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DOW 6,000 Extreme Sell-Off Coming-Gregory Mannarino

from USAWatchdog:

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino called the top of the DOW in May 2015.

The market was well over 18,000 then and currently more than 2,000 points lower. Mannarino now says the Dow is going to “6,000–or lower.” Mannarino warns, “People need to be ready for a major, extreme sell-off in equities which are inflated in a bubble.”

Mannarino also says that the current stock market is, “the biggest bubble of them all that was inflated by a runaway central bank, and I believe it is bursting now. . . . There is nothing to push this back up.”

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3 comments to DOW 6,000 Extreme Sell-Off Coming-Gregory Mannarino

  • Rodster

    Greg and his posters are such suck ups. His posters suck up to Greg since he worked at CNN and Greg sucks up to the people he interviews.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Greg gave us a really GOOD correlation.

    He said that the HUMAN POPULATION BUBBLE went UP with the Financial Bubble (debt bubble), and BOTH bubbles will CRASH together.

    The financial values will go down to “market level” and the POPULATIONS will go down too.

    So, if the stock market goes down by more than 50%, we may expect the human population bubble to go down by 50% too? Wow.

    I think this next crash, may really reduce the world population be a lot more than just 10% or 15%.

    We won’t know it until we see it. I fear it’s gonna be EPIC.

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