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V, THE GUERRILLA ECONOMIST from joins me to discuss the mysterious death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia and the joy that morally bankrupt Liberals seem to find in it. We also focus on the coming cash ban in Europe and the United States – and NEGATIVE interest rates [NIRP] designed to turn all of us into absolute serfs. V says, the Banksters have decided to screw the American public. But their evil plans to implement NIRP while banning cash will surely result in the price of gold (and silver) going supernova.

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  • KRELL427

    What would supernova on steriods look like?

    • KRELL427

      Beautiful, joking aside things are getting dire. At least most of the people commenting on this site are proactive even if it means being ridiculed by family and friends. We know what is coming. To the sheep good luck . Keep the great interviews coming Sean they are appreciated.

    • fonestar

      So what is your take on all this? Noticed you seemed to have no opinion when “V” reccomended that people become familiar with using Bitcoin.

      What BLOWS MY MIND is that half of the readers on,,, don’t even think there should be a global economy! And if there was a global economy, it should operate with pirate ships sending gold bars around the world. Apparently they believe that all of the resources, materials, skills, professionals needed to operate the modern world exist in a 10 mile radius of their house. Yep… Ma, Pa and ol’ Ed down at the corner store can do everything all by themselves!

      Pretty sad when people like this are trying to pass themselves off as the enlightened opposition!

      • Eric

        Which “half of the readers” here at sgt report said they don’t think there should be a global economy?

        And who said it should operate with pirate ships?

        I think fonetard just likes to live in magic fairyland where only what he thinks is the truth.

        Global Trade settlement WILL be settled in Gold because Gold is Honest Money! Not Bitcoin. China doesn’t accept Bitcoin for their goods. Maybe you can convince them to do so since you’re so “enlightened.”

        The modern world has gotten ahead of itself fueled by accelerated growth funded by deficit spending. Most of the things you need should be within a 10 mile radius and locally grown. If you have to travel to Australia to sustain your needs, lots of luck buddy.

        Get over your ego. You might learn something about the way things really are. Not that way you want them to be.

        • fonestar

          You really are an IDIOT who has obviously never thought about how the world actually works. Nobody is going back in time to shipping gold bars around. People demand payment to arrive NOW! Not in three days, not in three weeks… RIGHT NOW! Three seconds is waiting too long!

          What else should we go back to ERIC? How about steam engines? Maybe that’s too new for you? Sailing ships? How about muskets, those are pretty cool. Try banging some stones together to heat our houses?

          • Eric

            Ha ha ha! Fonetard is a funny one.

            Nobody is talking about going “back in time.” You can demand payment in bitcoin if you like. But don’t expect anyone else to have them.

            Gold is held in reserve if you haven’t noticed. Central banks hold Gold. Not bitcoin. It doesn’t need to be shipped around for every transaction! But even if it was, a million dollars in gold would fit nicely into a small to medium size box. Yes you can settle trade in bitcoin if you are purchasing patio furniture from But you can’t fill up your gas tank with it. You can’t buy groceries from the supermarket with it. And you can’t buy a new car with it. In fact, you can’t do a lot of things with it.

            Can you do these things with Gold? No. Not yet. But Gold is a store of value while bitcoin is not. Gold can be held in reserve while bitcoin cannot. And both work as a currency.

            Gold does not need to be shipped all around the world. It needs to be held in reserve. It can be transacted with digitally as long as it is audited and stored securely in vaults.

            The problem is you only see the way you want things to be. Not the way they actually are. Otherwise you would answer my questions rather than ask silly questions about steam engines and sailing ships. Which are still used quite frequently I might add.

            If bitcoin is so wonderful and superior to gold, then why don’t central banks hold bitcoins? How come it hasn’t caught on with everybody? How come it isn’t accepted everywhere? How come there isn’t a “we buy bitcoin” store down the street.

            Oh and I believe Gold is still being shipped overseas from the various mints since the US and India imported buttloads of Silver last year. If your ego wasn’t so inflated over bitcoin, you would actually see how the world actually works.

            • fonestar

              Gold being stored in “reserve” and actually using modern payment systems are two different things. Nobody wants to be sitting around waiting for a half ounce gold coin to show up in the mail before they ship their product. That world is over and has been over for a very, very long time.

              Are you one of those old men on EBay who demands “payment by cheque or Money Order”???

              • fonestar

                This song is dedicated to all the boneheads on ZH and Sgtreport and the world they once knew. Please stick close to your caretaker and try not to wander into the streets okay?

                • Eric

                  I’m sure the entire globe will rally around bitcoin and usher in a new world around the “bitcoin standard.” That must be why hardly anybody has ever heard of it even after 8 years of it’s tiny existence.

                  No, I demand payment in Gold. Since that isn’t possible, I take the currency and convert it to Gold since I already know that the Gold Standard is returning and will be here before you know it.

                  I just took delivery of 6 1 oz Gold coins. I sat around and waited for them but they arrived smoothly. Fortunately for me, I don’t have to ship any kind of product in return.

                  This is why you STILL can’t tell the difference between “money” and “currency.”

                  Tell me, are you expecting a short covering rally in bitcoin? Is the supply being squeezed in bitcoin?

                • fonestar

                  It seems that most of you aren’t even capable of seeing how dumb and idiotic this argument looks?

                  The fact is that most of you have been using the Cartel’s DIGITAL PAYMENT SYSTEM FOR YEARS NOW to order Bullion! And now that Bitcoin has come around you are pretending to be scared about EMPs and “cashless society”? What a crock of shit. If you were so concerned why did you ever get a Visa or Mastercard IN THE FIRST PLACE? Why are you using a modern telecommunications system to buy gold & silver? And why in your simple minds can a person not have a “store of value” AND a quick and easy digital payment system NOT OWNED by the Cartel???

                • Eric

                  Not too scared at all. It’s kind of like the dumb libtards that call us “paranoid” gun owners. I sleep comfortably well next to mr. 9 mm. Not paranoid at all.

                  Originally I got a credit card to build credit in the banking system. I didn’t know then, but it did allow me to build my business and buy a house eventually. But I do not carry credit card balances.

                  Gold and Silver are STORES OF VALUE. The modern telecommunications system is not. Why can’t you understand this? It’s not rocket science.

                  The solution for you is simple… have some Gold and Silver and have some Bitcoin.

                  The solution for most of the rest of us is simple too… have some Gold and Silver. Buy Blipcoins if you think it will help you in the new economy. Otherwise stick with the physical stuff.

                  In the end it will still come down to people with real stuff vs. people with digital blips.

                • fonestar

                  You are probably one of those gun owners on Youtube trying to argue that bolt action rifles are still best for SHTF. Even though no modern army uses them.

                  And just because the modern telecommunications network will not last 5 Billion years does not mean that it is “worthless”. You need to pay people to design the gear, you need to have industry manufacture and test the gear. You need to train people to support the gear. If you doubt any of that I would challenge you to go and build your own. But I know that you won’t… you are happy using the Interac/SWIFT, AT&T/Verizon(NSA) network that exists for you and has you pegged as one of those “gold & guns” kind of guys they will be paying a visit at some point in the near future.

                • Eric

                  Actually no I’m not. Have you noticed that you make a lot of assumptions about people?

                  I’ll make one of my own. I’m probably one of those gun owners who is on so many lists just from all the books I have ordered and actually read. Do you know how to read?

                  They haven’t paid me any visits yet. If the FBI or Sheriff would like to come talk to me, they are more than welcome to call or knock on my door. I would be happy to talk to them and help them with their concerns at my convenience.

                  Owning guns and gold is perfectly lawful and legal. It is written into the U.S. Constitution. The founding document of this country. I have done nothing wrong and have followed every law. But who knows what kind of illegal activity fonestar is up to with your decentralized currency. They are more likely to pay you a visit if you are buying gold and guns using “cryptocurrency.”

                • fonestar

                  I am not making assumptions but I am drawing on a wealth of stereotypes that kinda proved to be true over the last few years! Things change over time and that includes payment systems. Gold is still GOOD for what it was meant for, a local store of value or forming the backbone of a global payment system. Physical gold itself is NOT GOOD for making small transactions over the internet, overseas or even the other side of the country. Really, I don’t know why I am even having to explain this? I mean you would think this would be called “self evident”??

                • Eric

                  “You are probably one of those gun owners on Youtube trying to argue that bolt action rifles are still best for SHTF. Even though no modern army uses them.”

                  That’s an assumption. You are guessing.

                  But you finally say something that makes sense and distinguish between “money” (Gold) and “currency” (fiat or bitcoin).

                  Congratulations! You can move up to the 4th grade now.

              • fonestar

                Why are you not attacking or inuslting people like “V”, Bix Weir or Jeff Berwick for their views on Bitcoin? I notice that you are only attacking fonestar?

                Face it, people like “V” and Jeff are smarter than you, more capable and they do actually understand Bitcoin!

                • Eric

                  Those guys don’t comment over and over again with ignorant nonsense. I have more respect for them.

                  I am not attacking anyone. I’m just exposing your lies and manipulative points. If you didn’t get so emotional about being proven wrong, you wouldn’t be so offended.

                  If you love Bitcoin so much, why don’t you sell all your silver and go all in on Bitcoin?

                • fonestar

                  Well GEE UHDUNNO DERE ERIC?

                  Maybe for the same reason that I can like and own several different things at once? You know the way that normal people can ERIC, oh wait you are not normal… you have a cyclops eye attached to a cyclops brain and right now it is looking at INTRINSIC VALUE.


                • Eric

                  “No man, when he hath lighted a candle, putteth it in a secret place, neither under a bushel, but on a candlestick, that they which come in may see the light. The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness. Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness. If thy whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light, as when the bright shining of a candle doth give thee light.”

                  Luke 11:33-36

                  Yes, I am looking at TRUE value while you are still struggling with digital technocrap.

                  Buy more patio furniture. See what other junk you can stack and “own.” I will sell you lots of old books and magazines if you like if all you want is more stuff. But you better have the coin because I don’t take Bitcoin.

                  Are we about finished here? I have waaaay better things to do than jabber back and forth with your ignorant insults all day.

                  I’ll come back later and see if you have anything else stupid to say.

                • fonestar

                  You’re too dense to see all of the ways technology has improved your life and prolonged your life. Like all of the dumb, aging Republican voters who whine and bitch about government programs while going to fill up their Medicade prescriptions!

                • Eric

                  Real tangible Wealth! Divisible, but not very portable. You can’t eat Bitcoin. Literally.

                  On The Farm – For Kids – Mass Chicken Feeding Frenzie


                • fonestar

                  You can’t eat Bitcoin? Really?

                  So now you’ve resorted to repackaging anti-gold propaganda? ERIC you are PATHETIC!!

                • Eric

                  Where can I exchange Bitcoin for food?

                  Simple question.

                • Eric


                  How is Bitcoin related to “anti-gold propaganda?”

                  You keep changing the subject. Which tribe do you come from?

                • fonestar

                  Every goldbug knows the phrase “you can’t eat gold”. Stop playing stupid… or are you that stupid?

                • Eric

                  Looks like Gold. Except it isn’t!

                  Have the agents gotten to you yet in your digital fantasyland?

        • fonestar

          And FYI, HFT has gone to using lasers over microwave links for their trades. The upgrades probably set them back millions of dollars. All of this for what? To save around 5 or 10 MILLISECONDS.

          That is the world we live in today, tomorrow and next year. All of those old microwave links are sitting in a scrap heap now, worthless. It’s only a matter of months before those lasers become old news and are also worthless. Now in a world where milliseconds, nanoseconds count.. do you REALLY BELIEVE that we are going back in time to an era where we sit around waiting for the Wells Fargo wagon to roll up filled with gold bars?? There is no “polite” way of putting this, but if that’s what you really “think” then I am sad to say there is no room for you in the future!

          • Eric

            There won’t be any gold bars left to be rolled up.

            I hope you have yours instead of all those worthless blipcoins.

            • fonestar

              How simple can I possibly make this to understand?

              A “store of value” like gold & silver is great! But it’s also NOT ENOUGH to defeat banksters! You need to control the digital wealth-transfer systems too. And what that means is demonitizing, devaluing their digital networks and building and incentivizing your own digital networks.

              • Eric

                Why does it have to be digital? Mankind has survived centuries before anything digital was created.

                It’s not the digital transfer system that will defeat the banksters. It’s the good or service that is being transferred. Ultimately they will only be defeated with higher and expanded consciousness. Decentralization is great. But it doesn’t have to be digital. In order for wealth to be transferred, it does need to be a store of value however.

                • fonestar

                  Wow! Man also survived “for centuries” without modern medicine too! Should we go back to that also ERIC?

                  So just to be clear, this is where people like ERIC’s “logic” starts from… “well we don’t really *need* that and I suppose that doesn’t *have to* happen right away”? People like ERIC would say we don’t really “need” computers and we don’t really “need” the e-commerce revolution and we don’t really “need”… Can you say DEVOLUTION?

                  We can just “be like ERIC” sit on the porch and watch the cows graze.

                • Eric

                  Now you are just behaving like a clown. “Modern medicine” has destroyed plenty of lives too. It wasn’t that long ago where 1 out of 2 people weren’t diagnosed with cancer or diagnosed as the mentally insane, drugged up with SSRI’s. Do you “need” more patio furniture? If you really want to revolutionize the e-commerce digital payment system, why don’t you come up with a way to digitally transfer real tangible wealth instead of just “crypto” that is decentralized from central banks and governments? Should be easy right?

                  I wish I could sit on the porch and watch the cow’s graze. Your milk doesn’t come from happy little elves in the backroom of Trader Joe’s. Animals aren’t ego obsessed ninny’s that promote digital techno-garbage either.

                • fonestar

                  Why should anyone ever do anything ERIC? Why make anything better? Why design anything or think of anything? Why don’t we all just lay in bed and rot?

                  Thankfully not all of humanity is made up of people like ERIC and ZH readers. We never even would have jumped out of the trees!

                • Eric

                  Tell me what kind of real tangible wealth have you produced on your computer?

                  I’m not saying it isn’t possible. I know it is since I have produced hundreds of thousands of dollars worth with mine.

                  What has fonestar made better? What has he designed or thought of?

                • fonestar

                  I’m not even going to justify that notion, that all wealth is tangible. Remember the story of king Midas?

                • Eric

                  Yes I do. Are you comparing yourself or Bitcoin to Gold?

                  Ha ha ha! I didn’t say all wealth is tangible. I said it is possible to produce real tangible wealth using a computer. But I did not say that real tangible wealth is digital blips on a screen.

  • fonestar

    Great stuff!

    I love listing to “V”… the guy is on fire! And FYI, he is not an anti-Bitcoin blockhead like most of you BONEHEADS are!!

    • KRELL427

      I wish everybody well with whatever method they choose ,but until shit hits the fan and we come out the other side talk is cheap,nobody knows for sure.

      • fonestar

        You are right, nobody knows for sure. All the gold & silver will not help you if you are dead.

        • Eric

          That’s the whole point. It will outlive you and your heirs.

          • fonestar

            Why do I care if my “heirs” know that I sent money to Australia or Japan 60 years after I die? Are you capable of understanding that people own different things at different times for different reasons ERIC? Do you use a mop to paint your walls and a paintbrush to sweep your floor?

            • Eric

              Are those serious questions that you want answers to or are you just reminding everyone here how you’re a mentally handicapped asshole? No I do not stand under you. Do you understand me?

              You are obviously missing the point as usual. Nobody cares what you do with your digital fake “current-sea” that you don’t actually own. Send it where ever you like. Toss it down the sewer. Give it to Obama. Whatever you like.

              The point is that Gold and Silver will still preserve purchasing power when all other currencies go to zero. Even Bitcoin. But you may not be able to always acquire it. Certainly not at these prices.

              All the blipcoins in the world won’t help you when you are dead either. But when you are dead, your problems in this world are over.

              What are you buying from japan anyways? More consumer junk that you don’t need?

              • fonestar

                Once again… you are nothing but a SIMPLETON DUNCE. Sadly, I can’t say much better for a lot of “STACKERS” out there. You understand how to put one coin on top of the other, happy seal claps for you! ARF! ARF!

                But you understand *JACK SHIT* about global finance and international commerce. And shipping PHYSICAL GOLD around the world SUCKS. It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, it’s a security risk. The fact that you also don’t even see the WHOLE POINT in buying thigs abroad, ie Japan or whatever, GLOBAL FINANCE just shows how truly backwards and IGNORANT people like you are!!

                • Eric

                  Which sovereign government sells oil for Bitcoin? God you are stupid.

                  If someone else around the globe wants your worthless blipcoins, you are free to trade in them. But don’t expect any country to settle trade in blipcoin or “dollars.”

                  Shipping oil is expensive too. Should that be globalized? Gold is for settling trade (among other things). It doesn’t need to be shipped around the world. But the accounts need to be balanced.

                  I buy lots of things from abroad. Mostly food that is available at my local market. They don’t accept Bitcoin.

                • fonestar

                  You really are a fucking idiot. Sad truth is that you probably represent 50% of the “stacker” community.

                • Eric

                  Bravo. That is a wonderful argument. You weren’t on the debate team obviously. Nor did you read any books about money or history.

                • fonestar

                  Oh yes I was! And do you know what HISTORY has taught me ERIC?

                  It has taught me that over time things become smaller, faster, safer, cheaper and more efficient. Believe it or not that also includes DIGITAL PAYMENT SYSTEMS.

                  Sending gold bars through the mail isn’t exactly in fashion anymore. I will let you sit and meditate on why that is….

                • Eric


                  Whatever you do, DON’T send any Gold bars through the mail! It’s not “fashionable.”

                  Instead why don’t you buy more patio furniture using a decentralized digital payment system. I hear stacking patio furniture is a great way to build wealth!

            • Eric

              Doesn’t look like it works too well in NYC.

              • Howard Roark

                Hilarious vid, Eric…the 4th guy IS fonehome!!!

                • fonestar

                  I notice that you also don’t have any insults for “V”, Bix Weir, Jeff Berwick Howard you little bitch?

                • Howard Roark

                  Whoa, there it is again, how do you expect anyone to take you or bitcoin seriously with vitriolic name calling.

                  What have I said to you that is insulting? I’ve merely sighted your symptoms as displayed VIVIDLY in these comment sections and matched them to the disorders you appear burdened with?

                • Howard Roark

                  Oh, I forgot, Bix Weir is a shill. Years ago he promised one ounce Roota Silver rounds for all subscribers and re-subscribers to his newsletter “as long the paper price remained below $50/oz.”

                  He didn’t follow through, so I cancelled my subscriptions because he lied.

                  Then he started offer BTC fractions instead…he’s a welcher and a phony.

                  That’s not an insult, that’s a FACT.

                • Howard Roark

                  Oh, one other thing, neither “V”, Berwick or Weir name call people that don’t necessarily agree with them on bitcoin…you stand alone in that category.

                  If they knew that about you they’d likely tell you to “get off our side”…it’s that whole integrity thing.

                • fonestar

                  I do not know the details so I cannot comment.

                  I do know that you guys call everyone “a shill”. Supposedly I am “a shill” too. Who am I shilling for Howard? The International Bank of Satoshi?

                • Howard Roark

                  I called Bix a shill for the reason’s stated. IF you’d been following him and bitcoin as long as I you’d know EXACTLY what I was referring to, he only had it posted on his website for years.

                  Where did I call you a shill in my response threads…who are “you guys”?

                  I think we may need to add paranoid personality disorder to the list, damn, get some help, PLEASE!

      • KRELL427

        Finally a picture of fonestar.

        • fonestar

          fonestar has lots of silvers, lots of Bitcoin and a good life. What about you?

          • KRELL427

            Ditto x5 + 6 figure income in the injection mold manufacturing industry.

            • Put your dick back in your pants, Krell, no one’s impressed.

              This comment section anymore… why do I even bother? >__<

            • Gnostic

              Krell, Blow molds too?

            • fonestar

              How many Armani suits do you have? Tell me, fonestar needs to be impressed.

              • Eric

                “fonestar has lots of silvers, lots of Bitcoin and a good life. What about you?”

                You started this. Get over your EGO!

                Nobody is impressed with your cryptocurrency or your personal holdings.

              • Howard Roark

                Fagstar, banned from Zerohedge, few can stand your presence “here”. You make it sound as if you’re “living the dream”, WTF do you bother posting “here”.

                Don’t you have anything better to do…rhetorical, NO YOU DON’T…

                • Eric

                  I don’t mind fonetard too much. It just brings out the discussion and proves why Gold is FAR SUPERIOR to bitcoin!

                  He is living the dream in mommy’s basement.

                • fonestar

                  Most of the Bitcoin users are pretty well paid tech people. So why would they need to live “in Mom’s basement”? Your attempts at insults are about as lame as your attempts to make logical-sounding conspiracies, ie “the bankers invented Bitcoin to destroy themselves.”

                • fonestar

                  And FYI, I only started trolling ZH once I saw how utterly STUPID most of the comments/posters/conspiracies were that were being thrown around!

                  If they can’t stand me well that’s just GREAT! I must have done a good job pissing off people that totally deserved to be made fun of!

                • Eric

                  There you go making shit up again. Please document when anyone said, “the bankers invented Bitcoin to destroy themselves.”

                  So you admit that you are a troll. Do you live under a bridge then? While most of us here have been very open about who we are, you have yet to tell us anything about fonestar.

                  Calling people stupid and screaming “BUY Bitcoin!” does not give you any credibility whatsoever. Have you reached age 30 yet? I’m still wondering about that.

                • fonestar

                  The idea that Bankers invented Bitcoin is a popular conspiracy on this site and Zerohedge. When you push these people for answers on why the bankers would actually do that, they resort to mumbling gibberish and then will ban you.

                • Eric

                  If I remember correctly, it was more about how the CIA/NSA created Bitcoin to continue the drugtrade. Bankers aren’t interested in Bitcoin. Just the blockchain technology.

                • Howard Roark

                  “And FYI, I only started trolling ZH once I saw how utterly STUPID most of the comments/posters/conspiracies were that were being thrown around!

                  If they can’t stand me well that’s just GREAT! I must have done a good job pissing off people that totally deserved to be made fun of!”

                  Textbook, NO LIFE megalomaniac…”a psychopathological condition characterized by fantasies of power, relevance, omnipotence, and by inflated self-esteem.”

                  check, check, check and CHECK!

                • Eric

                  Yep! That’s you alright. Good job!

                • fonestar

                  Hey HOWARD… I STILL get messages on Youtube (and here too!) THANKING me for what I did on Zerohedge!

                  A lot of them were something like “thank-you for taking on those morons!” and “thank-you for standing up for Bitcoin!”.

                • Howard Roark

                  “Hey HOWARD… I STILL get messages on Youtube (and here too!) THANKING me”


                  I think that’s what’s known as the confirmation double-down of the megalomaniac condition, along with histrionic personality disorder…(characterized by constant attention-seeking, emotional overreaction, and suggestibility. This personality’s tendency to over-dramatize may impair relationships and lead to depression, but sufferers are often high-functioning.)

                  If he were truly secure in his position he wouldn’t need to name call and bully and seek constant approval and adulation, but then as we can see in this and many threads he’s a double sufferer of textbook mental and personality disorders…he obviously needs help.

                • fonestar

                  This is not about “ME”. This is about the need for “SOMEONE” to stand up for the greatest banker-killer the world has ever known and that killer’s name is Bitcoin.

                  I was never seeking attenstion or thanks. I’m not the only one fighting this fight. Lot’s of others are but you old foggies never venture outside Drudge/Zerohedge/sgtreport/etc so you would not know.

                • Howard Roark

                  Uh, doesn’t a great idea or product sell itself without name calling and tantrums?

                  Why does it have to be “stood up” for if it’s so obviously great, won’t people reach that conclusion eventually if it’s so?

                  Why does it require a “fight”? Do you think hyperboles like “old foggies”(it’s actually spelled “fogies”) adds to your integrity or bitcoin’s marketability or acceptance?

                  Or are you, as indicated by your vitriol, a sufferer of an additional malady of excessive attention seeking and drama addiction?(excessive attention seeking is not a character flaw. It is a brain wiring response to early developmental trauma caused by neglect.)

                • fonestar

                  Because I have always stood up against injustice and nonsense! And these “stackers” were attacking the very thing that should have been their natural ally. And no, there is no more time… you will either support the people’s blockchain or you will likely become a slave to the banker’s blockchain. Because unlike you people they do “get it” and they are investing heavily in it!

                • Howard Roark

                  “Injustice”, how is someone’s opinion of bitcoin “unjust”, just because it differs from yours? How are you harmed, how is bitcoin harmed, more for you right? You get to accumulate more of it at nominally lower prices RIGHT?!

                  Isn’t that what a truly free market is all about? Won’t the better monetary vehicle and medium of exchange fight it’s own fight and win?

                  “And no, there is no more time… “…who said anything about time, I didn’t or are you debating yourself?

                  “Because unlike you people they do “get it” and they are investing heavily in it!”…who are “they” and if “they” are that should make you happy, should it not?

                  So exactly what’s your point, what do you care if everyone doesn’t agree with you regarding bitcoin other than satisfying your need for adulation?

                • Eric

                  Thanks for jumping in Howard.

                  But don’t waste your energy on this doorknob.

                  He’s a prisoner trapped in his own mind. A digital mind trapped in a digital wonderland playing his crypto video games.

                • Howard Roark

                  Not at all Eric, fonestar is my favorite wind-up toy!

                • Howard Roark

                  Just keep applying rational logic and it won’t be long before he’s dropping the F-bombs and hyperboles.

    • Eric

      I’m not anti-bitcoin. I’m pro gold and silver. There are no anti-bacterial properties in bitcoin.

      Some Trump reading. The nightmare is coming.

      And pay close attention around 33 seconds here…

      • KRELL427

        Eric that black assassins article is really good,will have to look into that.

        • Eric

          The way I see it…

          The Bush/Clinton crime syndicate along with the Zionist Khazarian mafia started to make their move when they killed Kennedy. Then they really made their move with the Israeli Mossad and the Project for a New American Century when they took down the World Trade Towers. The Judeo Masonic Satanic Illuminati started duking it out for control of the NWO. I remember Jay Weidner talking about how the Twin Towers were a symbolic representation of the pillars of jachin and boaz. He said if he was a mason, he would have been a little freaked out when those buildings came down. Now the Scottish Rite Freemasonry is taking back control of the situation.

          The has probably all been planned out by all groups for decades. But only the highest degrees know the entire plan. In the end it will most likely result in exactly what Albert Pike described. That being said, I don’t think freemasons are necessarily all bad. They’re not communists. And they are not the zionist control freaks we have been battling so much in the past 15 years. I have a dear old friend who is a “brother.” He’s a good man, but he doesn’t know any of this stuff I’m sure.

          Of course none of it ever would have even been possible without the creature from Jekyll Island.

  • sherrie

    Curious… When are the people actually suppose to stand up to these unconstitutional criminals? We’re constantly told we need to protect ourselves this way or that way and then when that’s outlawed we have to find another way which won’t work either. What makes one think if these criminals can change the laws concerning cash or gold, how would they not be able to change the laws on keeping it off shore or on bitcoin? They are already trying to take over the internet. Again… when do the people finally stand up and say NO?

    This constant chase around the issues reminds me of the stupid runs for cancer awareness, who at this point with it being thrown in our faces 24/7 for the past 4 decades isn’t already aware? Rather than a run for the ‘cure’ how about a run for prevention, oh that’s right the fascist medical industrial complex wouldn’t be able to make an S-load of money if there was a cure or if it could be prevented. There is most likely already a cure and prevention but the same criminals in charge of everything else screwing the people are in charge of this issue as well. So when do we stop playing their game… never?

    • Randy

      Hey Sherrie Baby!

      There have been many different cures for cancer for several decades now. Have you ever heard about Royal Raymond Rife before? How about Ozone or H2O2 or hyperbaric Oxygen chamber therapy? And there’s alkaline body PH therapy and many more too, like juicing. None of these other modalities besides the standard barbaric practices of cut, poison and burn, do any harm at all to healthy, living body tissues, when done correctly.
      Years ago I’d read that some guy had tallied up these other methods, and there were like at least 12, maybe 18 ways to get cancer out of a body without doing it any further harm! Since there’s so little profit in cures, but immense profits to be made in continual treatments, to the point of being obscene in fact, the AMA and Big Pharma shuts them down time after time. BP and the AMA are not only sleeping in the same bed, they are joined at the hip too!! One can hardly survive without the other.


  • glitter 1

    Texe Marrs has a good commentary for his weekly audio on the subject of Scalia,listen here:

  • glitter 1

    Hey, the X-Files was interesting tonight,Chem Trails,Alien DNA,Immune Deficiency Depopulation.

  • jskauai

    Sean or anyone, what is the name of the back ground music, or artist or sound track. TIA to all in advance.

  • Randy

    Here’s what is REALLY sick about these maniacs who are now running the asylum, they are destroying the very thing that they need the most to survive, which is US!!! When the hyperinflation takes the electrical grids down because the utilities cannot afford to pay their fuel bills or wage and maintenance costs, how will the banksters be able to do anything with THEIR electronic bookkeeping entries? Don’t they realize that EVERYONE needs access to electricity, and lots of it, to survive in today’s modern world? It appears to me anyway, that they have NOT thought this through all of the way, unless they have some kind of a plan to step off of this planet after they have finished destroying it. So what if they have converted even 90% of their electronic accounts to PM, what food are they going to trade them for when there’s no fuel around to get the crops out of the fields?

    • Ed_B

      I agree, Randy, which is why a lot of the paranoid rantings here on the web have gone so far around the bend that they are WAY out of sight these days. If 1% of this was real, it would already be GAME OVER! Not only that, but the comments about poisoning our world are completely ludicrous. Who would want to live in a totally screwed up world? Who would want their kids and grand kids to live in such a world? It is this sort of thing that does not pass the smell test, IMO.

  • We live in a very high paced world where busyness has become the norm and truth telling can cover a vastness of different subjects. My question is with everything that we could possibly talk to people about, what is the focus topic that you’ve found resonates the best with people? From my experience, people are willing to listen. But, I’m not so sure they are motivated enough to either seek the truth on their own.

  • Realist12

    If you dudes are all over bitcoin because of it’s encrypted (block chain) technology – why aren’t you ALL OVER Bitgold,
    which combines encrypted block chain technology with your own allocated gold in a non-bank system vault, which provides liquitidy through a mastercard/debit card? Why isn’t everyone reading this jumping on the bandwagon with at least a $500 acct and helping this new money revolution to grow and eventually take over, knocking the governments and central banks out of the currency business? Bitgold and Goldmoney merged in 2015 and there is momentum now….check it out!

    • “The BitGold Platform uses military grade encryption (RSA 4096 and AES 256) to secure your account and personal information. BitGold also maintains bank-grade Know Your Customer (“KYC”) and Anti-Money-Laundering (“AML”) policies. Every account holder is required to upload their government-issued ID and go through an on-boarding process that includes a background check and mobile phone verification.

      Our Corporate By-Laws require the company to secure all physical gold at LBMA or COMEX approved Vaults under fully allocated, segregated accounts for the benefit of customers. Currently, BitGold Inc. has partnered with The Brink’s Company (“”BRINKS””) one of the most trusted names in vault security with roots tracing back to 1859.”

      There’s a couple glaring reasons right there; chief among them that there’s NO SUCH THING as a vaulting service “outside the banking system,” unless you operate it yourself.

      People appreciate the bitcoin blockchain because of its decentralization, trustlessness, and lack of counterparty risk. BitGold is centralized, runs on “traditional” finance channels (with the exception of its closed-architecture blockchain-lite gimmick), and can freeze/close your account at ANY TIME given KyC/AML requirements. Bitcoin is a revolutionary protocol, BitGold is a company. Every single benefit of bitcoin is made null by significant counterparty risk in BitGold.

      I really like crypto and love PMs – I’m BitGold’s target audience. But why would I take on the counterparty risk when I could simply swap bitcoin for gold and silver in my possession? Why would I go globetrotting (aka circumventing potential capital controls – one of bitcoin’s primary strengths) with gold that the company is LEGALLY OBLIGATED to tell the government about, that’s vaulted in NEW YORK CITY, of all places?

      If I wanted some cheap grams delivered, I might sign up. Or if I wanted to spend gold with a debit card, but Gresham’s Law dictates that’s a stupid move. The only potential use I could see for BitGold is moving gold across borders, but again, I highly doubt an American company will be shipping you over $10k in gold with AML/KyC laws if you decide to get out of dodge. Stopping these use cases is precisely why AML exists in the first place, and why BitGold has to comply whether they like it or not.

      • Gnostic

        Real Gold requires an old coffee can & a shovel.

        • The only “vaulting” outside the banking system I’d trust these days 😉

          Sealed PVC pipes with an oxygen absorber/silica gel work wonders for silver, too, if you’re concerned about rust/tarnish.

          • Eric

            You guys might want to consider coating it in resin too. I had a few underground that I thought were sealed up well and moisture still got into them. It gets musty and stinky and creates a lot more work that way.

      • Eric

        Good Summary Rusticus.

        The one benefit of BitGold is that it allows you to jump on a plane and still have Gold stored overseas that you can spend if you need to. You can still save in gold but you are not required to spend it. You are correct about Gresham’s law. Gold is for saving. Fiat is for spending. But you can withdraw currency of your choice with the BitGold prepaid debit card if you must.

        At some point, you realize that you can only store so much in your possession, and that having some stored overseas is a good idea. If things get super bad here, I will not hesitate to jump on a plane and leave it all behind. At least I will have something to survive on elsewhere.

        It is outside the banking system but it is not outside the regulatory system. You can save in Gold vs. currency. And you can save outside of an insolvent bank where you have automatically been converted to a creditor.

        I have received my prepaid debit card, but I have not tried to load or use it yet. So far it seems to be a good option to have.

        As much as I hate doing business with the state, it’s a good idea to have your state department owned passport and your bag packed. Having a couple additional passports wouldn’t hurt either. Most people don’t even have one and have never left the country. But it isn’t about what’s out there. It’s what’s inside that counts.

        I just think its good to already have a plan to get off the Titanic before it totally sinks.

    • Ed_B

      Why, you ask. Maybe because a lot of us adhere to the concept of “if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”.

      Bit anything will not survive a solar flare EMP that frys 1/2 of the electronics on Earth, let alone a planned nuke-EMP attack that frys ALL electronics on Earth except the shielded ones owned by the military and the attacker(s). I have yet to see a situation wherein if it becomes possible to screw people, no one will step forward and do it. But, what the hell. We all have currency that we have earned via our labors and we are thus entitled to spend it in any way that pleases us. Hopefully, that will be in ways that are ethical and legal. If not, then so be it.

  • Gnostic

    Playing chess online we are both anonymous here is what a sore loser looks like

    Chat room

    [black]ok hacker
    [black]time hacking faggot
    [black]yo just added time to your clock you punk bitch faggot hacker
    [black]Wish I knew where your bitch ass lived
    [black]I would beat the fuck out of you you hacking piece of rag head shit
    [black]my name is Jesse Jhon Andrews.. remember that name and come look me up some time bitch
    [black]Love 15 seconds face to face with you.. paralyze you for life
    [black]time to show you what a real hacker does
    [black]You dont come to me.. I will come to you bitch
    [white]you lose take it like a man
    [white]not sure what a hacker is but thanks

  • tomche

    I am sorry, but I just disagree.

    The MSM still has a firm hold on the mindless sheep. And there are LOTS OF THEM. They are just SOOO brainwashed it’s shocking.

    To wit; I recently went to San Francisco for a few weeks. I found ZERO people who gave a shit about the constitution, our rights or what this country was set up to do…

    Just SOOOO sad….wow

    But, there we are.

    • Ed_B

      Indeed we are. They say that “a people gets the government they deserve” and I am coming to the conclusion that this is correct, sad as it may be. Yes, the times they are a-changin’… and not for the better either. Say, is it time to check out of this roach-motel yet? Seems as if it might be.

      • Eric

        Nah not yet.

        I would say they are changing for the better. But the transition will be rough exactly because of what tomche just said.

        Everyone is an ignorant moron. They don’t know and they don’t care. Everyone is so ego-obsessed. They don’t know who they are.

        So let’s get the collapse on the road already. Pull the plug on the dollar please. People have some very harsh lessons to learn in this lifetime still.

  • David

    Do the math… 10 million worldwide(out of 7 Billion plus)buying 100 oz. of PHYSICAL SILVER for 2 years. Really would NOT matter what the criminals do as far as setting the PAPER price of SILVER. Bitcoin will work until it doesn’t. i.e. the internet kill switch HELLO !

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