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Sandy Hook Crisis Actor Bullies Suing Gun Makers- Not Done Ca$hing In On Staged Event!

from The Sleuth Journal:

In case anyone is not paying attention, there is a new oppressive entity to humanity outside of government and transnational corporations. Outside of even police, the court system, banks and similar authorities. It’s the entity of “crisis actors”. The modern day crisis actor, a concept which most people globally have not yet wrapped their heads around, is a synthetic entity born of the new world order. Most people don’t truly understand this phenomenon yet because it still hasn’t picked up 9/11 sized attention across the globe.

Nevertheless it is a real entity and you may not have noticed yet but they are the new anti-truth bullies. Call them out on their inconsistencies, ask for genuine proof, or ask questions and that constitutes “harassment” which could cost you your job, your reputation, your freedom or worse. As we speak, the controllers (likely with the help of AI software) are calculating how to criminalizethe search for truth.

This entire fight for freedom and truth involves putting things on the line on both sides. And this is something we are seeing with the latest Sandy Hook law suit where several Sandy Hook “families” are suing Bushmaster Firearms International and Remington Arms for manufacturing the AR-15 rifle which they claim a super lightweight unconfirmed character named Adam Lanza used to professionally execute 28 people in a matter of minutes leaving no video, physical or even medical evidence while in the process. Welcome to the Sandy Hook story, an event many of us recognize as an artificial, 2-dimensional reality based staged and carefully scripted, made for TV event.

The Sandy Hook show of December 14, 2012 is unique in many ways as it’s one of the first staged events to pull in actual professional Hollywood actors to pull off the role of crisis actor parents who lost family in the shooting. Sandy Hook is also unique in that some of the crisis actors have turned aggressively against truth seekers who threaten their fund raising money-making scheme whose count has surpassed 30 to 40 million dollars, and that doesn’t include major Sandy Hook charities who admit they “cannot account for money raised”.

But the Sandy Hook rabbit hole is so deep it doesn’t just end at the level of the money collecting scheme. Sandy Hook is very special in that it serves as a multi-dimensional weapon against Truth and freedom lovers. It has many tentacles that reach various levels of evil and oppression against humanity. Look no further to Lenny Pozner’s (supposed father of Noah Pozner) for an example of what this new type of oppression entails. In his website which he calls the “Honr Network” he is calling for the criminalization of all Sandy Hook truth seekers. The wording is quite chilling but something everyone should be aware of. The Honr Network site states:

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