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Monsanto Combats Rumors Regarding Larvicide, Zika Virus

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

Monsanto isn’t too happy about what they are calling ‘rumors’ linking its larvicide to microcephaly, the shrunken head and brain-damaged baby phenomenon currently being blamed on the Zika virus.

Those ‘rumors’ are strong enough, though, that the entire state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil is suspending the use of pyriproxyfen – a chemical added to drinking water to stop the growth of mosquito larvae.

The state government said, “the suspension was communicated to the 19 Regional Health Coordinating Authorities, which in turn will inform the respective Municipal Monitoring services” in all cities in the state.

This followed the release of a report written by doctors with the Argentina-based Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns organization and the Brazilian Collective Health Association, or Abrasco, who questioned whether the larvicide might be linked with microcephaly.

Rio Grande do Sul Health Secretary Joao Gabbardo said that, despite the fact that a relationship between the larvicide and microcephaly has not been proven, the “suspicion” that there may be a linkage had led the organizations to decide to “suspend” the use of the chemical.

He also tweeted:

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