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Mitt Romney To Enter The Race? The Establishment’s Secret Plan B To Steal The Nomination From Trump

by Michael Snyder, End of the American Dream:

Is Mitt Romney about to enter the race for the Republican nomination?  As I have written about repeatedly, the Republican establishment is absolutely desperate to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.  If it comes to it, they will move heaven and earth to make sure that he is defeated – even if that means Hillary Clinton wins the election.  Right now, Trump has won three of the first four contests on the schedule, and he is projected to win almost every state on Super Tuesday.  This would put him on a clear path toward winning the nomination, and so establishment insiders are in full-blown panic mode.  At this point, two different plans are being put forward for how to proceed if Trump continues to roll.  One is to have Marco Rubio exit the race so that Mitt Romney can run against Trump, and the other is to run a third party candidate against Trump and Clinton in the fall.

Perhaps this sounds like wild speculation to you, but these things are actually being discussed behind closed doors right now.  For example, just consider what Republican insider Roger Stone just told WND

In a bitter fight for its life, establishment GOP leaders have decided to block Donald Trump’s nomination at all costs, even if it means losing the presidency to Hillary Clinton, says Roger Stone, co-author of the 2015 bestselling book “The Clintons’ War on Women,” and the recently published “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family.”

The big fix is in,” Stone, a former adviser to Trump, told WND in an exclusive telephone interview Sunday.

Stone also told WND that establishment leaders have given Marco Rubio until March 15th.  If he does not win Florida, he is out and Romney is in…

“Rubio has been given until Tuesday and if he doesn’t win the Florida primary, the establishment GOP leaders have decided to dump Rubio in favor of drafting Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential nominee who lost to Barack Obama in 2012,” he explained. “If Rubio cannot win Florida, then Rubio drops out and Romney is in.”

“The GOP establishment’s secret plan is to back Romney against Trump in the hopes of winning enough delegates in the primaries after Super Tuesday to block Trump on the first ballot at the GOP national nominating convention in Cleveland,” he added.

Stone made similar comments during an interview with Alex Jones.  During that interview, he explained that the Rubio campaign was given 25 million dollars by big GOP donors, and 75 million dollars was allocated “to stop Trump”

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7 comments to Mitt Romney To Enter The Race? The Establishment’s Secret Plan B To Steal The Nomination From Trump

  • mike

    I am not sure how a brokered convention would work exactly especially after state caucuses? If Trump wins every state then Romney the mother of Obama care wins the Nomination that would destroy all faith in the establishment (Meaning both Dem and Rep) forever. No recovering in fact I think it might really cause a Civil war. Interesting times we are living in..Thank God for the Internet or we would all still being buying what the establishment is selling. The only hope for stopping Trump is to literally kill the internet…That too might start a civil war. Nah I think they are boxed in this time with no way out. Think the sleepers have finally started to awaken. Might just become a true honest republic once again!

  • AgShaman

    paging Ross Perot….

  • KRELL427

    Every stunt they have pulled so far has backfired on them,why should this be any different. People are sick and tired of theses full of shit parasites.

    • Millicent

      They are scrambling to deal with Trump because he has caught them by surprise and they have totally underestimated the dissatisfaction of the general public with USG BAU… (business as usual)

      Noonan is correct, they do not understand the anger and the level to which people are fed up with the crap that the government has been shoveling on them for years… With the standard clones that they usually run for president there was only the choice of bad or worse. When Trump came out people lit up like someone pushed a switch (look at the faces in the photo). The same in Europe… They want their country/countries back.

      He needs to watch his back because these are evil people that he is dealing with.

  • monica

    oh lord, i thought we’d seen the last of that plastic face, stiff – sigh.

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