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Gold & Silver: What’s NEXT?

from VisionVictory:

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3 comments to Gold & Silver: What’s NEXT?

  • Rob C

    Good advice
    Do not know if we are going to make a ton of money but You did make good calls
    Especially now for people to take it easy.
    A large breakout to the upside will get some resistance and fall back some on such a large move.

    Good Job Sir

  • Eric

    We seem to be holding the 1200 level just fine and dandy despite the slide lower overnight. Miners are up today. But apparently the banks have gotten much stronger miraculously overnight. If the 1200 level is broken, look for 1180 to hold.

    Definitely have a month’s worth of cash on hand. You gotta have the green if you want to make the scene.

    Gold and Silver and the miner’s need to rise a lot more this year, but I do think Daniel is right. Hold tight at this point. Just enjoy the ride. If you have any gambling spirit at all, it is fun to watch the miner’s rise dramatically on those big up days if you’re in them. Throw a few bucks into them if you can afford it easily. They go up a lot more than the metal does. My primary positions are Vix Futures, First Majestic, Great Panther, First Mining Finance, Brazil Resources, Endeavor Silver, Silver Wheaton, Fortuna Silver, 3x long crude etn, Tahoe Resources, Mag Silver. Long Volatility, Long Oil, Long China. Just remember some of these things take time. I’m not expecting oil to move higher anytime soon unless a geopolitical event causes it, but it would be nice to see it get back above 30. I have been buying it a little. I’m not in anything China anymore but I do think China and Russia will do okay in the long run. If you can stomach the volatility, It’s a lot of fun making $ in miners on the up days right now.

    I still think it’s best to stay out of the system if you’re already out. Unless you have shekels you can afford to throw away, stay out. If you’re still in it, and have a discount broker, pick up some Silver miners and Gold miners. But just the high quality ones with lots of cash.

    Unless Gold breaks below 1200 and then 1180, then 1165, then 1140, the trend is your friend. And the trend is now UP!!! Nice to outperform the S&P for once.

    Like he says, just be patient. 🙂

    • Eric

      Remember, you buy when everybody is selling and it is hated. You sell when everyone is buying. The tables are turning right now. I would rather nibble at oil and energy assets rather than chase Gold at this point. I’ve surpassed all my goals of stacking.

      I will divert my cash into mining or other assets. But Gold and Silver assets still need to rise a lot more compared to everything else.

      It’s easy to get Gold Fever. But you never want to get emotionally attached to your money.

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