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Former Inspector General: Powerful Democrat Women Standing in Way of Hillary Indictment

by John Sexton, Breitbart:

A former Inspector General for the State Department says Hillary Clinton will never be indicted for her use of a private email server because there are four loyal Democrats standing in the way.

Former Inspector General Howard J. Krongard says the current FBI investigation should be focused on how material made it from the classified email system, known as SIPRNet, to Clinton’s unclassified private server. “It can’t just jump from one system to the other. Someone had to move it, copy it. The question is who did that?” Krongard tells the New York Post.

Krongard says Hillary’s top three aides–Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and Jake Sullivan–are facing “significant scrutiny” because they sent most of the material that wound up on Clinton’s server. Though it has yet to be determined how classified material wound up crossing from one email system to the other, Krongard suggests staffers emailing Hillary likely summarized what they had read elsewhere.

“She’s trying to distance herself from the conversion from SIPRNet to [the nonsecure] NIPRNet and to her server, but she’s throwing her staffers under the bus,” Krongard tells the Post. Indeed, when Clinton was pressed about whether something needed to be marked classified in order to be considered classified on a Sunday news show, she replied that identifying such material was the responsibility of “someone down the chain.”

Even if the FBI decides Clinton holds the ultimate responsibility for creating the private server, “It will never get to an indictment,” Krongard tells the Post. The decision to act on the FBI’s recommendation would have to pass through, “four loyal Democrat women.” Krongard is referring to Loretta Lynch and her deputies Leslie Caldwell and Sally Yates. In addition, Valerie Jarrett, one of President Obama’s top advisers, could weigh in.

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3 comments to Former Inspector General: Powerful Democrat Women Standing in Way of Hillary Indictment

  • Larry from Montreal

    I don’t know whether I would ever trust anything that the remaining Breitbart group has to say after Andrew Breitbart promised to bring down Obama with some video footage and then was assassinated on the day it was supposed to come out? Why didn’t the others make it public?

    I remember watching the video of him announcing this before he was killed and I said to myself this guy must be insane. Why didn’t he put it out right away? He was asking to get snuffed and he was. It didn’t take clairvoyance to figure that out.

    • SGT

      As it relates to this article, which has merit in my opinion since the liberal criminals who worship at the alter of Hilary would do anything to save their demigod, not sure way the source matters. Could come from “Larry’s Blog” and I would have posted it. Hilary is a nightmarishly evil criminal and she has many criminal friends willing to try to cover for her. It’s the most pathetic state in which we find ourselves. These people have no shame, and therefore ZERO respect for rule of law.

  • Christine

    Larry… if you recall, Coluche did the same dumb thing before being done away with. He opened his mouth and said that he had enough proof now to “take them all down”. Didn’t do a thing for him…

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