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Activist and talk radio host Libbe Halevy, from Nuclear joins me for an update on the never ending Fukushima nightmare. The unabated radiation that continues to pour into the Pacific Ocean from the crippled Tepco plants is likely the chief contributor to the massive sea life die offs we’ve been seeing all over the west coast. And the very worst part is, it cannot be stopped.

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I think if you look at rainfall maps, wind patterns, jet stream, etc, everything west of the Rockies and everything north of Dallas is going to be an extra deadly radiation zone to live or visit.

    I’m sad that the nuclear psychopaths have done this to our beautiful planet. And the list of nuclear damage and future destruction is a long list.

    Past performance is not a guarantee of future safety.

    It’s a freaking nightmare. They will succeed in killing all life on the planet. How many “storage pools” are there across the globe? When a large region GRID goes down, and the nuclear pools in that region go without grid power for 2 months, the smart humans know what will happen. 100% meltdowns of all those “old” reactor loads of hot rods.

    Each reactor has no less than 10 full reactor loads of rods, just waiting to catch fire and do what they do best. Get hotter and deadlier, into the air, water and soil for millions of years into the future.

    Not even Jesus himself would be able to return for about a 100 billion years (long after the earth has actually been destroyed by our sun when it goes into NOVA (or super nova) mode.

  • Chuck Reid

    Thanks Sean! This chat with Libbe is something we can all benefit from.
    Damn scary stuff.

      • Eric

        Nutriodine, BioSuperFood, Liquid Zeolite, Bentonite Clay.

        Get some!!!

        Your body bio-accumulates toxins over time so start getting rid of them!

        • Eric

          Yep radon and radium are big in this area. I try to stay out of the dirt and dust.

          Got more rain last night in Los Angeles. Nice to get the rain.

          “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” -Thomas Jefferson

        • Eric

          Hey Sean, by the way… I got a letter from SoCalGas stating they have “temporarily controlled the flow of natural gas at the leaking well at the Aliso Canyon storage facility.” They go on to state they are working with other agencies “during the process of permanently sealing the well. The next step in the process of sealing the well requires cement to be injected from the relief well into the leaking well at its base.”

          Another notification will be mailed out to confirm that the well has been permanently sealed.

          So hey, at least things are looking up a little bit now that tons of methane and toxic crap has covered the entire northern portion of L.A. I’ll keep you guys posted when I get the second notification.

          What I want to know is where is Jerry Brown? His Goldman Sachs sister Kathleen sits on the board of directors of Sempra (SoCalGas). I guess he didn’t want to mention that part. He was too busy building his train to nowhere rather than updating the water infrastructure in California. And I guess his jesuit upbringing just makes him a little slow and incompetent.

          What’s amazing to me is how any of these people still walk around in the daylight without a scratch on them.

          • Ed_B

            NATURAL gas. OK, so the Earth farted. So what? It’s only been doing that for a couple of billion years. Oddly enough, the planetary ecosystem seems to have survived anyway. There are MANY places in the ocean where nat gas and crude oil seep out of the seabed and rise to the surface. All natural, of course. The good thing about natural events is that the ecosystem is filled with bugs that EAT these things, converting them to simpler and less harmful molecules. We’ll survive. 🙂

  • glitter 1


  • willygroper

    well, it was nice knowin’ ya’ll.

    on the bright side, maybe escaping the financial collapse will be a tender mercy. ;p

  • Rdawg

    Just put a gun in your mouth.

    Between Fukushima, FEMA camps, chemtrails, CERN, total global economic collapse, WWIII, NWO, GMOs, vaccines, mind control, RFID chips, EMP, nukes, ZIRP, NIRP, martial law, bail-ins, Illuminati, Zionists, MK Ultra, CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA, The Fed, Monsanto, and ISIS we are well and truly boned.

    • Ed_B

      “Just put a gun in your mouth.”

      F*** that. I’ll save the gun until those SOBs come to collect me for the FEMA camp. I kind of like the old Norse legends where those defeated in battle precede us into Valhalla, singing the praises of our worthiness. They then get to serve us as our slaves for eternity. 😉

      • Rdawg

        Yeah I’m not serious. Just the steady drumbeat of terrors under every rock evokes that reaction, however fleeting.
        At times I think that .gov would have to be crazy to go up against a populace as well-armed as we. But then I ponder just how much of a fight we could put up against FLIR, night vision, body armor, and MRAPs. Maybe I should ask the Vietnamese; they seem to have done alright albeit at a high cost of life.

        • Millicent

          #1. Be Afraid…
          #2, Hunker down, stack & prepare…

          Whatever you do, do not organize, form groups and be proactive against your tyrannical governments.

        • Ed_B

          “Yeah I’m not serious.”

          Didn’t think so but thought I would add my 2 cents to the conversation. 🙂

          As to all the techno-goodies, yes, they have a sh*t-load of that stuff and it will serve as a force multiplier. They’re gonna need all the force multiplication they can muster. But in the end, they will lose and their heads will all be on pikes in front of our camps. THEN we can get on with limited constitutional government as it was meant to be. The cost will be high, no doubt, but the alternative is not just death but obliteration. Never give in, never give up. The stakes are just too damned high for anything but total victory.

  • >(Rightly) criticizes Bill Gates as a criminal eugenicist who’s not to be trusted

    >Features a picture of Trump as some kind of anti-Zionist “hero figure,” who has a stated desire to hire Bill Gates as an “Internet czar” to lock down the free and open web (which, last I checked, SGT is on).

    I get (and more than appreciate) the fact that SGT is a news aggregator and that many posts here might contradict one another; it’s good to be exposed to multiple points of view, even if I find many of them to be blatantly outlandish. But have you considered that you’re actively participating in seeding cognitive dissonance throughout the alternative media?

    • Eric

      Good point Rusticus.

      • Thanks for the supporting video, Eric. Your above inquiry about Trump being funded/not funded by the Zionist/World Order crowd could end up being a clever reversal, of sorts – Trump doesn’t “need their money” to run a campaign, as he’s so keen on saying. But who will all these “great deals” benefit post-election?

        Elite cybersecurity eugenicists? Maybe a few Military Industrial Complex firms to “bomb the hell” out of Syria and Iraq? Perhaps guys that Trump “likes, like Henry Kravis”:

        A Bilderberg/Davos scumbag if there ever was one?

        Same goes for his “good friend” Carl Icahn, another Davos bootlicker. The company you keep, and all.

        It’s amazing what you can get even the “awake and aware” herded into when they’re at their wit’s end.

        • Eric

          I kind of think a Trump presidency was planned out a long time ago. Especially since it was predicted in 2 simpsons episodes. They did the same with 9/11. They leak a lot of info out in television shows and commercials and nobody even notices. I’m not sure that it is the bilderbergers that planned it out however like they normally do.

          Of course they would never let someone like Ron Paul in there who might actually be able to restore America to some degree. But a lot of people seem to think Trump winning will solve all their problems. Just like the morons on the left supporting Hillary. I still hope he wins and expect he will. He’s been saying everything right and knows what he is doing. But if anyone thinks he or Ted Cruz will respect the Constitution they are still in complete denial. A piece of paper that is so foreign to the people who were born here that it might as well be dead.

          Trump will restore some confidence and trust to the markets and morons who still don’t know how this happened. Somebody has to oversee the bankruptcy of this country. It might as well be the guy who filed for corporate bankruptcy 4 times. I still expect much higher Gold prices to come in the future even though Trump says he doesn’t like Gold.

          We are so far gone however. Trying to pull the Titanic back out of the water after it is already halfway under…well I’m not sure it is even possible anymore. The people have to change. And they aren’t getting it.

          I still plan on packing up and leaving. Hopefully there will still be a way out by the time I’m ready. If not, “don’t go down without one helluva fight!”

          • Ed_B

            “The people have to change. And they aren’t getting it.”

            Agreed. But then, the people need to know what is at stake here and they do not. They are comfortable, for the most part, and don’t want to lose that which gives them comfort. What they need is a jolt that knocks them out of their comfort zone… something that threatens all they have AND their lives as well as the lives of their family members. Imminent threat of terrible personal and financial harm will be required to get these sheeple moving. Nothing less than this will do it. Don’t think for a second that TPTB aren’t FULLY aware of this.

        • chuck

          Trump may be better or worse that the alternatives running for the office, but the problem is the office and the system it belongs to. Who occupies it won’t matter much. Anyone that is still looking for a saviour among these guys will surely be disappointed. Separate, stay agile and watch out for falling pillars.

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