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Mafia BLM Burns Rancher Property and Cows to Show They Own This Joint

from Truthstream Media:

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3 comments to Mafia BLM Burns Rancher Property and Cows to Show They Own This Joint

  • I hear the Magna Carta mentioned several times. It was signed by the King of England in 1215 AD and of course had no bearing on Oregon. But the alleged principles of equality of that historic document in fact, applied only to the lesser nobility of England who ranked below the Crown. The Baronial Order of the Magna Carta, tracing to 1898, is well interlocked with the secret society I made my specialty, The Pilgrims Society. Several of its officials have been identified as Pilgrims members. None of these groups ever represented the common man. The Pilgrims Society, sponsored by the Crown of England, is an alliance of many powerful historic families, most connected by marriage, which for ages has been the foundation of connecting empires. After the Magna Carta was signed at Runnymede in AD 1215, the life of the common folk did not significantly improve. As of the close of the 1700s, there were still 220 separately defined capital offenses in merry old England punishable by death. 585 years after the date of Magna Carta, look how the small folk were treated. It would be instructive to know if on Oregon lands where these embattled ranchers remain, are there key mineral resources below ground? The American Bill of Rights was and remains infinitely superior to the Magna Carta insofar as ordinary people are concerned. The reason so much land (954,000 square miles) in Western states is Federally owned (a major injustice) is that such ownership was imposed as a condition of Statehood. New York money interests were behind THAT move, and their descendants are members of The Pilgrims Society, which exists to “seize” and “absorb” wealth in its alliance with The Crown. Sir Robert Worcester chairs the Magna Carta Committee He chaired The Pilgrims London (1993-2010), is a media magnate and resides in Allington Castle In a Pilgrims meeting in 2012, Worcester ridiculed my findings on his group quoting me, “The Pilgrims organization is a cluster of intermarried old line rich, Royals and robber barons who have created the world’s financial structure.”

    • AgShaman

      Supposedly, it is the uranium that is ‘in-situ’, which is ironic…because as you say, the influence of the Pilgrims is far reaching. Oregon is a champagne socialist state in waiting, complete with the hunger games/baron city/states theme…in other words, it has already been captured by the elite and turned into a resort/playground/base of operations.

      Nevada on the other hand….has different #’s from the periodic table

  • KRELL427

    The fire chief who quit was on caravan to midnight last night.He knew all about the uranium,also the guy they shot and killed was on his way to another county to get the sheriff. He also mentioned masonic temple that was frequented late at night.I’m just skimming over some of the things mentioned but it really was an eye opening interview.

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