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Counter Measures for Firearm Theft

from DEMCAD:

My commentary on what gun owners can do to prevent and minimize firearm theft.

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3 comments to Counter Measures for Firearm Theft

  • Rob C

    Good advice Demcad

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Gunsafe? YES. But it must be HEAVY enough so that a pair of desperate CRACK HEADS cannot CARRY it out the door. (at least 400 pounds)

    Pepper Spray Burglar Alarm or Deterrent. Price? = Less than $85.

    I actually have the cheapest version of this, it is just a TRIP wire system that blasts a can of PEPPER spray into the room, and I can tell you, it’s enough to make the entire house TERRIBLE. (I accidentally set it off one day, and I had to RUN out of the house, gagging, choking and almost puked when I made it out the front door.)

    I set mine up, in the central hallway, so it blasts the entire house pretty fast. I keep a couple of REFILL cans in a ziplock bag in the fridge. Those cans, are the same as BUG BOMB foggers, and you could Push the button and throw it like a grenade into a room.

    Back when I was living in Detroit, I had the Gunsafe, the pepper spray trip wire system, AND, I had a video surveillance recording system.

    And I had a regular HOUSE alarm. (But the cops never get there for an hour or more, if EVER.) So I eventually canceled the paid-alarm-service.

    My idea was that if ANYBODY broke into the house, they’d trip the pepper spray and have to get the hell outta there, but I’d have them on the video recorder too.

    That way, they’d have NO time to take anything but what was already in their hands, and I’d have their pictures to take a COPY to the cops, and to PRINT WANTED POSTERS and pin them up at every Liquor store & gas station (and bus stop) in the area.

    It was my plan, to make the wanted poster, NOT as a house break-in, but as a “Possible Child Molester as well as home invader”, and this type of information, (not a direct accusation which is illegal), would muddy the reputation of the crook, even his own MOMMA would not shelter a child molester.

    My video recording system, used to have TWO recorders (with a signal splitter sending the feed to both of them).

    Why 2 recorders? Because ONE was “out in the open” (as a DECOY) to be easily observed, and FOUND by any crooks who wanted to remove the evidence, and the 2nd unit, was hidden behind a wall or crawl space. It is good psychology, to let the criminal FIND what they are looking for, (the DECOY), and they will stop searching.

    It only cost me an extra $100 to make the double recorder setup. (Decoy & main unit).

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