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Negative Rates & RISING Gold: Just a Taste of What’s Coming — Ivan Bebek


Executive Chairman and co-founder of Auryn Resources Ivan Bebek joins me to discuss the big moves we’ve seen in gold, and the even more dramatic moves in gold & silver stocks over just the past month, with some of the biggest names nearly doubling in price. The GDX mining stock ETF has moved from $12 to over $18 over the last several weeks. “The world is starting to go long gold“, says Bebek.

Mr. Bebek formerly was the President. CEO and co-founder of Cayden Resources Inc., which was sold to Agnico Eagle Mining Limited for $205 million in November 2014.

Ivan reminds us, “During the last gold bull market, when you took the total market cap of ALL the gold companies in the world, they would have fit into ONE big tech company on the Nasdaq. That’s how SMALL the world gold investing market is. The door on the way out and the door on the way in is small… It’s happening now, this is the start of the turn… You’ll start to see everything in the pennies go to the dollar, everything in the dollars go to the double digits.”

As nation states continue to print themselves into debt oblivion, are we seeing the beginning of the most massive gold and silver bull market the world has ever seen?

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39 comments to Negative Rates & RISING Gold: Just a Taste of What’s Coming — Ivan Bebek

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    yes, the mining shares really will sometimes skyrocket bigger percentages than PM’s in your hands.

    But just the same way that Government & Banksters can do things like Martial Law, Negative interest rates, Border controls, Capital controls, Bail-ins, as well as NEVER put a banker in jail……..

    Those same elite criminals, controllers, governments, etc, can and will NATIONALIZE some of the mines in the name of “National Security”. Your PAPER investment in other peoples mines, will be GONE.

    NEVER FORGET this. If it is NOT in YOUR hands, then YOU DON’T OWN IT.

    You cannot carry a MINE in your hands, so even if YOU own the LAND DEED & all the mineral rights for it, the GOVERNMENT can still TAKE it. (Eminent Domain, Save the Country, etc)

    I refuse to put ANY of MY Fiat dollars into something I cannot hold, eat, or WIPE with.

  • Eric

    Mining Shares have been rocking 2016 so far. You just gotta be in the right ones at the right price at the right time.

    Stimulus first. Then negative interest rates.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Eric, yes, some money, and perhaps even some really BIG money CAN be made by “picking up nickels in front of the Steam Roller.”

      That’s not how I want to do it.

      Gotta be in the “right one” at the right place and time. Yes, I also agree with that, but I don’t have a reliable working Crystal Ball at the moment.

      Getting the “right one”, is like being at the “right WalMart” when FEMA opens the doors and forces everybody inside to be processed.

      I want to be as far away from trying to own a PIECE of somebody else’s PAPER-controlled investment, just the same as I don’t want to be running in front of a steam roller trying to pick up pennies, or even DOLLARS in front of the BIG ROLLING PIN.

      I’m too afraid of ending up like the Pillsbury Dough Boy getting flattened out to make a Pie Crust. There are going to be some mines (and other investments) that will be confiscated, and all the “investors” will be FLATTENED & Baked to a CRISP.

      I’m happy for you and for everybody else who manages to make some money before the SHTF. I’m not so brave as that. I’ll take the coward’s investment of holding silver in my hands AFTER it has already been mined, refined, and retailed to me.

      • Eric

        Craig, I don’t blame you. Especially after 2008. And the last 5 years. But you got 20 years on me. And I have plenty of the phizz. Taking a little risk once in a while won’t ruin me. And mining companies at this point are a great way to build wealth. I didn’t learn all this shit for nothin ;). I wish I could go do what Ivan or Wade Hodges or Keith Neumeyer is doing. But you gotta have a team. And my team is at the bar having happy hour all the time.

        Simple solution for you: stick with the physical.

        • Ed_B


          You, my friend, are wise beyond your years. IMO, you have analyzed the situation and done very well with it. 🙂

          At the same time, you also realize that your answer to all this is not necessarily the same answer that others have due to their different financial / family / age / health situation. Kudos to you on that. All too many people seem to think that a one-size-fits-all solution is the way to go. It seldom is and you understand that. 🙂

          I agree with your approach of having a mix of assets. Like Craig, mining shares are not for me, even though I do realize that LOTS of money can be made in them IF one owns the right ones at the right time. Craig understands this as well but, like me, he also knows what seems good and right for him.

          Not feeling particularly lucky in that regard, because I do not have the knowledge of who and what constitutes a “good” mining company, I also stick to physical and other investments. I am in the same camp as the great investor, Peter Lynch, who refused to invest in anything he did not fully understand. In spite of what some would view as a handicap, he was also one of the most successful investors of all time.

          Given that the investing world is vast, there are MANY investments out there that can be pursued successfully. None of us will ever come close to investing in more than a small fraction of them, so the ones that we choose will be the ones that seem best to each of us. Regardless of what we choose, it IS our money AND our choice and no one knows our personal financial situation better than we do. Because of this, no one is qualified to say what would or would not be better for us.

          I do like the fact that you mitigate the inherent risk in mining stocks by making them a small part of your investing world. That’s good, IMO. You can get some of the benefits of owning the miners while also reducing the risks to your overall financial position. I like the hedged approach that this offers. 🙂

          • Johny Comelately

            I second that ED-B. I’m personally much more comfortable in physical as I’m “all-in” with bars, coins and other tangibles so to speak. At this stage I can afford to speculate on companies like Auryn or other things like Bitcoin. If I buy $1000 worth of shares or Bitcoins or both, that would represent like 0.01% of my investment portfolio.

            I personally think having up to 1% invested in speculative investments is ok. They have higher short to medium term gain potential. The way I look at it is that most of us carry some debt. I’m trying my hardest to get out of debt, but it will take me at least 1 – 2 year to get there. When Silver goes up to $100/oz. I will be tempted to sell some of it off just to get rid of my debt burden and then hold on to the rest for the ride. But I would much rather sell a paper asset in the short term to pay off my paper debts. It hurts to pay paper debts with “real money.”

            • Ed_B

              Understood, Johnny, and I agree with your comments… especially the part about paying debts with REAL money. While there’s no way to know how high silver might rise in the not too distant future, it’s not hard to see it rising by multiples of its current price. Because of that, I also would be hard pressed to hand it over to satisfy a paper debt. Fortunately for me, I am debt free, so don’t have to worry about that.

              Some will say that I owe a LOT of money as my share of the national debt but I reject that claim on MY assets because I NEVER signed off on all this drunken-sailor type spending that the US Gov does. 😉

          • Eric

            Thanks guys, the Silver Army Men are on the rise!

            Less than half a billion federal yellenbucks at the Crimex (supposedly)

  • Millicent

    This broken record has been skipping for years…

    • Jeff

      Your problem is simple to solve. Change the channel.

      • Millicent

        Actually, you need to lift the arm on the record player and relocate the needle. But you are probably too young to have seen a record player…

        • Jeff

          Hip hip hooray!! You are old. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

          • Millicent

            Yes, you spend the first half of your life running around like a cocky rooster, thinking that you have it all figured out. Then, if you are blessed with long life, you spend the last half figuring out that everything that you think that you knew was BS.

            Suggest that you get a book titled “Doctoring Data” by a British Physician named Malcolm Kendrick. It will wake you up to how manipulated most things really are.

    • Ed_B

      On the other hand, there are lots of new people getting interested in owning silver that weren’t doing so even just a year or two ago. Articles like this are for them. Us oldsters who already know this can skip on to the next article. Since it is vitally important that our numbers grow, I don’t mind when info I already know is repeated because I know that it will be useful to someone else. 🙂

  • Jeff

    Great interview Sean. Thanks for your endless hard work.

    • SGT

      Thanks Jeff. My perspective on this mining stock stuff at this point, and I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, is this: I know Andy Hoffman and others say NO STOCKS. However, is it not highly likely that good gold and silver companies will rocket higher during this next enormous bull market? Some already are – look at the GDX one month chart! My opinion is that it might wise to dip a foot into the pool with a few select stocks, but TAKE DELIVERY of the actual stock certificates, put em in a safe and forget about them until gold & silver have skyrocketed. My two cents. Have a great week.

      • Eric

        Yep. Gotta register those shares if you wanna hang onto them. I do need to make some adjustments. But definitely enjoyed this interview. I might have to dip my toes in too.

        Gold is really the perfect money. It not only has all the characteristics of money, but it’s great as currency and excellent for reserves.

        Digital/Paper not so much.

        • Millicent

          Go down to your local gas station and try to fill your tank and pay with a Gold coin…

          Most here are too young to understand that all of these smiley-faced people like Bibek are saying all of this to grease you and get YOUR MONEY.

          • KRELL427

            That’s why I have developed a very good relationship with my bullion guy and luckily he is only about 12 miles from where I live.Have also stocked some cash. And 750 Roosevelt dimes. Who knows what will happen. Also making a habit of keeping the tanks filled as much as possible,good for about 400 miles. Don’t mind at these prices

            • Craig Escaped Detroit

              I’m with you about keeping the gas tank filled (and also have four of the 5 gallon cans I keep filled with some Stabilizer, out in the shed, FAR from the house.)

              As for your estimate of 400 miles per tank? We never consider how FEW MPG’s a vehicle will get, when traveling in 1st or 2nd gear (doing 5-10 MPH) over sidewalks, front lawns, etc when all the big streets are grid locked, etc?

              There are real life situations where it is impossible to travel on the freeway, and you must divert to side streets and go through hell to get around all the disabled cars, etc.

              Ever been in a hurricane or flood zone evacuation traffic jam? California earthquake with busted bridges and craters that breach some streets?

              Tornado area with destroyed houses scattered across the road?

              I have NOT yet been in any of those situations, but it is VITAL to keep them in mind when planning a bug-out evacuation.

              Extra gasoline, tire repair kits, tire pumps, spare tires, jacks, car parts, etc.

              One time, I had to use a “fuel tank repair kit” (expoxy glue and fiberglass cloth), to patch over a damaged-leaky fuel tank.

              At the same time, I also had to put a patch on the bottom of my OiL pan, as it TOO was leaking.

              I had to DRAIN some FUEL & drain some OiL, then I cleaned the area, and applied the patch (Fuel tank), and it was ready in less than an hour.

              As for the OiL pan, after draining the oil, WIRE BRUSHED the area (remove rust, paint, etc, so the EPOXY would have a clean surface to stick to), then I washed the area with alcohol, and applied my patch.

              I waited a couple hours for the oil pan patch to cure really good, and here I am, 7 years later and still NO leaks!!!

              I used some 5 minute JB weld. But you can use any decent epoxy. In one repair, I mixed some liquid-gooey epoxy with some epoxy PUTTY together, to make a spreadable PASTE mixture. It was needed in that instance.

              In an old truck, there was a BIG HOLE in the floorboard (passenger side), I found and cut a big PATCH from some old Fiberglass box, or a sign or something, and then I used about 1/2 gallon of Plastic Body filler (Bondo, etc), as the bonding agent & filler. Works great.

              Be CLEVER, be Safe, be prepared, and IMPROVISE as needed to get the job done.

              • Johny Comelately

                Craig, having extra gas in cans is smart, but if things get as bad as you think, escaping with a car is unlikely. The roads will be too jammed up, or in the case of an EMP cars won’t work. Better have a bicycle as a backup and all your preps already at your bugout location. I hope I can drive out, but have prepared for the worst. Also have a rendez-vous point with family in case communications are down.

                And preppers love talking about the 100’s of uses for duct tape and coffee filters, but don’t talk about enough about a “re-supply” plan. If you have 1 years worth of food, how will you re-supply for year 2 or 3? It goes beyond seeds and a rifle. You need a pressure canner, tanks of propane and a burner set aside for just this purpose. Lots of mason jars with extra lids, bags of salt and knowledge in lactose fermentation, food dehydration etc… to survive.

                • Eric

                  I was storing extra gasoline until my can just broke. I’m sick of pouring that crap in there spilling it everywhere too. Gas is cheap. Just top off your tank and get the car wash and you’ll be drivin around in style.

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  Broken gas cans, old age, sun U.V. damage, etc, yes, I had to rotate out (into the garbage) a couple of my older cans that either failed, or could not feel confident of their integrity.

                  Cans are cheap enough, but gas may become priceless for some people at some particular time.

                  I like what Ed_B said. “Be ready or be dead.”

                  That was a great way to say everything in just 5 words.

                  Investing in paper, or things of useful value?

                  I’ve thought about “investing” spare money, not into markets, but perhaps 20 solar panels (right now, they are about $250 or less, for a Panel that is rated at 350 WATTS or even a bit higher.)

                  Those solar panels, solder connections, etc, are made with about 1 troy ounce of SILVER per panel (so they would also be a SILVER investment that also creates electricity).

                  I am thinking how nice it would be to have enough extras to use later in trade, or if the price of silver becomes massively over valued, then those panels could even be sold for scrap.

                  I don’t think we make them in the USSA anymore, so when the SHTF, solar panels will become UNavailable at ANY price and may be enormously valuable.

                  Deep cycle batteries are available in EVERY GOLF cart in the country. They will not be a problem to obtain. Or, the backup batteries at EVERY cell tower system too.

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  Sorry, I “fat fingered” a number key (about the rating of solar panels for
                  $250. They are rated at about 250 watts… NOT 350.)

                  Anybody who is interested, take a look at some of the lower PER watt prices at

                  But to get the best prices, you really need to order a full pallet of them, or get together with somebody and pool your order.

                  Have them delivered to a loading dock- (business) for cheaper shipping rate.

          • Eric

            What for? I filled up this morning with the gas card and got a deluxe car wash too. I’ll pay it in a few weeks. As long as they take the crummy money, I’ll hang onto the good stuff. You can’t hold digital as reserves but you can use garbage for currency as long as it’s accepted.

            That’s what investors do. They invest in good companies and provide capital so they can create jobs. How else do you think this all holds together? I know the risks because I do my research and have learned a thing or 2 over the years on how to manage my risk vs reward.

          • Ed_B

            So we have to stop at the local coin, jewelry, or pawn shop first before we can spend gold and silver. Not a terrible problem, is it? lol

            This is no different than if one had yen, euros, or yuan to spend. Gold and silver are currencies too, so if someone won’t accept them, go to someone who will.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          @Eric,- Right on target, EVERYBODY who does NOT pay the FEE and take PHYSICAL DELIVERY of their SHARES, does NOT legally own them.

          All stocks etc, are legally owned by CEDE & company. Only when you pay a separate FEE and take delivery of a REAL stock certificate (probably also applies to Bonds, ETF’s, etc etc).
          …..only when you have a PRINTED HARD copy of those shares registered in YOUR NAME, do they actually belong to you.

          That’s why I hate the legal system, hate the Financial system, etc. It is really rigged and stacked against the honest man.

          And even if you have a 100% strong case against them when they steal your shares, or your land, etc etc, you gotta file a COURT case with some judge, who either doesn’t know anything about this stuff, OR, is being TOLD by the elites how to act, etc, and……. if you actually can WIN, (after DECADES of filings, appeals, etc), GOOD LUCK trying to get the TRUE purchasing power adjustments made with a TRUE inflation factor instead of the gov’t CPI-core inflation.

          And then, they will pay you with FIAT Farts that just came off of the printing press.

          If by some miracle, they have to pay you a TRUE adjusted puchasing power price, then the IRS will say you made a PROFIT and make you pay income tax on it.

          In my own future, if I ever make ANY contracts with anybody, it will be valued in OUNCES of Physical and explicitly EXCLUDE any type of paper or digital currency calculations.

      • Jeff

        SGT-“but TAKE DELIVERY of the actual stock certificates.” I have tried to do this with e trade and have not been able to do it. They’ve refused me several times. Is there a secret to this?

        • Eric

          Jeff, you should be able to register your shares with the transfer agent. There is a feature in etrade that allows you to do so. Call your broker otherwise. As long as the company knows you own the shares, that should be sufficient. But I could be wrong about that. That’s why it should be physical first!

          I would call investor relations if you have problems and try to invest direct otherwise.

          It all works until it doesn’t.

        • Ed_B

          Find another brokerage that is not averse to physical share delivery? You can call the brokerages 800 numbers to ask about this. If you find one that is willing, open a test account with them and give them a try. If they produce the desired result, move more of your money to that brokerage. If not, then move on to the next and give them a try.

      • Ed_B


        “However, is it not highly likely that good gold and silver companies will rocket higher during this next enormous bull market?”

        Yes, that IS likely… but not guaranteed. When the SHTF, ALL paper will suck it down sideways. Those who are sufficiently nimble CAN profit from mining shares IF they GTF outta there in time. If not, then their investment will go POOF! and disappear just like any other paper investment. Just my $0.02 on this. 😉

      • Dissolution

        A family member of mine did just that- took physical stock certificates. A junior gold exploration company at the time, Rubicon Minerals was previously the darling of Rob McEwen and located next to a Goldcorp mine, boasting serious potential. Ran from about a buck in 2008/09 to over 5 in 2011. Now, that company has shockingly dropped to .03/share and is in the process of being de-listed in NY (still trades in Toronto).

        I bet my family member sure wishes she didn’t have those certificates on that vicious plummet down. Just sayin.

  • glitter 1

    “In the end the only thing let standing will be Gold,Silver and related items(read:mining shares)” – Bob Chapman

    “Silver will be Gold on Steroids”- Jim Sinclair

    Back in the early 2000’s I told a work associate that he needed to buy some gold.His response was “what for,you can’t eat gold”.
    Just recently I was talking to another old work associate,who is a very smart guy,that he needs to protect himself and buy some gold now.His response was that “you can’t eat gold”.

    The first person lost over $100K on Lucent stock when it crashed.The second person will loose 3/4 or most of his life savings,probably in the next year or so.

    How STUPID is a statement like “You can’t eat Gold”! Yeah and you can’t eat a mutual fund or an ETF either till you cash them in for currency.But,you have to first have a mutual fund/ETF or stock that’s worth something to cash in.

    Well what about the Government Nationalising the Mines?Do you think the Elite,who own the mines will allow their Lackeys to take their Mines/Property!Let me ask this,what’s the probability of the Government Nationalising JPM,Citi,Bank of America,HSBC and the others!What stopping the Government from Nationalising your house or your Business when the NDAA gives POTUS the power to commandeer/seize all private property.

    “Silver will be Gold on Steroids” Yes it will and so will the silver mining stocks just like Bob Chapman said.

    My Bullion will increase and preserve my years of labor for me and my family,now and when I’m gone.My share portfolio will supercharge and slingshot at least 10X just as it did from 2001 – 2011,only this time around it will happen much quicker,in a greatly compressed period of time.No risk no reward!

    As Bill Holter has said recently:”The time is coming when you better already have what you want/intend because one coming Monday you won’t be able to get it”.(paraphrased)

    • Ed_B

      Re: “His response was “what for,you can’t eat gold”.”

      This IS a totally idiotic statement that requires ZERO thought on the part of those making it, so for these reasons it is a popular retort in the minds of some who will one day wish like hell that they had some hard money instead of all that crummy paper. Oh, well.

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