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Ginger Is Much More Potent Than Chemotherapy

by Dr. Adem Gunes, Natural News:

A recent study has revealed that ginger contains a potent agent that can kill cancer cells at the very beginning of the malignancy with 10000 times more efficacy than traditional chemotherapy.

According to the latest study published in PLoSan active ingredient of ginger known as 6-shogoal attacks the cancer cells at their primary stages (known as cancer stem cells) with more affinity than chemotherapeutic agents.

Cancer stem cells give rise to various types of cancers except breast cancer for which they are termed as parent cells. They grow and divide to produce a cluster of daughter cells that ultimately make up the tumor.

Although stem cells occupy only 0.2 to 1% volume of the tumor, they have the properties of self-renewal and differentiation. Various levels of differentiation can result in resistance to chemotherapy. They are also invasive or migratory in nature which can create new tumor mass at a distant site known as the secondary tumor. For a visible and sustainable cure, these cells should be destroyed in the first place.

6-Shagoal as anti-cancer agent

Recently scientists have extracted a potent compound from cooked and dried root of ginger known as 6-shogoal, which showed powerful activity against cancer stem cells. Like many other naturally occurring anti-cancer agents, 6-shogoal kills cancer cells without affecting normal cells. Conventional cancer treatment options invariably show toxicity to normal cells in addition to malignant cells.

Different mechanisms involved in the killing of breast cancer cells by 6-shagoal are as follows-

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