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Silver — 2016 Stack All You Can

from Inside Silver:

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1 comment to Silver — 2016 Stack All You Can

  • AgShaman

    I like end of the month (delivery month) Fridays. It’s a stacktastic opp at a lot of LCS’….so I took advantage and got some great bargains. Monday may also be a good day due to the trading platform of FEB/COMEX, but these days tend to be more crowded at the LCS. Fridays are best IMO…if the price is down (less buyer’s remorse).

    In the end…it’s all about the oz’s. I’m not sure I agree with his take on copper, but I’m on the fence there and remain indifferent at this point. If I were to get into copper, I would go specialized, and in two ‘forgotten’ forms of copper.

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