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McDonalds Teetering On The Brink Of Financial Collapse

by Baxter Dmitry, InvestmentWatch:

Future generations will look back at McDonalds with horror. They will be astonished at the sick and twisted science experiment on the world’s population, making millions of people sick in the process.

McDonalds Corporation, the world’s leading dealer of GMOs and Frankenfoods, is teetering on the brink of financial collapse thanks to a global awakening regarding the dangers of toxic, commercially processed “food.”

People around the world are waking up to the fact they have been conned by McDonalds,” said John Grits, a restaurant industry consultant with Food Consultants Group. “The Golden Arches are rotten to the core and now they have started crumbling.” According to an Associated Press review of the corporation’s regulatory filings, McDonalds closed over 700 stores last year and suffered an 11 percent decrease in revenue and 30 percent drop in profit. For corporations the size of McDonalds, falls in profit of 2 to 3 percent can have enormous ramifications. 30 percent? We are talking irreversible terminal decline, according to industry experts.

John Gordon, an industry analyst with Pacific Management Consultancy Group, says that McDonalds are simply out of step with what consumers want these days. “McDonalds is such an internally focused organisation, it’s a situation where you don’t have a fresh perspective coming in.

Following the mass closures last year, thousands more restaurants are expected to shut their doors and drive-thru windows this year as diners continue to choose not to eat items such as French Fries – comprised of 19 shocking ingredients, French Fries are more like a lab experiment in creating an item that looks and tastes like a potato product but is actually a chemically engineered concoction of GMOs, trans fats, chemical stabilisers, preservatives, wheat, milk, and beef derivatives, as well as poisonous additives derived from petroleum and silicone.

Future generations will look back at McDonalds with horror. They will be astonished that the behemoth corporation was allowed by the FDA to perform what is essentially a sick and twisted science experiment on the world’s population, making millions of people sick in the process, aiming their advertising squarely at children and adolescents, trying to hook them when they are young and vulnerable – and all in the name of profit over all else.

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15 comments to McDonalds Teetering On The Brink Of Financial Collapse

  • matt

    My heart is bleeding…What kind of a world will it be without having this COMPLETE LOAD OF TOXIC GARBAGE DISAPPEAR ??

    OH! let me re think that one out 😉

  • Steelerdude

    Funny how this article appeared this morning…I went to McD’s about six months ago and had quarter pounder with cheese and a french fries ….I got nauseated and a bit sick after an hour, heart started to pound and thought “oh my…this isnt good” Hadnt been to McD’s in over 15 years…well, yesterday I thought I would try it again…and the same thing happened.

    no joke no lie….Im a Christian…I will never step in another McD’s for the rest of my life…

    but what is in that food that does that….it really does scare me…

  • sean

    The Price of A Muck Donald’s is ludicrous. In the UK their meals were £2.88 for years and years.
    Then they started to hike their prices up over the years.
    The same meal now roughly just over £5.00
    2 Adults and a child comes in around £13 -15
    Muck Donald’s IMHO was a quick option to eat if you was out and about, you knew it probably was not the healthy option but the price was healthy on your wallet.
    You can now go to Subway and get a whopping meal for that amount, with a roll, salad you name it.
    More than the average Joe could eat in fact.
    Your looking at around a total bill of around £8.00 for 2 Adults and 1 child in Subway.
    Muck Donald’s is way over priced for what it is and I think people are starting to realise what they are getting for their money just appears not to be value any more, especially when their are much healthier approaches. It appears people are becoming for Money concious as well as health.

  • malcolm

    Once again same old story GREED. These corporations get GREEDY.
    They never ever learn, they all live in the past and think they can charge more and more and the people will pay more and more.
    And that mindset is what has seen so many many companies just go to the wayside,
    rather than dropping prices and keeping customers they seem to have the attitude well we won’t do that and then they complain and moan when they go under.
    Some do it on purpose to be in it for the quick option and then get out, but the ones that are in it for the long haul just do not get it and never will.
    It is no good charging £2.00 for a cup of Tea and have an empty shop when you could still make a healthy profit from £1.00 a cup and have a brimming full shop of customers.

  • Marc

    What finally did it for me is when I found out that in the UK they have 4 ingredients in their fries. Here in the US, it’s 14! Why!? Slow death by food?

  • malcolm

    If you would like to improve the economy, rather than drop oil prices so that folk spend more in their economies, raise the price of Gold and Silver to its correct state. That should raise spending in your economies a billion times over.
    There is a quick fix for a while option.
    And offered totally free. 🙂

  • James S


  • newfynew777

    the McDonald’s in photo is the Edgewater Mall McDonalds on the north side of Beach Blvd in Biloxi,MS. after Katrina..recognized it immediately,as I lived right next to it in Edgewater Garden Apts..thankfully was in Ohio with a terrible low back injury when Katrina rolled through..don’t know if i would have stayed or left if i was there for Katrina..if we had stayed,the wall of water would have sent me to the promised land..guess it wasn’t my time yet..
    ..assume they rebuilt the McDonald’s after Katrina,but the casino pirate boat we worked at was smashed into oblivion[Treasure Bay Casino] lots of photos of the gambling boat smashed was an incredible piece of work,but Katrina made mince meat out of it,
    just like everything else along Beach Blvd in Biloxi that horrible day….lost many friends and work acquaintances in Katrina who sadly decided to ride the storm out in another apt complex down the street right on the water and probably many more didn’t know that well..

    • Kevin

      I recognized that McD’s too. My mom lived in back bay off of Popp’s Ferry Road just past the bridge. The water came up to the edge of her neighborhood but stopped before flooding their street. She was lucky. My nephew was staying with a friend and her daughter and the water came into their house and quickly rose up to the ceiling. Neither the woman nor her daughter could swim so they crawled into the attic space (not a good idea without a way to get out). Fortunately the water only came in a little and they made it safely through. My sister lost her house in BSL and many of the landmarks I knew are gone. Sad to see Beach Blvd with so many empty lots. I used to love driving past all the old homes.

  • Troy

    We only go out to eat at 2 places…Chipotle and a local place that all their food is organic…we actually ate there last night. I remember hearing a story about McDonalds, they found human DNA in the meat. People that eat at McDonalds are setting themselves up for cancer.

  • Kevin

    There are much better options than McDonalds, restaurants who keep the menu simple and use good quality ingredients – In & Out Burgers and The Burger Habit. Their menu items are not much more in price than McD’s and the food is made fresh while you wait. No soybean cow innards hamburger patties that were cooked hours ago and kept in warmer to throw on a bun and all get microwaved.


  • Johny Comelately

    The only problem with eating “clean food” for a while is that you become sensitive to food additives. I’m at the point where I’d rather eat nothing than have a Big Mac. I feel like crap the next day.

    On Wednesday I went to a Chinese restaurant. The food was excellent, but must have been laced with MSG. I had a pounding headache all day yesterday. It felt worse than a bad beer hangover.

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