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Obsolete Left-Right Paradigm Stifling Mass Awakening

from The Sleuth Journal:

We’re seeing it all the time now. Every day we see and hear well meaning people who sound educated, they’re trying to figure out what is happening politically here in the U.S. as well as abroad. Some of these people study history, they sound smart, they speak intelligently about things and even sound convincing. There seems to be something missing however, or perhaps something is present in their speech them that prevents you from taking in the fullness of what they are saying. You search for what it is and if you are fully awakened you are soon able to quantify what is wrong with these people.

These people who seem dead-on minus that one element that prevents you from thinking they truly get it are stung by a malady that many millions of Americans suffer from.

It’s something most of us suffered from for many years before we became “awakened”. It’s that one single thing that when you recognized it, you were never the same again. This is the element still present in those (what I call) “almost awakened” individuals. It’s the distorted engineered political left-right paradigm in which they still operate under and this expired paradigm is literally stifling the mass awakening we could be seeing right now.

That’s right. Many conditioned Americans don’t even realize they live in a totally artificial, contrived and now obsolete and stifling “Left versus Right” paradigm that is designed to sabotage any true understanding of life and is all but dying with the global awakening humanity is experiencing. These super smart “almost awakened” individuals will rant away attempting to explain world events, all the while blindly believing major parts of our artificial, staged, false flag history, and all the while they swallow the Kool Aid that could have easily otherwise set their minds totally free.

Instead, the CIA campaign to tag anyone that gets too far off the common belief boundaries as “conspiracy theorists” clearly bestows its powerful razor sharp mental censorship on these individuals. The threat of being called or considered a “conspiracy theorist” is so powerful that they have agreed and committed themselves to trying to solve all the problems of America and the world through the narrow scope of the left-right paradigm. That’s like being given a screw driver and then being asked to fix someone’s car engine with it.

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