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Gerber Prodigy Tanto Knife

by Joseph P. Mosser, Survival Blog:

For a lot of years, Gerber knives was a major player in the cutlery field. However, some years back, they fell out of favor with a lot of consumers, and their line-up of knives really shrank quite a bit. Honestly, it’s been at least 15 years or longer since Gerber sent me any knives for articles. I don’t know if it was a change of shifts or powers-that-be, but they stopped sending me knives to write about. That’s okay; there are more than enough knife companies that do send me samples for testing and articles. One of the best fixed blade knives that Gerber made, in my humble opinion, was their BMF. It was a huge 9-inch fixed blade, Bowie-style knife, perfect for camp chores or survival purposes. It’s no longer made, and I regret not having one in my meager knife collection.

Today, Gerber is on the rise once again, and many of their knives are being produced overseas, which is something I thought I’d never see from Gerber, as they were making all their knives in the USA at their plant in Portland, OR. However, with the global economy and global market, you either jump on the wagon train or you are left behind and will more than likely go out of business. Today, Gerber has a huge selection of knives and other gear to choose from. Keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for when it comes to knives made overseas. If you want a cheap $2 knife, they will make that for you. If you want a high-end $500 knife, they will produce that for you as well. So, don’t let “made in China” or “made in Taiwan” scare you off.


Last summer, I was cruising the Amazon website for something when an ad for the Gerber Prodigy fixed blade Tanto knife kept popping up for some reason. You know how those “cookies” work on computers; if you once look at something, cookies picks this up and ads will pop-up for weeks with that product. I was more than a little intrigued with the Gerber Prodigy that I kept seeing, so much so that I finally ordered one. The price was right, too. Gerber advertises this knife on their website for $73, and I got my sample for $37.97 with free shipping from Wait, that can’t be? Yep, it was $37.97 with free shipping!

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