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Factory farming, water fluoridation contaminating food supply with radioactive polonium

by J.D. Heyes, Natural News:

Do you know what’s actually contained in the food that you eat every day? If it’s conventional and grown using phosphate-based fertilizers, as most American food is, then, chances are, it contains harmful ionizing radiation that’s accumulating in your bones, vital organs and arteries, where it may eventually lead to the formation of cancer and other diseases.

If you own a home, you may be familiar with a radon test, which determines the level of radioactive radon coming out of the ground on a particular property. This radioactive chemical gas, which occurs naturally in the earth, is responsible for causing about 20,000 lung cancer deaths annually, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and it produces a number of additional radioactive “daughter” compounds that are also toxic.

One of these is polonium, a radon daughter that’s routinely picked up both by plants and inorganic substances such as rock. Phosphate rock, which is used to produce fertilizer for typically large-scale agricultural operations, is often heavily contaminated with polonium, yet farmers continue to spread it on food crops to make them grow faster.

These crops are then turned into feed for animals, which are later converted into meat for humans. The crops are also used to feed humans directly in the form of grains and vegetables, all of which could contain radon or polonium contaminants. When these products are consumed by humans, the polonium is absorbed internally in the same way as radiation from a vegetable grown near Fukushima, for instance.

Eating conventional American ‘food’ as harmful as smoking cigarettes

Another common source of polonium exposure is cigarette smoke, which research published in American Scientist back in 1975 found is distributed to the lungs, lymph nodes and blood vessels via the circulatory system. Similarly, polonium in food is believed to deposit ionizing radiation throughout the body.

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