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Deadly Quake, CME, Magnetic Sun | S0 News Feb.6.2016

from SuspiciousObservers:

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1 comment to Deadly Quake, CME, Magnetic Sun | S0 News Feb.6.2016

  • I’m a big fan of SO but I have a direct question for the SO organization…..How is it that our entire solar system (including the Sun) is moving through the galaxy at a alarming speed, but the “camera” you have pointed at the Sun does not show the sun to be moving, except in a slow rotation?? According to, the Sun is moving 12 miles per second through the galaxy…You’re camera footage of the Sun, wherever it is, shows the Sun to be stationary…..Someone is lying…..SO, please help me out…Im giving you guys the benefit of the doubt put a public response (even just a response on SGTreport will suffice..)
    PS Please dont give me an answer that disregards the fact that at any speed, the camera you have pointed at the sun would be filming debris which I havent seen yet…And yes I know I could replace the word camera with satellite but honestly, not sure what exactly to call it..

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