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KABOOM!!! Are You Ready For REALITY?

You are watching the system implode upon itself

by Bill Holter, JS Mineset, SGT

Hopefully you have read between the lines of my writings over the last few weeks and felt the urgency of the situation. Markets all over the world are coming apart at the seams and “control” is rapidly being lost. I would like to mention, over the years there has been one “rule” never broken. Almost ALWAYS, whenever the president of the U.S. speaks, or whenever the Fed meets and issues a policy statement …or whenever the Chairman of the Fed speaks …”control” is at its greatest.

What have we seen this time? Janet Yellen testified yesterday and is doing so again today. The markets have come unglued. In particular, gold is now up $56 dollars for the largest gain since 2009.  Mrs. Yellen is now out of her league as many of her comments are not making sense and are actually contradictory of what she may have just said.

For example, her prepared remarks speak of tightening rates at future meetings. She was asked “is the Fed out of bullets” and she goes into the talk about negative rates. “Negative rates” are NOT ammunition. Negative rates are outright panic and desperation. I would also mention, the Fed has been at zero percent rates for 6-7 years, any lower rates (negative) are at this point the only plan B. But Mrs. Yellen said yesterday (and probably again today) the Fed does not know the “legality” of negative rates. How is this even possible? They have had all these years to research negative rates …yet to this day she doesn’t know if it is even legal? I would also add, Mrs. Yellen is so clueless she does not understand their rate hike was the spark that lit this thing up in the first place. Please don’t get me wrong, the fire was going to start somewhere, I just didn’t think the Fed would be the one striking the match!

Folks, let me put this into plain speak for you. If to this day the Fed does not know if negative rates (which has been a potential topic for well over two years) are legal, does this mean there is no plan “B”? Actually, does this mean there HAS BEEN no plan B all along??? Legal or not legal, were the Fed to move to negative rates, a “run” on everything will occur. A run on the banks and a run on the currency and thus a RUN ON THE CENTRAL BANK ITSELF! The big problem is this, the dollar is the lynchpin “reserve” currency for the entire world, what would it say if we had to move to negative rates …because NOTHING ELSE WORKED?

Of course, negative rates are a hypothetical at this point. I say “hypothetical” because the markets must be open in order to even try this “plan B”. You can now completely forget about technical levels for anything and everything as fundamentals are trumping everything. In case you do not understand what I am saying here, the fundamentals of “BROKE IS BROKE” will trump buying the dips, selling the rallies blah blah blah. We are at the point where “trust” is breaking down and “get me out” at any price is beginning to take over.

Much of the selling is being forced. As I wrote three or four weeks back, this is a margin call which is now self propelled in motion. Sales to meet margin calls are further depressing asset prices and creating yet more calls in a reinforcing and now a continuous negative loop. As I mentioned above, “control” is being broken and with it the thought process “the government will never let it happen” is also being broken. As everything financial is “levered” or done with borrowed money, how much larger are the actual losses to “equity” and how much longer can it go until we see trading defaults? This I believe accounts for gold’s huge move today. Gold cannot “default” and default is exactly where the entire system is headed. You are now getting the answer to your question of where capital will flee once REAL FEAR begins because the levers don’t work anymore!

Let me finish with this, you are watching the system implode upon itself. At a time when liquidity on a global basis is very tight, a global margin call (created by the Fed) is being issued. They have started a process in motion that will not be stopped. The morning will soon come when markets simply cannot meet the call and will not open. At this point, credit of all sorts will freeze up. The stark reality that has been hidden for so long by so many “tricks” will finally hit the world square between the eyes like a 2×4! As we have tried to guide you for so long, the “day of reality” is arriving and the “reality” is truly ugly. Are you ready for reality?

Standing watch,

Bill Holter
Holter-Sinclair collaboration
Comments welcome!
[email protected]

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40 comments to KABOOM!!! Are You Ready For REALITY?

  • Rob C

    Very Ready Bill

    Then again i have tried to stay in reality, seems it is paying off big this week.

    Thanks for all your input

  • Millicent

    Bill Holter = salesman. Your friend? Perhaps…

    • Rob C

      No Millicent
      Not a personal friend and I do not mind him being a salesman if that`s what you mean.
      He and I, do think a lot alike though wish,he was a personal friend.

      Would love to have a sit down and chat with Mr Holter hang out, maybe grab a beer or something ,ride a horse,play with the dogs,enjoy nature,talk metals and the world in general.

      What is it your trying to get at ?

      • Christine

        Ignore it. In case you haven’t noticed, every single one-liner from the creature is a snide and disparaging comment addressed to SGT’s readers and listeners. No one so far has passed its muster, be it Holder, Willie, Kranzler, Kirby, Hoffman, Schiff or anyone else.

        Just a serial hit-and-run with a bad attitude.

    • SGT

      Millicent, JS Mineset doesn’t even sell precious metals, genius.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Cha-Ching!!! Ching ching ching. (GS?)

    Janet Yerren say about stock markets.

    Ho Lee Fuk.

    Sum Ting Wong.

    Wi Tu Loe.

    Why Goy buy silver? Dat was not in da Joowish planning book.

    We can’t control all da goy if dey got silvuh, guns & food.

  • Petedivine

    The Chinese buyers will be added to the mix next Monday. I imagine buying pressure will surge from all camps.I think the damn has broken. Wish I was better prepared. Unfortunately events like these wait for no man.

  • Mike from the North

    I love how we have trolls that follow the postings of people like Bill and try to cast shadows on their message.

    If you have a pulse and a brain and have researched this subject for any reasonable amount of time you will realize TROUBLE IS BREWING.

    It troubles me greatly that NOT ONE OF MY FAMILY OR CIRCLE of friends have taken one step to preparing for the biggest reset EVER.

    Spoke to my banker today. HE called me to offer a review of my financial plan. Had to hold myself back from taking a strip off his back but I did CLEARLY explain that he had nothing to offer me that would be off help. He responded by sating that my concerns were not warranted and that many times in the past some has warned of trouble….but nothing has happened.

    Needless to say our converstaion ended shortly after.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      In about one year, maybe less, you can offer to trade that Banker, a 5 pound bag of rice, for his BMW, Mercedes, Escalade, etc.

      That banker will be glad to do it and you can laugh in his face as you drive away with his car.

      We all agree, the trouble that was brewing, is just about ready. The tea-pot is starting to get steamy and soon will be whistling like an express train late for dinner.

    • SGT

      funny Mike, I had a broker from Scottrade call me yesterday out of the blue to “touch base”…. I wonder if these guys are being encouraged by management to calm nerves and get out ahead of any possible runs/liquidations… because they can see it coming.

      • windrunner56

        Sean I was in the Bank of Montreal here in Alberta the other day to cash my cheque (I do not have a bank account anymore – off grid) and the investment officer came out and approached a couple at the wickets he knew to have small talk. The couple were freaking out about the drop in the value of their investment. The investment crook, er I mean officer, told them to hold their position, and maybe buy more, it would double in two years!!!

        I almost fell to the floor. I had real trouble containing my anger. These bankers are evil as evil can be. As I sit here petting my metals right now (my pet rox), I really feel for those who are losing their life’s work. But how does one combat stupidity and naivety.

        I firmly believe these brokers/investment types are no different than car salesmen, who know nothing about the mechanics of a vehicle, but it sure is shiny!!!!!

        • Christine

          I think we are getting there. A friend of mine decided to cash in everything she had, held by Prudential, and buy physical G and S (sheesh! Been working on her for almost two years. She didn’t at the time I did because… I paid $20.00 for silver and $1,200 for gold and she was looking at my stuff go down and her gold-and-silver paper go up, up, up. All smirky, she was for a while).

          She sent me this frantic email yesterday (after finally deciding that paper gold and silver was worth… the paper it’s written on!):

          “Enraged I am!!! Friggin bank ran out of cash to be 10 days or so ago.
          They are rationing our withdrawals! ! Check from Prudential drafted on Citi bank won’t clear my bank!!!!!!
          $45,000 being rationed in segments over a period of weeks!”

          I read her blurb and got the drift of it: you can sell your paper crap in which you invested your 401K but… the money will not make it to your bank account in time for you to actually put your hand on physical.

          Right now, she’s been out of paper gold/silver since she liquidated (10 days ago). She got a $45,000 check she expected to cash but since it is way over $5,000, she had to deposit it and the most she’ll be able to get in cash is $5,000 per week until the totality of the funds have made it to her bank account (Citi. How dumb do you have to be huh?). G and S are going up and she’s got nothing. No more 401K, mo more paper, no money in bank to write a check to a G and S broker (twilight zone between banks is something else), no way to get enough cash fast enough to beat the difference between what she sold gold paper and what physical sells for and the knowledge that $45,000 may be floating around forever and ever or, by the time she has it on her account, gold will have gone to $1,400 or even higher. She’s screwed.

          I almost said: “Told you so.” Didn’t. Somewhere in between, I grew some compassion…

          • windrunner56

            Christine, this is our moment. We need to show a little compassion for those who are…well…stupid, naive, mis-informed, braindead, you name it.

            Just sit back like me, pet your Gold Bar and your silver coins. It feels good. Feel for your friend. My friends who quit reading my forwarded vids from this site and others, are starting to freak out. I don’t look so much a conspiracy nut now.

            Missed our little barbs. My wife and I went to Cabo San Lucas for 10 days. Had a few margaritas by the pool with my American comrades. Tried real hard but could not find one person who thought Hitlery Clinton should NOT be behind bars. God knows I tried….they are real concerned for their well being. I was pleasantly surprised at their knowledge at what is transpiring. There is hope!!!!

          • Eric

            Christine, I am glad you didn’t say “I told you so.”

            We are going to have to try to hold back from that. They will be angry. Just try to help them figure out how to make things work faster and better. Help them find solutions.

            Miners up big again today. I bought more oil but I still think it might be going to 20 before it goes back to 40. I just received one big order of silver and I have 3 more out right now. Waiting for the checks to clear but at least the price is locked in.

            I think I am going to transfer some more into BitGold soon. It’s a pretty fast way to get cash out of your bank account, into Gold, within 1% of the price and 1% transaction fee, no premium to pay.

            As much as I am enjoying it, I still prefer Gold and Silver in my own possession. No third parties!

            It is definitely our time to shine. We are being rewarded FINALLY!

            Everyone needs to learn their lessons in this world. The hard way if it must be.

            Watch the 1300 and 1400 levels. 1300 will be strong resistance and so will 1400. After that, as fonestupid would say…to the mooooon!

            • Christine


              Thanks. I really, really wanted to say it but my guts wouldn’t let me.

              Here’s what I told her: “Take the first $5,000 in cash since you can. You said you could today. Take it. Do it NOW! Then, call my dealer and LOCK the price today and confirm it by e-mail plus shipping. Then, with your $5,000 in hand, go to and buy 6 money orders at $750.00 (W.U. has no requirement to report any money order below $800 to the IRS) and the last one for whatever makes the total. Go to 2 or 3 different W.U. if needed but buy only $750 M.O. When you have $5,000 plus shipping worth of M.O. in hand, duly labelled for your own records, e-mail my broker the numbers and OVERNIGHT them (yeah, $18.00. Deal with it!) The price of G or S is locked for 72 hrs. Don’t screw her and she won’t screw you. Do it and go to bed.”

              Eric, I said my piece. I’m not a baby-sitter. You know the feeling…

              • pipes

                Christine – Consider what you write…and maybe consider asking Sean to edit your comment above. I’m no lawyer, but you may have an issue there

                • Christine

                  Pipes, “I’m no lawyer”

                  What issue? I’m following the rules, I don’t advocate breaching them and everything I said is absolutely legal. Check Western Union rules and get back to me. I don’t make the rules. I learn them. I follow them. When you get past paranoia, get back to me.

                • Eric

                  I just order from the Doc, send a check, put 2 stamps on it, and drop it in the mail ASAP. Not as private. But I’m not concerned about that part. Pretty easy though.

                  I don’t see anything wrong with your way. But that’s a lot more work than it’s worth.

                  I’m not a baby sitter either and yes I know the feeling. I notice that if they are willing to talk things through, and can ask decent questions, and not react emotionally, and not talk over me…I am more inclined to help them find the solutions to their problems rather than just scream “YOU IDIOT!”

              • pipes

                So you want to be a bitch about it…fine.

                What you described is called “structuring”, and one SAR could set dominoes in motion. And again, I’m no lawyer, but my concern for you was that you may be advising another person how to subvert FinCen/BSA reporting rules – AND THEN DETAILING IT IN WRITING ON THE INTERNET FOR ALL TO SEE.

                And I – PARANOID – tried to tactfully get you to revisit the wisdom of posting such.

                But obviously you know better.

        • windrunner56

          Further to this, my wife and I decided to pay out a condo this week (get her $$ out of the bank) and when we went to the bank the teller tried to “arrange” for us to discuss this decision with a bank representative who specializes in investments. Are you f**king kidding me!!!

          I laughed of course. Rather have a rental property free and clear than their toilet paper.

          Am really beginning to hate these hacks.

          • Eric

            Work on your rhetoric more wind.

            I have found that if you stay calm and present a logical question to their bullshit. They will react emotionally, avoid your question, and show themselves to be the losers that they are. It’s tempting just to laugh but it’s better to remain serious. It’s like when the judge abandons the court because the living spiritual being knows how their corrupt system works.

            Just tell them, “No thank you. I do not need any investment advice at this time. But I do need the $$ out of my account so if you could get that as soon as possible, all will be fine.”

            Just taking care of business.

        • SGT

          wind & friends – Fast Forward to 11:30 and… LISTEN TO CLIF’S WEB BOT UPDATE NOW…!

          • windrunner56

            haha. Am actually watching it on another window right now. I have followed web bot through JSNIP4 for quite a while. He is quite a human. Thanks, Sean. You continue to provide the good info.

          • Eric

            “Some people will benefit. They were smart. They knew what to do. They saw it coming. Most people will not.”

            Be ready for anything and everything. And as a good friend of mine once said, “don’t go down without one helluva fight!”

      • Ed_B

        They absolutely can see it coming, Sean, and they are doing all they can to drum up any business they can. I have had similar calls from my Scottrade rep and also from TD Ameritrade. Vanguard is also reaching out to clients but is more laid back about it via their newsletter and web site.

        None of my brokers are happy with my decision to go to cash early last August. They called my accounts “dead money”. HA! Considering all the [email protected] that has HTF since then, maintaining my wealth sounds good to me, rather than losing 20-25% of it by doing it their way. Nope, sorry… just not going there. At age 66, I am too old to take big risks in the market anymore. Cash, PMs, and some very blue blue-chips are where it’s at for me these days. I don’t need “growth” nearly as much as I need to hang onto what I have. One of these years, the brokers will be old guys too and will at long last understand what I was telling them. For now, they are all younger to middle age and still hot to trot with their money. I wish them luck with that. 🙂

        • Eric

          Ha ha! Ed,

          They call me ALL THE TIME! I stopped answering 3 years ago, but I still maintain a small balance and trade. I’ve probably had 4 different guys call me in the last 5 years.

          I remember when I closed my Citi checking and savings accounts like 7 or 8 years ago. The look on the lady’s face was priceless. She was really disappointed in me as I laughed in her face when she gave me the $200 that was remaining in my account.

          We are the ones fixing things. They are the ones who are deceiving people.
          They are the problem. We are the solution.

    • pipes

      Tell your banker you don’t mind when people warn you of trouble that doesn’t materialize…but that you DO have a problem with dumbasses who tell you everything is smooth sailing just minutes before crashing into the rocks.

      That same stupid banker probably said that same stupid shit right before “Lehman”.

      • Ed_B

        “That same stupid banker probably said that same stupid shit right before “Lehman”.”

        Indeed so, Pipes. In fact, Bernanke was on TV telling everyone watching that “now is a great time to buy a house”. Within weeks of that bit of wisdom, the bottom fell out of the US housing market. So much for what the “experts” know.

  • Yellin’s remarks make no sense ! Name me one time that the Head of the F. E. D. ever make sense when speaking before the public or Congress !

  • John Australia

    Janet Yellen said she was going to INCREASE interest rates-albeit SLOWLY
    This PONZIWOMAN is a lying Fraud mouthpiece.
    And her crowd want Hillary (LIAR) Clinton as President???
    Votes will be R I G G E D if Hilary gets The Nod.

    Im all for structure in Society.
    The Greed and unadulterated evil created by those that started off Killing President Kennedy will swallow up civilisation as we know it.
    All a plan to instigate a SLAVED New World Order???
    Must Be , as no-one could be that stupid…so this is THE PLAN…Steal the peoples Assets, impoverish them, make them vaccine sick and then mid control whats left as slaves after the decimation.

    • Ed_B

      “Votes will be R I G G E D if Hilary gets The Nod.”

      Voter fraud on a massive scale will be the only way that Hellery gets back into the White House.

      • windrunner56

        SHe will get the nod over Sanders. Apparently it is the “Super Delegates” that really matter, NOT the American masses. And he has a 45 – 1 ratio over him. Insane how your politics in America is. Not that Canadian politics is any better. We had a Prime Minister who has never had a job, but thinks he is the Kennedy North.

  • Bill - Down Under

    Great post Bill, preparing myself for the coming Armageddon, as a previous post mentioned close friends are oblivious to whats going on… your thoughts on adding a share to Linkedin ?

  • Kakistocracy

    The FEDERAL RESERVE (it is not FEDERAL but PRIVATELY OWNED, it is not a RESERVE of anything except a giant Sucking Sound) NEVER NEVER NEVER speaks the Truth.

    Thus rationalizations such as “We didn’t know”, “Didn’t account for it” BlahBLah are all lies.
    People refuse to look at the credibility of the FEDERAL RESERVE openly and honestly.
    As a matter of history, the FED never tells the truth.
    Clearly Mr.Holter knows this, as trust and veracity begins to break down everywhere.
    This is all engineered and designed.

    Look for many great websites and alternative media sites such as this one and ZeroHedge for example, TO GO DOWN. The nefarious forces in the DEEP STATE Government will not allow alternative voices to flourish when the Collapse is staring everyone in the face.

    Massive DDOS attacks, Malware, Power Outages, these will be the norm when the COLLAPSE ACCELERATES.

    Eyes Open, Heart Strong people !

  • Ed_B

    “Mrs. Yellen is now out of her league as many of her comments are not making sense and are actually contradictory of what she may have just said.”

    Who the hell knows what this woman is saying? It’s hard to imagine why we have zeros in high places in this country when there are just oodles of great men and women who could do a MASSIVELY better job of it than clowns like this.

    “For example, her prepared remarks speak of tightening rates at future meetings. She was asked “is the Fed out of bullets” and she goes into the talk about negative rates. “Negative rates” are NOT ammunition. Negative rates are outright panic and desperation.”

    Agreed. IMO, negative rates = bankster capitulation. This is the point where they throw up their hands, admit that they haven’t got a clue, and then try to weasel out of their obligations.

    “Please don’t get me wrong, the fire was going to start somewhere, I just didn’t think the Fed would be the one striking the match!”

    Why not? The Fed has been a serial bubble blowing machine for a couple of decades now. Why wouldn’t they strike that match, either as part of yet another skulduggerous plan or out of utter incompetence? Either way, the result is the same tragedy for a great many of our fellow human beings.

    Never under-estimate the Fed’s ability to screw the pooch BIG-TIME. I believe that this happens because the Fed has a dual mandate alright, but it’s not the one that they talk about all the time. That’s merely half of their mandate… their public face, as it were. The other half is their REAL mandate, which is to protect the big NY banks and their profits. Looking back on the history of the Fed for the past 103 years, it is very clear that they have failed utterly at their public mandate and succeeded brilliantly at their private mandate. From this it is easily deduced which of these mandates is actually important to them.

  • Dissolution

    In light of the circumstances, and all of the points that Bill is making here, I find it very interesting, too convenient, and presciently preordained that market stop orders will no longer be in effect (as of next week?).

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