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Sanders Wants Iowa Recount

from Bill Still:

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3 comments to Sanders Wants Iowa Recount

  • Wake up Zombies…..You always get the corrupt candidate that just breezes by and the second, long shot underdog that sticks up for the little guy, who tries so so hard but comes up a dollar short…Oh well, we tried so hard but sometimes the better candidate doesnt win…See only idiots over 30 and people who have never seen this dog and pony show would fall for this crap every 4 years…Thats probably why most Bernie supporters have beards and tatoos, and college loans in default…Yup, this hurts to watch…Uhh, Al Gore, such a great man, he tries so hard but in the end he came up just a few votes short…Golly Jee, maybe next election..Well he actually won, then challenged it, but then really didn’t, cause he was never supposed to win…WAKE UP!!!

  • For the record I like Bill Still…Very well spoken and educated..But the elections are fake, wake up..

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