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Donald Trump Is Right – Here Are 100 Reasons Why We Need To Audit The Federal Reserve

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

When one of our major politicians gets something exactly right, we should applaud them for it.  In this case, Donald Trump’s call to audit the Federal Reserve is dead on correct.  Most Americans don’t realize this, but the Federal Reserve has far more power over the economy than anyone else does – including Barack Obama.  Financial markets all over the planet gyrate wildly at the smallest comment from Fed officials, and virtually every boom and bust cycle over the past 100 years can be traced directly back to specific decisions made by the Federal Reserve.  We get all excited about what various presidential candidates say that they “will do for the economy”, but in the end it is the Fed that is holding all of the cards.  The funny thing is that the Federal Reserve is not even part of the federal government.  It is an independent private central bank that was designed by very powerful Wall Street interests a little over 100 years ago.  It is at the heart of the debt-based financial system which is eating away at America like cancer, and it has no direct accountability to the American people whatsoever.

The Fed has been around for so long that most people assume that we need it.

But the truth is that we don’t actually need the Federal Reserve.  In fact, the greatest period of economic growth in United States history happened during the decades before the Federal Reserve was created.

A little over 100 years ago, very powerful forces on Wall Street successfully pushed for the creation of an immensely powerful central bank, and since that time the value of the U.S. dollar has fallen by about 98 percent and our national debt has gotten more than 5000 times larger.

The Federal Reserve does whatever it feels like doing, and Fed officials insist that the institution must remain “independent” and “above politics” because monetary policy is too important to entrust to the American people.

To me, this is absolutely ridiculous.  Everything else, including our national defense, is subject to the normal political process, and yet the decisions made by the Fed are so “important” that the American people can’t have a voice?

It is high time that the American people begin to learn what the Federal Reserve is really all about, and that can start with a full, comprehensive audit of all of the Federal Reserve’s activities.  Yesterday, Donald Trump came out in favor of such an audit…

Previously, Trump has made quite a few comments that were very critical of the Fed.  For example, last year he told Bloomberg News that he believed that the Federal Reserve was “creating a bubble”…

“In terms of real estate, if I want to develop … from that standpoint I like low interest rates. From the country’s standpoint, I’m just not sure it’s a very good thing, because I really do believe we’re creating a bubble.”

And of course Trump was exactly right about that too.  By pushing interest rates to artificially low levels and creating billions upon billions of dollars out of thin air during the quantitative easing era, stock prices were driven to ridiculously high levels.  Now that the artificial support has been withdrawn, stocks are beginning to crash, and the financial collapse which is starting to happen is going to be far worse than it otherwise would have been because of the Fed’s actions.  The following comes from one of my previous articles

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28 comments to Donald Trump Is Right – Here Are 100 Reasons Why We Need To Audit The Federal Reserve

  • Gnostic

    A Brilliant Interview…….Explains it all!!!

    Red Ice Radio 02/22/16: Christopher Jon Bjerknes –

    Download Hour 2

    • fonestar

      Don’t wait on politicians to “audit the Fed” or whatever… they have more hot air than you do days on this Earth.

      Instead get out and GELO your city, town or community! (Get Every Last Ounce) of gold and silver.. Coin Shops, Pawn Shops, Jewelry Stores, Swap Meets, Street Vendors, WHATEVER!

      Overpriced? Buy it!
      Collectables? Buy it!
      No stamps? Buy it!
      Broken? Buy it!

      Buy it or someone else will buy it during the crack up boom that could happen at any moment now! Lets use our power to do the ultimate ALCHEMY where we use PAPER to turn all GOLD & SILVER into UNOBTANIUM!

    • wauhoo

      Brilliant interview indeed! Thanks for the link.

      • Gnostic



        Really cut’s to the chase as to the greatest threat to the civilized world that very few are even aware of.

        Chris is brilliant & he utilizes the bible as primary source, That is key to understanding the Big Picture.

        • fonestar

          Are you that “gnostic” guy on Youtube with teh funny hat that is always being “recommended” to me for some reason??

          • fonestar

            Obomba is going to ram through a last executive order when he leaves office to combat internet hate sites…

            “Look FOLKS, we can’t just sit here and allow our children to be exposed to internet hate sites like SGTSTORMFRONTREPORT.COM. I respect freedom of speech and all that shit, but I am forced to act!”

      • fonestar

        Don’t click on his link! It’s a Jew conspiracy by Gnostic (teh undercover Jew)!

  • tomche

    Audit? What a sad, pathetic joke.
    What we need is a constitutional republic FREE of the money changers!!

    I advocate PUBLIC HANGINGS for all those found to be guilty of TREASON.

    And oh, by the way…We need accountability. That means that all those who have, for so long, usurped the constitution, be brought to justice…(and I mean DEATH..for that – in my mind – is just that.)

    • Blounttruth

      “What we need is a constitutional republic FREE of the money changers!!”
      I think this is the result of the Fed audit. The majority of Americans have no clue when it comes to the financial workings of the United States, nor do they realize that the Fed is not a part of our government. Auditing the Fed would bring a lot of skeletons out of the closet and perhaps be the rallying cry for the people to stand against it. It is 2016, a time of super computers, instant global transactions, and communication, and our banking system still rely’s on the year 1500 style money changers?
      When the people see how much of our money they claim to eat up in interest on loan payments, how they enrich themselves, and so on they will demand an end, but it will come at a price as the bankers still control enough to punish the United States, but then those that are responsible will be outted and perhaps the people will demand they be held to account then.

    • The Fed is already audited quite comprehensively through the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, or CAFR:

      You can look up exactly what kind of reinvestment the Fed is doing down to the most local of levels. “Audit the Fed” is smoke and mirrors, and anyone who promotes it is a practitioner of magick.

  • Christian

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. He says he will have the Fed audited and Clinton prosecuted. If the conspiracy theorists are correct TPTB, Illuminati, etc will not let either happen.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

    • Millicent

      Yes, there may be a counter-coup going on here and Trump is being protected by the Military & Secret Service… nothing is as it ever appears to be.

      • Gnostic

        I hope Milli is right but it is more likely

        Trump is leading the flock to the slaughter, Much like many others throughout history,ie Hitler, stalin, Mao.

        No one is coming to save you

      • Wishful thinking.

        Is Trump’s “White Hat sponsored” ascendancy scheduled to happen before or after the mythical “White Dragon family” and the army of Fulford-induced Yakuza create a gold-backed Yuan?

        My money’s on Trump having his “SDR basket acceptance” moment – like the gold-backed Yuan nonsense, the shameless promotion of politiks in alt-media these days reeks of a CONTELPRO-esque program.

  • d

    Under a new TRUMP presidency the congress can ABOLISH the FED…not fix it ,since IT is a PRIVATE BANK…Abolish its power to control the money supply and put it back to congress as per the CONSTITUTION and its LIMITS…..imho

    • fonestar

      You think Trump will actually abolish teh Fed? Your crack pipe is calling…

      The Fed will abolish itself like all suicide bombers ultimately do.

  • Eric

    Ron Paul: I wouldn’t support Trump as GOP nominee

    Three-time candidate for president Ron Paul tells CNBC he does not like any of the remaining GOP candidates.

    Read more:

    • Howard Roark

      Ron Paul spit the bit when they stole Iowa from him and he did NOTHING about it, then he proceeded to waste everyone’s time and money thereafter as he simply ran out the string.

      He life and that of his family were likely threatened, still he knew who these filth were before he decided to run.

      His “principles” are in word only, not in deed…a nice philosopher, nothing more.

      He’s in NO position to pass judgement…keep filing your jew tax form Ron!!!

      • Eric

        What would you have liked to see him do?

        A lot of people have woken up due to him exposing this scam for 35 years Howard.

        It’s not his responsibility to overthrow this government. It’s the peoples. And apparently the people don’t have it in them.

        You know how hard it is to get anything done in Washington?

        It’s very easy to blame jews, zionists, bankers, Obama, republicans, demonrats, whoever you like. But the real problem in this land is the people!

        • Howard Roark

          Challenge the bullshit, fixed rigging ALL THE WAY TO THE MAT, regardless. Did you waste hundreds of volunteer man hours on his “campaign”, because I did.

          Yes, he’s woken up several…but then why run for President when you’re not serious???

          Sure it is, but then thinking your going to rid the cesspool of the stink by swimming in it is pointless.

          Not filing and paying for the means of you’re own destruction is FAR more effective and STRIKES THE ROOT.

        • Howard Roark

          With all due respect, Eric, try not filing for 22 years and staying out of a gated federal community, then tell get back to me and tell me about “hard”.

    • Howard Roark

      Oh, and Ron, don’t forget to claim the sheckels you’re hauling in from all those Porter Stansberry informercials you’re shilling for that run 24/7!!!

  • Eric

    We don’t need to Audit the Fed. We need to Eliminate it!

    They have already admitted to not owning any Gold and only hold “Gold certificates” valued at only $42.22 which as Ron Paul said, “makes no sense whatsoever.”

  • It will never happen. Some things are just nice to say because they won’t hurt your campaign and you gain some followers as a result.

    The reality of the world is criminals like Hilary Clinton can run for president. And there are people that are stupid enough to blindly support and vote for her.

    The general public through a lot of “critical” thinking have concluded that Hilary is the best candidate for the job. Why? Because she is a woman. They also like Bernie “Free Stuff” Sanders! Maybe we should dumb down presidential elections to vote for people based on which color they like the best red or blue. Or how about who can hit six “it’s heads” coin tosses in a row!

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