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Rallies Planned at Apple Stores to Protest FBI Crusade to Hack the iPhone

from Sputnik News:

Internet privacy organization Fight for the Future is organizing protests at Apple Stores nationwide over a court order pressuring the company to build a backdoor into their encryption to allow the FBI to gain access to personal data.

The protests will not be against Apple, who has released a message to their customers decrying the order and vowing to challenge it, but against the US government.

“They’ve been wanting to do this for years, but now they’re exploiting the tragedy in San Bernardino, CA to push their agenda to weaken the security of all of our phones to enable more government surveillance,” Fight for the Future wrote on an event page for the demonstrations. “Our basic safety and security is at stake! On Tuesday, February 23rd we will gather at Apple stores nationwide with two simple messages: ‘Don’t Break Our Phones!’ and ‘Secure Phones Save Lives!’”

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1 comment to Rallies Planned at Apple Stores to Protest FBI Crusade to Hack the iPhone

  • willygroper

    this is the biggest marketing ploy i’ve ever seen. iphone numbers are way down at foxCON. AAPL has carried the market.

    there’s already a backdoor for the spooks.

    with biometrics what do you think they’re doing with the data on any protester?

    can you say roundup?

    what a load of bullbutter.

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