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How We Know an Airliner Did Not Hit the Pentagon

from Zen Gardner:

The government and the media have told us that a Boeing 757 airliner hit the Pentagon at nearly 9:38 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001.

But we know it didn’t.

For the Pentagon to have been hit at by the allegedly hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, the laws of physics would have to have been repealed. Admittedly, it wouldn’t be the only time that this appears to have happened that day.

I believe that any reasonable person who is willing to look at the evidence (photo and otherwise) will have to conclude that there was not enough damage to the Pentagon for it to have been hit by a Boeing 757. Not enough damage to the building but apparently enough to vaporize the plane.

There are many elements of the official Flight 77 story that need to be picked apart. These include the inexplicable failure of air defenses, questions about the flying skills of the alleged hijackers, and why the hijackers names did not appear on any 9/11 passenger lists. In this post, we’ll start with the physical evidence.

According to Boeing’s own web site, the 757 is 155 feet, 3 inches long. It has a wing span of 124 feet, 10 inches. And it is 44 feet, six inches high at the tail. It has a capacity of 11,276 American gallons of jet fuel. Its maximum takeoff weight is 255,000 pounds. It can reach Mach 0.8 (just over 600 mph) and has a seating capacity that can range from 186 to 239 passengers. On Sept. 11, it had just 58 passengers and six crew members on board.

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