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Obama and Clinton vs. The People of the United States

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

This article contains material from Paul Preston, Scott Bennett, Bob Chapman and myself. Some of the material is well documented, often using public sources and some of the complementary material is derived from deep-cover sources in which the source of the information would risk their lives if their identity were to be known.

The collection of material repeals a pattern that is so consistent and compelling, that any aware and open-minded person would conclude that the Obama administration is morally reprehensible and represents a mafia type structure to their regime. The corruption and treason of this administration is unparalleled in United States history to the point where I feel like chanting “bring back Nixon”.

Paul Preston Agenda 21 Radio

On January 31, 2016, I had Paul Preston as my first hour guest on The Common Sense Show. Preston has a strong reputation as a hard-hitting investigative reporter who is an expert on Agenda 21 issues.

In our opening segment Preston and myself reviewed what it really behind the theft of weapons grade uranium off of rancher lands in the west. This is part and parcel part of the plot to empty the rural areas of any semblance of human settlement and force all rural residents, including ranchers, to move to the “stack and pack” cities of the present and the future. Meanwhile, in the transitional period, the BLM and the EPA have moved to steal as many mineral assets from rancher and farmer lands as possible and turn the profits over to their elite cronies (e.g Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama). Hence, the Bundy Ranch and the Hammond Ranch et al affairs, are the poster-children events for this depraved indifference to welfare of this nation.

According to Preston, America is only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the mafia-style operation presently being carried out by the BLM. For example, what is not being reported is that when Cliven Bundy was fighting for his ranch, 51 of 52 of his rancher neighbors had already been forced off of their land by the BLM. Why have you not heard of it? Because the MSM refuses to cover these events.

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