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Gold Will Smell Blood of Negative Rates-Peter Schiff

from USAWatchdog:

Money manager Peter Schiff says forget about the Fed raising interest rates.

The next move is down. Schiff explains, “I think there is a pretty good chance we’re going to get 0% interest rates before the end of the year, and I think we’re going to get QE4. We will see if the Fed is going to go negative, but they are going to do it eventually.”

On the falling markets, Schiff says, “Every decline, the Fed has come in and either launched another round of QE or hinted that another round of QE is coming. I said if they raised rates in December (2015), they would take that off the table because they would lose too much credibility to go back to QE so quickly. So, that’s why the market keeps falling and the Fed can’t stop it. I got that right.”

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5 comments to Gold Will Smell Blood of Negative Rates-Peter Schiff

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    How does Peter BREATHE? I think he must have a breathing tube installed in the back of his neck because he never slows down.

    Not even my EX-wife could get a word in edgewise. Peter never wins an argument, he just talks until the other guy passes out because Peter took all the oxygen out of the room.

    Hahaha. I love his analysis, and I know he talks so fast because CNBC, CNN, FOX, etc, always try to cut him off and he has to fight to get a few words into the mic, but for heaven’s sake, he’s got machine-gun-lips.

    His podcasts are much more pleasant because he’s not worried about anybody else trying to talk, but even then, he is still a non stop chatterbox.

    • Eric


      I used to have funds with EuroPac. I was happy with Europac but I just got tired of not having direct access to my money and not being able to make my own trades right when I wanted to, not to mention having a large chunk of my wealth in the system.

      Peter is legit. Definitely one of the good guys. My broker at the time told me, “he likes to talk.” And it’s a shame about his Dad considering he fought the IRS all his life and tried to teach others how to do the same.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        I admire Peter (and his brave, deceased father-Irwin). Known about them since the 80’s.

        After I lost all my life savings in the ’08 crash, I got mad, and started researching for those who predicted & warned about it, and that’s when I found the youtube video (Peter was right).

        That started me on the RIGHT path to rebuild with SILVER (instead of things that will be gone again.) I’ve always wanted to be self sufficient since I started reading Mother Earth News Magazine in the late ’70’s.

        Now I’m living in a RURAL area with like minded neighbors. The next crash is the one I’m ready for, thanks to Peter and the others who are similar.

        Bless them all.

        I’m Alright.

    • Eric

      It has to make you wonder how many sheeple will just sit there while their account dwindles down each month and how many will GOTS? Anything to get them out spending and prop up the phony recovery.

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