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Obama: Serial Killer

from The Sleuth Journal:

On Wednesday, a banner was displayed on the top floor of a building across from Washington’s Moscow embassy – the word “KILLER” prominently displayed on Obama’s image in blood red.

The previous evening, a laser display projected the accusation “Obama Killer #1” on the embassy itself. Moscow-based Glavplakat art society took credit, calling its action a response to Washington’s “plans to invade the territory of yet another sovereign state.”

“The word ‘killer’ defines the 44th US president, and is given to him because of his decision to send the infamous 101st Airborne Division into the Syrian conflict,” it said.

Let’s keep in mind that this division (notoriously called “The Screaming Eagles”) carried out practically every US military invasion in the last decade.

Ahead of peace talks beginning in Geneva on Friday, Sergey Lavrov said “there will be no business as usual between Russia and the West.”

Obama’s sordid record in office exceeds the worst of his predecessors, including endless wars of aggression.

He terror-bombed or remains complicit in naked aggression against seven countries.

They include Afghanistan and Pakistan (AfPak), Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen – along with orchestrating US-installed putschists’ war on its own Donbass people, Israel’s slow-motion genocide against Palestinians, and US special forces operating overtly and covertly in over two-thirds of world nations, destabilizing them.

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3 comments to Obama: Serial Killer

  • Randy

    It certainly is true, there’s no denying that fact at all. But why didn’t someone do this earlier in the game when he was just starting out? How many people does one have to kill before they reach the thresh hold of being called a serial killer?!?! That maggot even BOASTED that he is such by saying “I’m pretty good at killing people!”. WHERE was the outcry way the heck back then?? I could see right through his charade when he was campaigning for his first term as POTUS, which was a complete scam in itself. Now the big question is WHO will share in his blame for killing all of those people? Any of the ones who put him into that office? Any of the ones who covered for him? Made up excuses for him or ignored the lies being told? Politics just makes me sick to my stomach and it should do the same thing to anyone who can think too.

  • Rob C

    “The word ‘killer’ defines the 44th US president, and is given to him because of his decision to send the infamous 101st Airborne Division into the Syrian conflict,” it said.

    He has killed and will kill again as he enjoys savoring the blood of innocents,
    Women and Children,people with opposing views,funeral and wedding attendees and their families.basically anything living.

    Its the new/old world order.Treason is paramount… lying,cheating,stealing it`s anything goes.If you think that`s bad, you should listen to Lisa Havens search on complete and total immunity from anything or anyone without any prosecution or taxes for the IMF,ESF,FED,TREASURY!!!

    lISTEN WELL this is what its all about and the U.S is not the only government that signed up for this,,

    F$%k the world and everything in,above or on it.This is their personal message to you and me.
    Good luck people

  • tomche

    I wonder if the sheeple will ever realize that Barry and his crew are all TRAITORS to the USSA….
    Sadly, I guess I Doubt it.

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