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RIP: Robert “LaVoy” Finicum Shot In The Back With Hands Above His Head

from David Dees,

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68 comments to RIP: Robert “LaVoy” Finicum Shot In The Back With Hands Above His Head

  • Troy

    Who shot him, police or FBI?

    • newfynew777

      no one shot anybody
      ..the entire scenario was ridiculous and made no sense whtsoever..120[they are saying] shots fired into a vehicle and no one was killed?or badly wounded? yeah right..senseless gone over this entire in my head and it doesn’t make any sense..why would he get into his truck and then attempt to go through 3 ft of snow around a road block starters[it would take 3 pages to cover all the things i believe don’t add up here,so will just cover the most glaring and obvious signs of a false flag]..sorry but think its yet another PTB false flag to keep Americans in that perpetual state of fear by big bro,and keep the sheep quiet and calm,and sedated in their sheering pens..then you add the 30,000 guillotine nonsense from Hodges “common senseless show” right at the exact same time…sorry.. just not buying any of it..why isn’t their ANY other video of this event? ..just one cell phone clip that might show this execution from a little closer view? ? why ? why? Joe Biggs and that other infowarrior are out there point of fact for the exact very reason that they could get a back up video of anything crazy going down if such was to be.. to get another perspective..angle..closer video..whatever,and lo and behold..they get NOTHING..not one person shot video of this supposed execution..ain’t buying any of it..again we have snow white snow background and we see nary a drop of blood[usual M.O. of ALL their FF’s]..granted the helicopter shot is a ways off,but certainly this is exactly why the goyim only get to watch this event go down from a government edited clip some 200 ft away in a heli-bird? as if their $5,000-$50,000 dollar camera’s don’t have close up capability![and a uncorrupted court that orders the perps to show a closer in focus clip of Lavoys execution?? for gods sake,TPTB “SUPPOSEDLY” can read the date on a coin in your hand from outer space,but yet we can’t see Lavoy getting executed except from a shot [no pun intended] 200 or more ft. away..ain’t buyin any of it..the whole thing stinks of a planned theatre production from start to finish..the completely and totally illegal double jeopardy of the Hammond case was the first tip off,the Hammonds quietly turning themselves in to do another 5 year stint that the older Hammond will most likely not even get out of alive! if it was me? there is no way in hell they would put me in a cage AGAIN! w/o a top notch lawyer,and w/o a fight to the death if so..there is NO WAY IN L I’D DO ANOTHER 5 years come L or high water! NO FLIPPIN WAY! and i can’t believe the Hammonds would turn themselves in w/o some kind of resistance and/or just hop in a vehicle and get the F out of dodge! whether it be a legal challenge to the double jeapordy clause or a physical shoot out with whoever..just saying that i have a terrible gut feeling something is very very wrong with this whole boondoggle..I may be 100% wrong but my gut says otherwise..suppin stinks..

      • carlos

        Right. Known crisis actors on the scene. Another false flag to give you the illusion that the federal government AKA THE GOVERNMENT OF( UNITED STATES CORPORATION) has any right to own any property outside of the 10 square miles around Washington D.C. or buildings for the sole purposes of international trade. Look it up. They want to make the people who have a lawful right to bare arms and assemble look like a bunch of law breaking looney tunes when in reality the fed employee’s are the ones breaking the law.

    • KRELL427

      this video was done before shooting, Hillary is responsible

  • Sam

    This was a clear Setup, a bait and switch in town meet to road block ambush.

    Simple arrests could easily have been carried out in town but, that wouldn’t have gone over too well as the oh so obvious injustices of the failed corrupt system would have not been honestly answered there and arrests at that time would have only compounded the travesty of justice even more…the feds COULD NOT allow that.

    As far as the intentional no meeting at the road side ambush goes, of course the feds opened up on everyone, how else could that setup have turned out?

    When did it become legal to shoot down anyone surrendering ? Hands up don’t shoot…

    The dead man surrendering… was not rushing at anyone nor was he trying to shoot anyone as was 1st reported, why the discrepancies/coverups? And NO he wasn’t reaching for a gun, nor did he suddenly pull one – that simply doesn’t make any sense and the video doesn’t show that. Had he wanted to have a shoot out, he would have already have had it out in the truck before leaving the truck…but, he surrendered with hands up.

    Why did the feds shoot up a pinned in truck with innocent people inside that was lodged in the snowbank (no one was charged with any crime, let alone any crimes involving violence or threats of violence), unless the ambush setup as was out for unjustifiable blood and the feds had all along intended to Not lose face for the multitude of illegalities that the protests were all about to begin with?

  • Eric

    This is a good one but there aren’t enough 6 pointed star Zio-flags to show who caused this mess in the first place.

  • Millicent

    He should have never gotten out of the truck… they were waiting for that. Nor should they have tried to run around the roadblock. They were panicked and that is exactly what the government goons wanted.

  • malcolm

    A cowardly murder.

    • AgShaman

      That should be the takeaway for Americana. FBI, like most other alphabet agencies, falls under the DHS. They will continue to get away with murder…until the brain-dead amerikwans ‘shuck’ their Stockholm Syndrome and realize their silence equates with complicity.

  • Steelerdude

    I was extremely disappointed in and how the oath keepers played this one…they backed down…

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      Well, they and everyone else should have got the message; “OBEY OR DIE!” The next person who puts his/her head up had better be there with their teeth gritted. It will get ugly. They are not backing down. Will we, the people?

  • malcolm

    Finicum is not reaching for a pistol but grabbing his side when shot, then attempting to raise his arms while continuing to be shot.

    He was surrendering and shot.

    That is Murder.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Shot and left to die. No assistance offered. Shot with the same compassion offered to a rabid dog. Will the armed thugs fire on you? Their jobs depend on it.

  • WillyT

    After watching the video of his arrest there is nothing that shows he was going for his gun. I call B.S. They say he also had a semi automatic gun inside his coat, right. Whatever you say after all if it’s on the main stream media it must be true. The American people can do one of two things. They can either get out in the streets in droves and protest this murder, or let it go by without anything said or done and let their tyrannical government win once again. People should be out in droves showing their support for Robert Finicum and protesting the fact they shot yet another person in cold blood. Either that or they get away with it again. Here’s your chance America don’t let a good crisis go to waste. Don’t let this man die for nothing.

    • B.M.

      90% of the sheeple don’t even know it happened or what is was all about in the first place. They are hopelessly asleep and to “busy” with their own lives to care, FOR NOW. Eventually, the pain and misery of this NWO will reach them and that’s when they’ll lift their heads up from grazing to notice the men on horseback approaching with lassos in hand.

      Until then, nothing will be done by the 99% here in the Land of The Free and Home of the Brave.

      • carlos

        100% Right. This false flag is brought to you by the corporate government that cares for you. NOBODY DIED OR WAS ARRESTED. This false flag is for the benefit of the people who are semi-awake. Still mind control nonsense. Peace

  • NIX






  • d

    Murder a man ,that was not even CHARGED with any crime, except maybe trespassing…the FBI shows Amerika what is in store for them…thanks for the heads up…PS…they will NEVER charge Hillary….only because she is ‘ guilty ‘ and she does not have her hands up…..imho

    • Ed_B

      Hellery is the perfect example of our “two party system”. What is a bit less than obvious is that the two parties are NOT Dems and Repubs… they are RULERS and ruled. Politics in the US is a 3-ring circus… the Dems, the Repubs, and We the People. My guess is that she will either never be charged, will be charged at the last moment so Biden can step in, won’t be charged at all, or will be charged while the Just Us Dept. muffs the case and she is acquitted. Any of these could serve their skulduggerous agenda.

      Local paper here says that the SUV Finicum was driving tried to hit a cop, so they opened fire on the vehicle. Funny that there was no bullet damage to the vehicle, only to Finicum. Did he try to run down a cop or are they just saying that to get away with murder? My money is on the latter.

      Also possible that he was trying to stop too quickly and skidded on a snowy poorly maintained road in BFE Oregon. That the cops interpreted this as a vehicular attack seems awfully convenient.

  • Why did the Bundy Brothers choose to “make their stand” on the land of people they had no affiliation with previously and who did not desire their “help”?

    Why does the timing of the Oregon “standoff” just so happen to coincide with Executive Action on gun control, becoming the third high-profile media event involving “terrorists with guns” in a row?

    Who was the “leak” that tipped the Feds off to their location and route? Given the road block, they had ample foreknowledge.

    And the most burning question of all… WHY OH WHY are the Bundy brothers still alive?!? The other two people in the car with them are either dead or hospitalized, yet the supposed “ringleaders” come away unscathed?

    Ruby Ridge = Everyone dead.
    WACO = Everyone dead.

    Did the Bundies cut a deal with the Federales after the BLM standoff at their ranch? Bundy Ranch felt like an organic event. This has felt forced, calculated, and synthetic since day one. Regarding people’s “disappointment” that the OathKeepers stood down… perhaps they know something you don’t about the inside of this operation?

    Just thinkin’ out loud here…

    • AgShaman

      I agree. Something is very fishy.

      What great timing…that Jon R. left shortly before the incident to go home to Arizona and see his family. Ryan Payne was “very lucky” to have gotten out of the vehicle to talk with the ‘FEDS’ before they riddled it with bullets.

      disclaimer: I had a “run in” with Ryan Payne at the Bundy Ranch and it was not friendly…so yeah, that is why I don’t trust him and sense that he is part of the answer to your question.

      There is more to the ambush than people think. My gut tells me, it was well prepared, due to infiltration….and that the FBI was planning to shoot people at the site of the “trap”.

      I remember reading somewhere about the strange case of the Roseburg, Oregon shooter Chris (I am wearing my “birth control” glasses I got in boot camp for my ‘Myspace’ photo) Harper-Mercer and all the ties linking to the Mormon church, but I have yet to look into it.

      I think there were a number of inside “plants” involved on this one…it stinks

      • It’s all very, very sketchy, indeed, Ag.

        My skepticism is just as a viewer from afar… but given your on-the-ground involvement with the first Bundy event, your criticisms are far more valuable.

        • AgShaman

          Thanks Rusticus.

          I’ve gathered a lot of info on these shootings that is very interesting…to the point where it piqued my curiosity enough to chase down past shootings in Oregon and how they all seemed to be interrelated from a couple points of “coincidences”.

          Cliff Notes: The gun grab agenda is using more than govt agencies to push this on the easily duped masses.

          I don’t wanna dance on Robert Finicum’s thread of memory…as it would be quite a long post and as the JPF ‘coined’ the phrase, High Octane Speculation on my part.

          Perhaps the chance will come up again in the future and I may drop the Hermeticism “as above so below” speculations.


          • NIX


            Je ne comprend pas ton point de vue! soit clair et concis, pence tu que tout est une arnaque? des gens sont assasiné a tous les jours par le gouvernement, explique toi simplement et clairement S.V.P.


            • AgShaman

              Copy that NIX. I will try.

              You’ve been all over this stand-off from the beginning, so “props” to you for keeping us informed and pointing out that it was going to eventually “pop off” somehow.

              IMV, the day Robert Finicum made the bold statement that he was not going to be jailed by the FEDS and would choose to lay down his life…was the time the FBI started looking for a location to set up an ambush. This takes time and a fair bit of planning, so it’s not a hasty affair like Infantry school in the mountains with your buddies. I believe, at a minimum, they had planned to kill Mr. Finicum. How “lucky” the others were, I cannot say, but throwing a lot of lead at a vehicle does show a certain level of intent. Looking at the videos, this intent seems way more one-sided and outlandish without an opposite force participating in the discharging of weapons.

              Robert Finicum was not from Oregon. Oregon is a funny state. They do not recognize concealed carry permits from other states. I do not want to turn this into a ‘me’ bashing the stand-off leadership, because I’ve done too much of this before and people know how I feel about the tactically inferior nature of the patriot movement. I just assume that those guys at Malheur knew this. Perhaps an enhanced CC permit may change the game, but I have not checked on the enhanced side of things.
              Long story short…the FBI is controlling the narrative. Was there a gun in Robert’s pocket or not…and was he reaching for it? My guess is no. The ranchers I know carry open and on their hips.

              As far as the religion element. Past shooting incidents in Oregon was what I was referring to. I won’t get into that here at this time as I said in the post above…it would be way too lengthy, but the Cliff Notes:

              I believe the churches are helping the govt with the gun grab agenda

              • nix


                First let me tell you that i apreciate the way that you gently deal with respect when you adress someone, I am a solid patriote and my constitution
                is the american constitution even if i’m from Canada this is what I DECIDED.
                My brain doesn’t work (ITECK) and my IQ is verry limitted by the grace of god because indoctrination (school) wasn’t part of my day to day. but where i do EXCEL is in logic.

                Democide is the # 1 cause of mortality in history

                3000 people died on 911

                millions died on wars around the world

                thousands of innocents died in fals flag operation

                100’s died at oaklaoma (woman and childrens)

                dozen’t died in WACO (woman and childrens)

                people died at RUBY RIDGE




                WITH RESPECT



      • Gnostic

        Very Fishy, Gefilte Fishy.

    • Ed_B

      “Who was the “leak” that tipped the Feds off to their location and route? Given the road block, they had ample foreknowledge.”

      Not necessarily. I’ve been in that part of Oregon a number of times. The roads there are nothing to write home about… often few, far between, and poorly maintained. The Feds had drones out, so remote viewing of the area and watching the limited routes possible would not have been difficult.

    • carlos

      Waco, Ruby ridge 9-11 all had real people die. The satanists learned from 9-11 that when the 4 women who lost their loved ones in that murder and demanded an investigation it created way to much of a problem for them. They realized after that that at least 90% of the people will believe any of the false flag crap they come up with. So it becomes more sensible to fake it, that way no one wants an investigation, since there is nothing to investigate with a fiction. Count all the fake shootings since 9-11. It is laughable. The media reports on the fake stuff all the time but rarely reports the shootings that happen every hour of every day.

    • pipes

      You are a little “Rusty” on your history, dude.

      From this event;
      -ONE person dead. The only other injury was in fact RYAN BUNDY.
      -The “route” you question as being leaked…was pretty much the only game in town. Where and when they were going – which was well know to ALL – and where they were coming from – gives you exactly one logical route.There is no mystery here.Without a doubt, though, you are right that there were informers inside the group.

      Other “rust”
      -Ruby Ridge – TWO DEAD – Sammy and Vickie (I guess three, if you count the dog) FIVE walked (or carried) out from that cluster****.
      -Waco – again, MANY were killed, but NINE survived the final assault.

      I know…you said you were thinking out loud…I’m just pointing out a couple of finer points on that thinking process…

  • NIX

    READINESS: Unit Leaders prepare to assemble and organize. Be ready to Bug-Out on 2 hours notice. Check all exit routes and contingencies. Pre-evacuate by loading all gear possible and notifying family members. Contact unit commanders in your chain of command and keep lines of communications open at all times. Be ready to mobilize on a moments notice. Stay away from public events/ gatherings.

  • lastmanstanding

    Can anyone remember the last time when the alphabet agencies released video of something like this so quickly or at all? Ever?

    Can anyone remember the last time when the entire msm (local to national)showed anyone shot in a scenario like this? Ever?

    I didn’t think so. Wondering why?

    I hope so.

  • Ideas Time

    Do Not Follow Any “Orders” to Harm Americans. Those Who Do Will Be Tried for War Crimes and Face the Death Penalty Just Like the Nazis at Nuremburg – Judge Anna von Reitz


  • DJ

    Looked to me, like “Suicide by cop”.

    Those of you who said he reached inside his coat, as a result of being shot… please post some substantiating evidence.

    From just a fact standpoint… the hyperbole and reposting of things we’ve read or heard, but have no proof of, only diminishes us. Being angry about tyranny, without showing evidence of that tyranny as it plays out in events like this, only helps tyrants.

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      The evidence to s strong enough. These guys stood up to a government and the govt. used force to end it. It was an armed ambush of law_abiding men who were no longer prepared to accept tyranny. They got shot for trying. There are many more instances of government tyranny, this just adds to the daily assault on our battered Republic. You seem to have any to parse the nuances.

    • Johan

      It’s hard to see from the video but he does lower his hands which to me seems really stupid at gunpoint. That’s all the excuse the cop needs to shoot right?

      Atleast thats what the video shows, just look at it, theres your evidence.

  • Omniversling

    RIP Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum

    There are a few things that don’t add up about this (for me). Here is a summary. What do you think?


Finicum is written up as ‘having gone for his gun, and that this was a ‘shootout’. Really? With fire from one side only? It doesn’t look like that to me. If this is not staged, it looks like an assassination ambush, pre-arranged with a ‘shoot to kill’ instruction. But there are aspects that don’t add up either way:


Ranchers vehicles stopped for ‘traffic stop’ whilst there was already another roadblock (~ 2miles ahead) fully prepped with snipers in the treeline. Apparently McConnell (who’s clip also doesn’t add up) was following Finicum in the jeep (Oregon Militia Standoff Mark McConnell Tells What Really Happened With Oregon Standoff in Oregon, says they passed 11 parked hi-lift offroad vehicles with winches shortly before they were stopped.


At the roadblock there’s is a collapsible ladder visible by the silver roadblock pickup (FBI released film helicopter view 11:14 (36:47), so there may have been snipers (or camera gear?) up a tree also. Or was that to climb the snowbank to get the agent/s up in the treeline?

    Testimony of 18yr old passenger Victoria Sharp (FBI aerial video answers some questions, raises more – Imma Reporter interview with Victoria Sharp – 18yr old eyewitness ) states that Ryan Payne got out of the car to tell police that had pulled them over that they were going to meet the Sheriff of adjoining County, who was to meet them at the County Line (several miles up the road?). Saying, as McConnell did, that he (Payne) was surrounded and arrested. Can’t find it on the FBI film.

Sharp states that shots then were fired at the pickup, so Finicum decided to take off. First shot was at Payne’s head as he leaned out of the pickup. Why then did he ‘get out of the car’ to try to ‘talk to the agents’, where is that on the FBI film? And why did Finicum stay there for so long, and then take off (and leave Payne)? Being shot at as Sharp states? Is there anyone with an authoritative opinion on whether muzzle flashes could/would have been seen during firing, on a video of this quality? 

    FBI flim: 
Complete, Unedited Video of Joint FBI and OSP Operation 01/26/2016

    0:00 (00:25:32) Film opens with high longshot of white pickup (from drone? copter?), at cruising speed, taken from passenger side rear.

    0:44 (00:26:17) Pickup starts to slow down and pull over to verge, almost stops.

    0:51 (00:26:24) Camera jumps to close range, and vehicle moves forward again, past the side road on the left, and moves to centre of the road before stopping (is it not usual to pull over, or off road? Snow doesn’t look too deep to not do that).

1:11 (00:26:44) white pickup stops just past side road (on left to direction of travel). Stops in middle of the road. (Why?) Two police vehicles pull up approximately two vehicle lengths behind (camera moves to being ahead of pickup).

1:34 (00:27:07) Camera zooms in again, loses focus. (00:27:10 regains focus)

    1:37 (00:27:10) Appear to be agents exiting vehicles but bad framing cuts them off.

    2:03 (00:27:35) Clear overhead camera shot showing 5, possibly 6 police and a dog. Appears to be something out of the passenger window of the pickup, which is pulled in at 00:27:41.

    2:33 (00:28:06) front agent appears to be rifleman shooting stance, with gun to shoulder.

    2:41 (00:28:13) Camera jumps to longshot

2:51 (00:28:24) Camera starts to pan up the road to other (following) vehicle/s. (00:28:32) Camera jumps to close range, misses road (camera has ‘jump zoom’ capability, centres on viewfinder crosshair).

    3:04 (00:28:37) Camera picks up first two police vehicles. Side view of scene appears to show pageant in rifleman shooting position next to passenger door of kerbside police vehicle.

    3:14 (00:28:47) Stationary brown Jeep comes into view (Mark McConnell’s?).

    3:29 (00:29:02) Jeep (and police vehicles?) obscured by trees, no visible human activity. Camera pans back to white pickup. Distance between the two appears to be 200-250 yds.

    3:34 (00:29:07) Camera picks up white pickup and lead police vehicle through gap in trees.

    3:47 (00:29:20) Pickup brake lights come on (putting vehicle into gear? described as manual by Mark McConnell, but more something I’d do in an automatic)

    3:58 (00:29:31) Camera is approaching rear view. Clearly shows agent in rifleman position on snow verge.

4:07 (00:29:39) Rifleman climbs snowbank on passenger side of road (concurs at least with Sharp’s testimony that Payne had ‘hands/head out of window’, though it’s not visible. (calling out to let the women out of the vehicle? that they’re going to meet the Sheriff. trying to get out?)

4:16 (00:29:49) Camera directly behind and almost above. Appear to be 5 agents. Rear doors of kerbside van appear closed (license plate ? visible).

4:49 (00:30:22) Camera has completed 360 circle of scene. Continues to circle, all the while focussing on the pickup, during which time there are several short periods where trees obscure the pickup. There appears to be no change in the agents positions during this pan. There is no evidence that Payne exited the pickup during this period, and at 6:13 the cameras is now viewing the scene from the front. Clear that nothing significant has changed in the police position, and no Payne and no arresting officers on the road that was obscured by trees just before. Camera continues circular pan.

6:22 (00:31:55) Camera is now front on and almost above. Snap-zooms to front of pickup. White ‘smudge’ is visible on or behind windshield (bullethole? paper on the dash?).

    7:02 (00:32:35) Two police vehicles come into view between trees. Appears to be two people on ground behind kerbside vehicle. Van rear doors are now open.

    8:12 (00:33:45) Pickup brake brakelights go out.

8:15 (00:33:48) Pickup moves off.

    9:01 (00:34:34) Pickup dabs brakes going into LH corner

9:03 (00:34:36) Pickup applies brakes going into LH corner, has apparently seen roadblock set up on exit of corner.

    9:14 (00:34:47) full road block viewable from above. Ranchers pickup on and off brakes in the corner, but no way of slowing down before hitting 3 vehicles in ‘arrowhead’ formation OR running off the road. Roadblock looks like 2 pickups with a (comms?) van behind. (Comms) van has doors open. 

Pickup approx 5 vehicle lengths from police vehicles, and still under speed, brakes on, in a blind corner with high snowdrifts on the verges.

9:16 (00:34:48) Pickup starts to mount verge, and a person(?) appears from behind the LHS pickup (dark one) and ‘leaps’ directly into the path of the ranchers pickup. Seems to magically appear. (Didn’t see the pickup’s line would take him out? Didn’t see the pickup? Thought he could stop it with his hand? Was going to try a thru-th-windshield shot?)

    9:19 (00:34:52) Camera drops back, picks up pursuit vehicle. Returns to roadblock scene.

9:21 (00:34:53) Finicum exiting from pickup. Agent that leapt out from behind dark pickup appears to be getting up. 

9:19 (00:34:54) First view of Finicum putting hands in air, and moving away from pickup with arms clearly raised.

    9:24 (00:34:57) Finicum about 6-8 ft from pickup, arms spread like crucifix.

    9:27 (00:35:00) Agent with rifle moving from behind dark pickup toward Lavroy. 

    9:28 (00:35:01) Finicum moving to lower left of frame, with left flank exposed to rifleman (in mobile firing stance on right between dark pickup and Finicum). 

    9:28 (00:35:00) Finicum walks a few paces with hands in air, then reaches to left lower rib area with both hands, hops slightly as if left leg not working properly. 

    9:28 (00:35:01) Again puts both arms in the air. 

9:29 (00:35:02) Reaches down again to lower rib with both hands.

    9:30 (00:35:03) Now turning to face rifleman, limps again, starts to put arms in air again. Rifleman has advanced several steps.

    9:31 (00:35:04). Agent in treeline emerges. Finicum clutches side again. Starts to turn toward agent advancing from treeline. Lifts left leg un-naturally, as if unable to bear weight.

9:32 (00:35:05) Clearly clutching side with both hands, Finicum attempts to move backward as agent aims. Agent’s weapon is approximately 10-12ft from Finicum when he appears to have been shot.

9:33 (00:35:06) Finicum starts recoil, presumably just shot by officer with handgun approaching from treeline. Notice what appear to be vehicle tracks in the snow by the treelike. Officer is crossing them as he fires (?). Finicum falls backwards into snow.

9:41 (00:35:14) Finicum raises right arm, then it falls to snow.

    10:00 (00:35:33) Camera has panned to closeup of pickup deep in snow. First flash grenade (teargas?) explodes.

    (Film continues)



1/ When did Ryan Payne leave the pickup to talk with agents? There seems no way that could have happened during the short periods the vehicles were obscured by trees as the camera panned. 

    2/ Was Payne under arrest at the back of the van, AFTER the back doors were opened. Who opened the doors, when, and why? 

    3/ How was it known that Finicum would climb the snowbank on the left, and why was there an agent in the treeline just there in the direction he was exiting his vehicle? Victoria Sharp says some 20 lazer sights were on her when she exited the pickup, and that there were some 40 vehicles involved. Where did they all come from? For a ‘traffic stop’?

    4/ Is it common practice at a roadblock to have gunmen hidden in a treelike? Or only at assassination ambushes? Or was that all staged? And why the vehicle tracks in the snow there?

    FBI aerial video answers some questions, raises more…(Imma Reporter interview with Victoria Sharp – 18yr old eyewitness)

 0:51- 1:24 “Payne put his head out the window, so they shot at him. They missed or he ducked just in time”???
1:30 “Ryan decided to get out of the car and go talk to them. So he gets out of the car, then tries to talk to them…we’re just going for a drive to see the sheriff (?). So finally he just says: drive ”

Some relevant questioning of the ‘official narrative’ here (read comments for explaination on video timestamp doesn’t match true date/time): Did FBI Fake LaVoy Finicum Shooting Video

A pretty measured and rational discussion on the very real physical danger of taking direct action for rights and liberty with the ‘legal’ system as it is in place (monopoly on legitimised violence, including assassination), in a ‘State.corp’ who’s administrators are ‘above the law’: REAL TALK LIVE 1/29/16 Dahboo777


Peace all, and best of luck as this shite show unravels…

    • AgShaman

      +++ Well done Omniversling.

      You can pay respect in many forms. Time is our most valuable commodity. Freely given is a great gift…so that these events are not memory-holed

      I thought Victoria mentioned Robert getting shot somewhere else?

      • Omniversling

        Thank you for your generous observation AgShaman. It was only a few hours, a very small contribution to the quest for truth in comparison with many many others. Very difficult to watch over and over again though, whilst assuming that I was watching footage of a real murder/assassination. If this is ‘trauma based mind manipulation for the masses’ the takeaway is that “this is what happens to ringleaders and visible dissenters” now in the USSA. In this clip, Red Silver J articulated the dismay I felt when I saw some of the ‘loose cannons’ on the Defend Your Base livestream banging on about a ‘bloodbath’. Absurd. Set up to discredit the ranchers legitimate grievance IMHO.

    • pipes

      “Is there anyone with an authoritative opinion on whether muzzle flashes could/would have been seen during firing, on a video of this quality? 


      You may not consider my observations “authoritative”, but YES – absolutely – I immediately and on the very first viewing of the film detected the flash of gunfire from the LEO position into the truck which then immediately sped away.

      The drone was out of ideal position and offered only a filtered view of the scene when Payne (conveniently) gets out of the truck and goes back to talk to LEO. No appearance of shots fired at that time.

  • Kevin

    I know I am going to catch a lot of crap for this, but here goes. There is such a thing as choosing you battles wisely. Take on the federal government over BLM land use is not that battle. I believe there is coming a time when the people or the states will rise up with revolt or secession, but this is not the issue to do that. The best we can do is use what is left of due process procedures.

    • Mike

      So at what point does one make a stand over land use?

      • Kevin

        Until we are ready for revolt, we use what we have left of legal due process procedures.

      • pipes

        Pick whatever point you wish, once we have “jumped the shark” on all necessary conditions having been met for rebellion.

        But once that bar IS met in your mind…DO not: march off to the LOWEST ground around (duck swamp), at the LEAST hospitable time of year, with NO coordination with outside sympathetic forces, in the middle of NOWHERE, with NO tactical maneuvering room, with NO logistical preparation, with NO sharply defined grievance and thereby a definable redress along with an exit plan, align yourself and allow within your ranks people whom you have at the very least a reason to suspect may not be who they say they are, and whom you have been warned of, allow live streaming 24/7 of virtually any and every aspect of your ops, encourage multiple tactical “weak links” to partake (women and children) which will compromise your resolve to do the “hard things” which may be necessary down the road…and finally…DO NOT tilt at windmills that 95% of your fellow Americans are not even aware exists, and of the remaining % almost all of them think you are acting unwisely.

  • Kevin

    There is a different Kevin on another thread. Next time I will try to differentiate myself from him.

  • Millicent

    Some of you may be correct, this smells of a staged event. Either that or these people were totally unprepared for a confrontation with the feds, which they must have known would come at some point. By venturing out in their truck they set themselves up for a takedown.

  • Christine

    One more DOER gone.

    How many have been so empowered by his example that they will follow suit?
    How many have been intimidated to the point of not acting? Ever?

    Screamers and yellers flock internet to post their outrage. Outrage is cheap. April 15 is right around the corner…

  • KRELL427

    More blood on Hitlary’hands over uranium sale ,will have to see if more news comes out on it. Come on Trump pick up on it.

  • Sam

    Flash back from 2014…Illegal Land Grabs directed from the rotten Fish Head at the top, the old adage from days long ago is true (The Fish Rots From The Head Down):

  • Tumbleweed


    One cowboy stood today, and showed me life’s freedom in his eyes:
    the glint of a living world shone forth from his belief.

    No matter what the world says now-so glaringly in error:
    time will show LaVoy stood true.

    A peaceful man full of honour
    Quiet dignity fortified with strength of belief

    A principle that was embued in this world
    when it was created,
    lived in LaVoy
    and we saw it in his eyes.

    Welcome Home, LaVoy, Well Done Native Son
    You stood tall, straight and true
    The Honour of the Ages lived in you
    And the light of God shone forth from your gaze

    Today you are in an unfenced pasture,
    Home on the Range
    with the Master Shepherd,
    and the angels sing.

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