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Don’t Become a “Retirement Casualty”

from Outsider Club:

I just had a visit from a friend of mine who moved to Moscow recently. Over a few shots of Russian vodka, we started discussing the differences between Americans and Russians…

The first thing was rather obvious given the circumstances: Russians can handle their hard liquor far better than us Yanks — I found that out the hard way as the night progressed.

But another major difference that my friend noticed is that Russians take far more vacations than we do. And he was right: a recent study has shown that Russians actually take twice the amount of vacation time that we do. The U.S. is also the only developed country that has no federal mandate that guarantees a minimum number of vacation days.

While he was living in the states, he was used to colleagues fretting about taking time off of work, and he began to feel guilty himself whenever he wanted to take a long trip.

E-mails would stack up…

Phone calls would go unanswered…

Overall, he felt like taking a vacation while working in the U.S. was almost not worth it.

Many Americans feel the same way. All told, 51% of Americans use their paid vacation days, and 61% of the ones who do use it end up working while on vacation.

I understand that, and have been guilty of it myself.

But that got me thinking about retired people.

Surely they have plenty of time to travel the world. Then it dawned on me: while retirees have the time to travel, they simply don’t have the money to…

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