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Political Correctness: The World Of The Perpetually Offended

from The Sleuth Journal:

“Political correctness is tyranny with manners.” —– Charlon Heston.

Political correctness is key in centralizing power. That is why more and more people, who are purportedly liberal or progressive, are all out to curve people’s choice of words and even thoughts.

The growing number of people who think that individuals’ speech should be regulated by the government to avoid politically incorrect statements are persons who have been hiding under the shadows for a long time as victims of the hatred they feel for their own lives.

People who feel entitled to restrain someone else’s speech are what I have come to call the “perpetually offended”. Scholars and academics who analyze the current move towards intellectual slavery as well as people who are well-aware about the agenda behind enforcing politically correct speech have found very insightful information about the “thought police”.

The real agenda behind politically correct speech and intolerance towards a diversity of ideas is that political correctness is a manipulative tool for centralizing power. Just as that that who counts the votes is more important than those who vote, and just as those who control food can control a population; controlling speech enables diversity-of-thought haters to take over people’s mental abilities.

“The left is definitely using these mass manipulation tactics,” says Stella Morabito, a former intelligence analyst. She says that conservatives have no clue about the propaganda manipulation tactics and that most people in the left aren’t even knowledgeable enough to understand it. They just go along with the flow.

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