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7 comments to Liar-in-Chief

  • newfynew777


    the drone O’Bomber is smoother and slicker than slick willy and hillary playing twister naked covered in GMO Canola oil tied in a oily knot..

  • KRELL427

    Don’t worry about the guns we gave to the Mexican gangs.

  • AgShaman

    Catch the transparency on C-SPAN if you like…

  • CalSailX

    I’m sorry however when did those that understand we have criminals pretending to be a government even pretend to care… I didn’t get that memo!

  • Sam

    Ironic that Barry speaks of “backround checks” when he fronted a forged Birth Certificate, has a multitude allegiance alias’, names, fathers, and religions…to name a few.
    The bullshit inseminating America from the Obozo Regime is sickening to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

    • Marc

      And most people do not realize that Barry’s past associations alone would not allow him to be hired at the FBI, yet he’s the President (Dictator).

      • Sam

        Exactly Marc,
        Barry or whatever his name is as the bogus SSN’s of his refer to others as well…proves the Obozo is not who he says he is and there is no way he could pass as a school crossing guard let alone as the man with his finger on the “football” riding on AF One.

        I know of a person who just had to go thru a “back round” check to volunteer in the County Fair board…I’m told she went thru the whole SSN check, finger print, picture etc deal…Yet…,still to this day, the system of the crony fools liars and thieves fail the people they are supposed to represent even on a simple “backround check” for the enigma surrounded in darkness enveloped in a fog and wrapped in a riddle…???

        Yaah, for this enigma to call for “backround checks” on anyone for any reason, is the epitomy of HYPOCRISY.

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