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Humanity Has Gone Homicidal

from The Sleuth Journal:

Hunger, famine, natural disasters and war are some of the most common threats cited by people when asked about triggers that may unleash a planetary disaster. But the truth is that none of those threats could end humanity as we know it. At least not single-handedly.

The more I talk to people the more convinced I am that humanity’s greatest threat is being under the control of a homicidal, psychopathic minority whose interests and the means used to achieve them could be life ending indeed.

For many people who live under the tyranny of the minority, which is most of us, there is little hope and a null desire to live.

They distract themselves with television, sports, political spectacles and poison themselves from the inside out by using toxic products, ingesting poisoned food, drinking contaminated water, and living in highly polluted urban centers.

Humanity as a whole has allowed unlimited wars to take place and has accepted illegal military interventions as the only solution to seek and maintain peace. People in governments have made it normal to let people go hungry and to pollute the planet if it advances their causes.

Those who control humanity have shaped the past, the present and are now modeling the future to their advantage. They have created technologies that, if used properly, could propel us all into space and beyond, but instead they refuse to share that knowledge with everyone else.

This breakaway civilization, as it is often called, are responsible for the imperfect present and the dark future that awaits anyone who is not in their pocket. Therein lies the sentiment of fear and desire to depart from this life, which many people evidence today.

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