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Rick Rule: “Price of silver will explode”

by Taki T., Secular Investor:

The bigger the bear market, the more furious the next bull market, especially with commodities. When a bear market like this in commodities is so deep, production will be destroyed. In a new bull market fase it takes a lot of time to build new production. That’s why the next bull market will be maniacal.

Rick Rules has decades of experience. Unfortunately he doesn’t see a bottom for gold and silver. The American dollar and US Treasuries are to strong to see a significant rise in gold and silver.

When investors run from the euro because of the turmoil, or when investors run from oil because of the tension in the Middle East, they don’t turn to gold – they turn tot he US Dollar.

Not untill there is weakness in the US Dollar and 10Y US Treasury, there will be no bottom to gold and silver. It’s a waiting game untill the markets loses confidence in the US Dollar. But at the moment confidence is strong.

SDBullion Silver

Due to shortage the price of silver will explode

Rick Rule still thinks gold and silver will lose the battle with the American Dollar. But the loses will be less severe as most people think. By that it will feel like a victory.

The new bull market in silver mines will be maniacal. Silver is produced as a by-product to gold and base metals. But the bear market in gold and base metals is cutting future production. That will produce less silver as a by-product.

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5 comments to Rick Rule: “Price of silver will explode”

  • Troy

    When the price explodes, and we sell some of our silver…what do we buy…that is the question. I would think land would be good. I think I will also buy a couple Muscle cars.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Nice to see such optimism. Easy to see that you are one who believes we will still have gas stations, oil refineries, big rig deliveries, credit cards, ATM’s, etc. If that is true, then it would be great fun to have any muscle car of your dreams.

      But I am more of the opinion that we may not be able to drive anything after the on-board tank is empty, and everything must be converted to WOOD BURNER, Pedal power, or solar-charged electric car.

      Wood-gasification process was used in the past, but it won’t work with fuel injection systems.

      I hope with all my strength that we will still have a working infrastructure after this thing happens. Then all the silver stackers will be at the top of the food chain, but then again, if we don’t thin the herds enough, can you imagine driving your shiney muscle car thru the worst parts of LA, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, etc?

      And here’s the sad truth, I think that EVERY INCH of EVERY city will be the worst area.

      In fact, I think where ever there are more than a thousand people standing around, hungry, desperate and wild, will make for a Mad Max, TV movie situation.

      Have you ever wondered why we now have SOOOO many TV shows & movies about such things?

      Even if we are NOT being “pre exposed” to such ideas, then part of this movie making MAY be because the movie makers are FEELING the psychic fear, dread and visions of what is coming, and they are using this as “inspiration” to make another popular show to make money, not realizing that they are giving us a intuitively inspired vision of the future.

      • Ed_B

        “… if we don’t thin the herds enough, can you imagine driving your shiney muscle car thru the worst parts of LA, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, etc?”

        When the SHTF, cities like you mention will become self-thinning, IMO. They will become complete war zones with very rapidly falling populations due to thirst, starvation, violence, and disease. 90 days after the SHTF, those cities will be lucky to have 10% of their former population still alive.

  • susan

    There are at least 4 spelling mistakes in this article. Who wrote it??

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