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New Forced Vaccination Doctrine in California (SB 277) is Blatant Violation of AMA Code of Medical Ethics

by S. D. Wells, Natural News:

During the holocaust, the Jews underwent forced medical experimentation because they were stripped of all human rights, and Hitler was functioning with no morals, ethics or code of conduct whatsoever. There was no regulatory government agencies to oversee humane treatment, medical freedom or to even verify that any medical procedures used had any beneficial use. Adults and children alike were tortured without anesthetics and for no good reason. This was an era before vaccines were even invented and in a time and place where doctors and scientists did what they were told, or they too were executed by the Nazi regime.

Welcome to California, a U.S. state that will now be experimenting on children with unproven vaccine technology without anyone’s consent, including the parents of those children. These vaccines contain known carcinogens, deadly neurotoxins, aborted human fetal samples, genetically modified bacteria, monosodium glutamate, mercury, aluminum and even embalming fluid, better known as formaldehyde. No vaccine has ever been proven effective, safe or beneficial in the six decades they have been administered, and now they will be forced on all children of the state, without the consent of the patient or the patient’s parents, or they will not be allowed to attend any school, whether public or private. All of this will be performed against the American Medical Association’s (AMA) own “Code of Medical Ethics” which is posted on the AMA website and states the following:

“The patient should make his or her own determination about treatment… Informed consent is a basic policy in both ethics and law that physicians must honor, unless the patient is unconscious or otherwise incapable of consenting and harm from failure to treat is imminent.”

Consider this: If the U.S. government or any state government declared tomorrow that all guns were illegal, there was no freedom of speech anymore, no freedom of press, no freedom of religion, and all children were possessions of the state, would you bow down to the flag and kiss the ring of the “King?” If all medical doctors simply said that they were doing what they were told by capturing your children and performing lobotomies in the name of science, would you agree that it’s the right thing to do, because the governor or some congress person said it was?

Mandatory vaccine interventions violate the AMA Code of Ethics

Who has ever read the vaccine insert to begin with? The flu vaccine insert tells you that you should never get more than one flu shot in a lifetime. The ingredients include neurotoxins that cause central nervous system disorders, including autism spectrum disorder and severe allergies, including severe peanut and dairy allergies. Yet the AMA Code of Ethics clearly states that “Physicians should sensitively and respectfully disclose all relevant medical information to patients.”

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1 comment to New Forced Vaccination Doctrine in California (SB 277) is Blatant Violation of AMA Code of Medical Ethics

  • Glenn

    S.D. Wells, will you stop your BS about Hitler.. what you have said is just crap and i just can’t place any credence in the rest of the article now. All you have shown is that you can parrot or make things up without doing proper research..

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