with Bo and take bashing too.
    As far as Silver I see it resting right now on support no worry`s here.
    Regardless of people here that do not syudy or use technical charts are either to lazy to study or just can`t comprehend that the smart people have rooms of technical devices
    and they make a lot more than you or I .

    Seems like most in here just like to cry and bitch about the people that are on their side. Strange times indeed.

  • “I have no problems with Bo. Knew nothing about him until about September last year.”

    Well, that explains why you have no problems with Bo. Go back and read YEARS of clap-trap “price prediction targets” on a site like SilverDoctors and formulate an opinion afterwards. These seemingly closely guarded key dates of his have been in flux since 2013, at the earliest. And no offense to the Biblical audience of SGT, but anyone who uses Revelation as a predictive text for new all-time-highs in gold and silver are not only a dangerous cult of thinkers, but have been wrong for years now, Bo included.

    Quite disturbing to hear a declaration of historical ignorance while simultaneously pledging allegiance – “I’ll stand with Bo, despite knowing nothing of his history as analyst, because he says things I want to hear” is essentially your thesis. You chide readers for a lack of understanding of TA due to being “lazy,” and yet are too lazy yourself to do any due diligence on Polny as an analyst?

    Pot meet kettle, much? Broken clocks right twice a day, insert appropriate aphorism here, etc. etc.

    • Rob C

      Good deal Rusticus
      As I stated and you are correct I only heard of him since September.
      Since that time,he has been right.
      You see, I am not worried of his prior bad calls because I do study and technical charts.
      It is not that he says what I want to here, those are your words.his latest calls seem to align with a paradigm shift that is in force and along with technicals it appears that he is correct.He is not the only one saying that.

      So its a dangerous cult to be a thinker that uses a form of analysis that does not agree with yours?
      You sound angry Rusticus, did you lose money or something by going on one of his calls ?
      I am not angry at anyone.Lazy no cannot say i`m that after being in the military then construction trades for over 35 years Kinda hard to work and study everything and everybody all the time.

      Thanks for the bash that I completely expected.

      What are your calls for the year on Gold and Silver ? I am very interested in hearing them?

  • glitter 1

    I will make a call here,then book mark it for later.

    December 2016 – Gold = at least $3,500oz/ Silver = at Least $100oz

    I will repost it in December,regardless of what the prices are.Providing of course the internet is still up.

    • Millicent

      Keep Dreaming… You will end up in the dustbin with Organ & Polny.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      I think it is a VERY good (certainly Logical) call and I agree with it.

      In fact, I’d be bit surprised if it does NOT happen, as well as not going a lot higher.

      Not to mention the fact that the Dow Cow stock index, should be 20-50% lower by December.

      I think “Milli-Vanilli” is singing the wrong song. (Remember that “hit duo”?)
      They were a monster hit in their moment of glory.

      (Song titles of Milli Vanilli)
      Blame it on the Rain
      All or Nothing
      Girl you know it’s true
      Baby don’t forget my number
      Girl I’m gonna miss you.

      They were as REAL as the stock market numbers, GDP, unemployment, and the price of PM’s.

      Get some popcorn, sit down, and enjoy the fireworks as the world falls apart.
      A bit like “The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”, eh?

      There was another movie about the world was going to be destroyed because it was an alien created entertainment show for the galaxy and the ratings had fallen, and so the movie set (Earth) was going to be torn down and scrapped, and the good guys had to find a way to convince the studio to keep the earth show alive.

      I think they ended up black-mailing the producer with compromising photos.

    • KRELL427

      I take Bo any day over hippie crack head Cliff High, he was calling for bitcoin to explode in 2014 and silver and gold to follow. Then in his latest calling silver and gold rocks, Cliff stay off the crack pipe.At least following Bo you will hold something of lasting value. At these prices and the current silver to gold ratio SYAO.

    • Eric

      Glitter, I’ll see your call and raise you $3000 Gold/$150 Silver by year end.

      Trump will win. He behaves more presidential every day.

      If he doesn’t, it will be $5,000 Gold/$250 dollar silver come January-February 2017.

      I might actually even go out and vote for the guy if he keeps doing what he’s doing. And I never planned on doing that ever again. A tough business guy who is an excellent persuader and negotiator, knows how to make deals, and is the only guy NOT talking about moving NATO troops into the Baltic states. Wants to cut taxes and bring back jobs. Seems to genuinely care about patriotic Americans. What’s not to like about the guy? I haven’t heard him say anything that was untrue. I haven’t heard anyone who works for him say he is a liar or a cheat or a criminal. Actually from what I’ve heard he is true to his word.

      He’s right about one thing… we gotta make deals!

  • chuck

    Central banks own the markets, it’s their money and their house. They have all the government, military and media power and they create any illusion they want including that of the the “price” of gold and silver. Leave them to it. They need us to go along to keep the charade going. If we separate from them, their power over us will disappear. Ignore them. Don’t save their money, buy silver. Don’t buy their shit, trade your fiat for only the goods that you really need. Ignore their media. Don’t eat their food, buy local, grow your own, hunt, whatever. Don’t take their medicine, it’s all shit and won’t extend your life anyway. If you have a medical condition it’s probably from eating their food and taking their medicine. Stay out of their schools, mediocre homeschooling will be far better that putting your children in one of the public indoctrination camps they call school. We give them their power, we can take it away.

  • Rob C

    By the way, Really like your stack there Bo.

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