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Drug-Producing GM Corn to be Grown in California

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

Absent even a shred of science-based evidence showing it to be safe, a new variety of genetically modified (GM) pharmaceutical “corn” awaits its planting somewhere in Central California, where authorities have agreed to allow a San Luis Obispo-based biotechnology company to grow it in the open air without any safety testing.

A clear act of ecoterrorism against the local agriculture system, the Applied Biotechnology Institute’s (ABI) expected planting of GM corn near Lockwood has generated a chorus of outrage within the local community. Like every other GMO in existence, ABI’s GM corn, which produces an enzyme known as trypsin that is found naturally in animals, has the potential to contaminate nearby crops and unleash an agricultural apocalypse.

There is so much opposition to the crop that ABI has decided to plant it in secret at an undisclosed location, where those with enough bravery to uproot or otherwise destroy it won’t have the chance. And the county’s agricultural advisory committee sees nothing wrong with the effort, which it speciously likens to growing natural corn.

According to the obviously pro-GMO Monterey County Weekly (MCW), John Howard, president of ABI, plans to grow the GM corn for the purpose of harvesting the synthetic trypsin and turning it into a product known as “TrypZean.” TrypZean will supposedly replace the natural trypsin added to vaccines, insulin and various other modalities of pharmaceutical quackery.

“TrypZean is meant to be a plant-based substitute for trypsin,” explains MCW.

Monterey County ag official declares GM corn safe because, well, it just is

Though ABI has spent some 20 years developing the plant, it has yet to be pored over with a fine-toothed comb to look for any possible threats to other organisms. Instead, Monterey County Assistant Agricultural Commissioner Bob Roach simply declared it to be, based on the fact that corn pollen in general “doesn’t travel very far.”

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