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Planned Takedown Of The West Revealed

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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5 comments to Planned Takedown Of The West Revealed

    • Sam

      Awesome “Muslim Kryptonite” link there KRELL427, Thanks for sharing. I just enjoyed a big piece of local farm raised bacon because of that, cheers 🙂

  • Randy

    The story may not be true in that this letter actually went out, but that pork is like Kryptonite to a Muslim is 100% true. It IS their Achille’s Heel, and can be exploited as such. I can see someone making a pork slurry after a quick trip down to their local grocery store for some sausage, bacon or ham and a gallon or two of water. A good food processor will serve just fine. Then when they are sprayed with it and it gets in their mouth, what will they do next, stay or leave knowing that they are not welcome there?

    • Gnostic

      Let’s be careful, not offend our other anti-porkers, the jews, I guess as longs the ignoramuses focus on the muslims, the ADL & ACLU & SPLC, FBI, CIA, NSA will not object.

  • Gnostic

    How bout christian kryptonite such as replacing any resemblance of Christianity such as a nativity scene at the white house & replacing it with a king size menorah, no sign of muslim occult symbols either. No sign off sharia either, We already have Noahide Laws signed into effect by G Bush in 1991 which calls for beheading any christian.

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